Marriage Equality Victory Declared in Maine


Voters appear to have approved marriage equality on a statewide ballot measure for the first time ever, as Mainers United the group working to pass marriage equality there, declared victory tonight.

With 51% of precincts reporting, 51.08% of voters had approved of the measure and 48.92% opposed.



  1. says

    I wish I could watch Maggie “Pig Anus face” Gallagher, Miss Toni Perkins, Bryan Fissure, Matt HannaLaBarbera, Brian Brownshirt and all the other hateful DOUCHEBAGS that just got their ASSES handed to them tonight.


  2. Billy Crytical says

    Don’t get too happy. Within four years same-sex marriage was approved, then banned and now approved again. Gay rights will never be safe. However, tonight is a victory.

  3. says

    Now that they’ve humiliated themselves by begging Straight people for the right to marry, LesBiGay Mainers will be shocked to realize that their marriages still have no Federal recognition and are unequal to those of heterosexual couples. Second-class citizenship is no victory! They may also find that their zeal for second-class marriage at the State level has undermined the Federal case Ted Olson and David Boies are pursuing.

  4. says

    @STUFFEDANIMAL: Mainers are well aware that marriage equality at the state level does not equal federal equality. They are also aware, as any person of intelligence is, that the more states that have marriage equality, the more irrational it becomes to have a patchwork of marriage laws across the US. The victories in Maine, Maryland, and Washington (likely) all signal to the federal government and to the courts that the public tide is turning in our favor and the historical trajectory points toward full federal marriage equality. Those on the other side can either join us or become dinosaurs.

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