Marriage Equality Still Faces Many Hurdles In Illinois

RahmChicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's announcement that marriage equality should be a high priority for the Illinois legislature has some wondering if the Land of Lincoln is the next frontier in the fight for gay rights.

According to an AP report today, the outlook is hazy:

…The political realities in Springfield mean ending Illinois’
16-year-old law banning same-sex marriage isn’t a slam dunk, in the next
few weeks or next session.

Because gay rights are not strict party-line issues, a Democratic
majority doesn’t automatically mean the bill will pass. When the General
Assembly approved civil unions for same-sex couples during the lame
duck session in 2010, 17 Democrats – most from central and southern
Illinois – voted no, while six Republicans said yes. The bill passed the
House by just two votes and the Senate by just one, though Democrats
had larger majorities in the House and Senate than they do now.

And as activists lobby friendly lawmakers, religious conservatives are consolidating their discriminatory forces. The Catholic Conference of Illinois, for example, has distributed "tool kits" to outline why the voting public should oppose marriage equality and they are also coordinating their efforts through a sub-group they're calling the Defense of Marriage Department. Very macho.


  1. says

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  2. says

    What is our side doing to combat the tactics of the religious organizations hovering over elected officials now? These religious organizations literally have campaigns that are very elaborate they are outlining to approach all politicians across the country to oppose LGBT rights.

    LGBT groups need to start formulating campaigns that address and target elected officials….and N-O-W. Just celebrating our victories isn’t enough. You need to mobilize and outline a CAMPAIGN that attracts politicians who are democrat and on the fence about our issues. If we don’t do…the conservative religious groups will. It’s a race now.

  3. Steve-ATL says

    I think our leaders in LGBT need to be more effective in reaching out to Democrats. For far too long, the democratic party didn’t NEED to care about our equality and rights. They had our vote locked in, and knew it, and we hardly ever demanded they respect us as a people. Now we need to make that a priority. Obama got the gay vote (more than any other demographic, except for black) because he showed he cared about us, made us a priority, and actually mentioned gay people in nearly every speech. Other democrats across the country need to be held accountable. To recognize our dignity.
    Our equality leaders need to do a better job reminding them of the many millions of LGBT people in this country contributing to society with lack of access to equal attributes.

  4. Stefan says

    It should be noted that Democrats will have a greater majority in both chambers of the legislature in January then when civil unions passed during the lame duck session in 2012. I’m confident that with a widespread, active effort, the state will pass same sex marriage next year.

  5. says

    Mayor Emanuel and Governor Quinn are at odds on many issues… however they both enjoy a good relationship with gays and our issues. I believe, especially after the results of the last presidential election that there will be more Republicans (and some middle of the road Democrats)moving to the left on gay rights. With the NAACP endorsing gay marriage… I believe many blacks have joined the movement for gay rights. At first blacks did not support to fight AIDS. However many people within their community now know family members or friends with AIDS, and understand the need for help from public funding and understanding. It’s the 21st Century and the gay rights movement is moving faster then any time in our history.

    I remember I quit high school because being or knowing someone gay was considered taboo in 1953. I moved to San Francisco in the early 1960s to be myself. I joined the gay rights movement to start the 1970s. I returned to live in my hometown of Chicago at the end of the 1980s,thankfully it was not the same city I left. Chicago is now gay friendly, with openly gay and gay friendly Aldermen, and even have Gay/Straight Alliance after school programs in many high schools. The city has hosted the Gay Games and Gay World Series, and built a great Community Center. Last year over 500,000 took part in or watched the Gay Pride Parade. I was even inducted into the Chicago Senior Citizen Hall of Fame, based on my work within the gay community… So I am hopeful that politicians will join us to make take the next step in making Gay Marriage in Chicago and Illinois a reality very soon. By the way, if your planning to come to Chicago to visit or live… you will be happy you did and are very welcome!

  6. millerbeach says

    Chicago is great…in the summer! LOL I’ve lived in the area my whole life, kind of surprised it has taken this long for Illinois to come around…so much more progressive than its Neanderthal neighbor to the east, Indiana.

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