1. Marty says

    When I saw the gay video my first thought was “do these guys actually KNOW any straight men”. lol. Most straights I know have ZERO interest in getting married. This video was the obvious response. Duh. And yes, it kinda sucks that straight guys always seem to make everything they do look cool.

  2. says

    And out of the mouths of babes…….comes the usual stereotypes that gay men are supposed to be……yawn , boys !!!

    Nah, you guys are stuck with them, the “chicks” !! But good luck to you straight guys ……
    I even have some straight friends and they’re perfectly normal.

  3. Diogenes Arktos says

    Sorry, straight guys, the women I’ve talked to would only want a three-way with two guys. Two problems: they aren’t into other women and there’s only one penis and too many places to put it.

  4. Rick says

    Beyond the humor is substance; another indication that “straight” men are beginning to see the total folly of attaching themselves emotionally to women and becoming dependent on them.

    Given that marriage has become a throwaway institution, what is the point of any man attaching himself to any woman–who will never understand him, with whom he has nothing really in common and does not really like being around, and who is generally a nagging, possessive pain-in-the-@ss.

    Once men completely liberate themselves from any attachment to women, then feminism will fall.

  5. Dan B says

    And then what, Rick? Women will all go extinct and men will learn to reproduce asexually? Or women will be sequestered household slaves again like they were in ancient Greece, which you always seem to be praising? Describe what your misogynist paradise will actually LOOK LIKE. Put it into print, try to form your bizarre, indistinct fantasies of a society “free” of women into words, and then you will be forced to see how ridiculous those fantasies are.

  6. Rick says

    “Women will all go extinct and men will learn to reproduce asexually? Or women will be sequestered household slaves again like they were in ancient Greece, which you always seem to be praising?”

    My personal preference would be for marriages to be based, as they traditionally were and still are in many cultures, on practical considerations and for “romantic love” to be discarded as the artificial nonsense that it is.

    And that women would focus on the proper care of children, as they were intended to, leaving men free to spend almost all of their social time with each other–as just about all of them would prefer to do anyway…..and to hold the power that they were intended by nature to hold and to exercise.

    Pretty simple, really….and entirely workable.

  7. Dan B says

    I see Rick went with the “slave” answer which he considers “entirely workable.” And here I thought I was succeeding at using hyperbole.

    Well Rick, unlike ancient Greece, we’ve got telephones, radio, TV, the internet, multiple forms of birth control, widespread female literacy, modern gynecological care, democracy, and women are even considered to be “humans” with “rights” by the UN and the constitutions of most of the worlds countries. Somehow I doubt the womenfolk will just go along with your vision, but I’m sure you have a plan for that too.

  8. Rick says

    “Somehow I doubt the womenfolk will just go along with your vision, but I’m sure you have a plan for that too.”

    Ask the “womenfolk” of Iran what choice they had when the “menfolk” of Iran decided en masse that they had had enough of Western feminism.

    Men as a group can make women as a group do whatever they want them to do whenever they want them to.

  9. Rick says

    My mother was a terrible cook and a terrible woman and, according to my father, never cleaned her anus out before he pentrated her anally. I, however, was always sure that I was filled up with eggplant puree. He liked the texture, you see.

  10. UFFDA says

    The gay men were as laughable as their proposal. The straight men were more like normal, as in regular, gay guys than anyone except sensible straight guys who think gay guys are fine and know how to return a joke with style and generosity. Puzzlingly, women don’t come off as very appealing to anyone, which is sad, the reason being that no one is talking about actual love and the depth of feeling that can exist between any two people who are capable of it.

    Best part: the straight guys who seem just fine with the gay ones – though probably not the ones we actually see with their fruity voices and precious little affectations. Good God I’m so sick of being represented by these a clone clowns.

  11. Andrew says

    “Good God I’m so sick of being represented by these a clone clowns.”

    You are one of the many things wrong with the LGBT community. You cannot even accept other gays because you find them too effeminate. We get enough straight guys telling us not to act like that, we don’t need you doing it too.

    Go To Hell.

  12. Gabe R L says

    The gay vid was silly and funny.
    The straight vid was cool and funny.
    The lesbian vid was totally a failure. They just seemed like spiteful, man-hating bitches.

  13. says

    Subsequently, after spending many hours on the internet at last I’ve uncovered an individual that definitely does know what they are discussings. What a wonderful post. Keep it up.

  14. LOL says

    Well Rick, my uncles, aunts, brother, and I disagree wtih you. YOu seem to lack the insight of a person who lived in such a household you describe and had to deal with the reprocussions. Men are not perfect. Women are not perfect. No single person is perfect. Putting the power of choice in only ONE person’s hands for an entire family unit does not work because not every man/woman lives up to his/her full integrity or is intelligent enough to compete without another person’s input. If your so called system worked like it does in Iran, then why are FIRST WORLD NATIONS that stand by the rights of women and children better off than SECOND AND THIRD WORLD NATIONS? Countries strive to have the wealth of FIRST WORLD NATIONS. We can achieve far more as two people households than relying on one single person to carry out innovation and uphold their domicile. Honestly, you sound like my grandfather born in 1923 who married my Catholic Irish grandmother in the US to then treat her in the same way you describe. It is a shame the man is dead because I do not have the opporunity to punch him in the face for the pain and suffering he caused my “slave” grandmother. She did EVERYTHING in the household and raised his children. It is screwed up how when retirement rolls around, the man can then putz around all day while the woman is STILL left with the job of taking care of the home and his wrinkling decaying body. When do women get to retire in your so called world? I have a better idea, why dont you get off the computer and go preach your nonsense to the public. I would like to see how long you last. Go on…go on.

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