Meghan McCain Joining Pro-Equality Conservative Group

Meghan-mccain-no-h8-proposition-8You can add another line to Meghan McCain’s resume. McCain, author of Dirty Sexy Politics, MSNBC commentator, equality advocate and, of course, the daughter of Senator John, is now joining Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry, one of Freedom to Marry’s spin-off groups.

“I’m thrilled to join the Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry,
who believe, as I do, that we don’t have to choose between conservatism
and marriage for all committed couples,” McCain said in the group’s press release.

“I look forward to spreading the message that the tenets of family,
personal freedom and responsibility point the way toward a GOP that
fully embraces the freedom to marry.”

The group’s advocacy on behalf of same-sex marriages, like that full-page ad lambasting notable homophobe Tony Perkins and his Family Research Council, can only help move conservatives and the Republican Party in the right direction on marriage equality, and hopefully their work is more efficient than a party-wide proctology exam.


  1. says

    great first step. actively work your buns off, doing grassroots work within your own party to get them to realize that LGBT Equality comes at the expense of…well…nobody.

    And show that you’re committed to a culture of equality by refusing to vote Republican in the next election if they continue to promote anti-LGBT Discrimination.

    because anything less is mere lipservice.

  2. snowisfuns says

    Homo&lesbian marriage is minor topic to me-if it becomes law then so be it. Homo/lesbian sexual behaviors are comparable to drug junkyism and childhood sex abuse especially homosexual rape in youth is major cause of gay/lesbian sexual behaviors. If a cure is discovered for homo/lesbian sexual behaviors then wouldn’t lose sleep if the only sexual behavior left among people is penis/vaginal sex between man and woman.

    Transexuals are worse than homos and they should abolish sex change maimings. Cure GID don’t surgically maim people to make them fakes. I’m not Christian but I see something wrong with gay/lesbian sexual behaviors.

  3. Diogenes Arktos says

    I dearly hope McCain is right, however, I do not have much hope for the alliance within the Republican party to use logic.

    @SnowIsFun: why are you here and not at FRC? If you want to post here, please use facts.

  4. jason says

    I think this is a good development because, at heart, gay marriage is conservative. It places a moral pillar in a community that is built on the permissiveness ethos.

    Does that grate on you? I hope it does. The modern gay scene is built on promiscuity. I’m personally sick and tired of gay men who disguise their promiscuity as “gay rights”. Most of the men I meet on the scene are not remotely interested in fighting against discrimination in the wider society. Their priority is to drink and find someone to have sex with.

    In a way, gay marriage exposes the hypocrisy of those who see the gay notion as a gateway to a life of unfettered sex and no responsibility.

  5. Mary says

    Megham should join and promote the Log Cabin Republicans and the Ripon Society – two groups of socially progressive Republicans who would be able to do more to help shape the party than any group started by Evan Wolfson. These two groups have been in the party for years and are likely to have at least SOME chance of reaching the average Republican voter. YCFTM is a new group and is likely to be viewed by most Republicans as an “outsider” group. Republicans are very tribal.

  6. jason says

    The Jason directly above who posted a supercilious comment about a micropenis is not the controversial and erudite Jason of this board. This micropenis-citing Jason obviously doesn’t have much clout in the intellectual stakes so he/she/it resorts to constipated humor for self-relief.

  7. Icebloo says

    DO NOT give this witch any free publicity ! She does NOT support us. She’s just a lazy, freeloading rich girl who wants to land a cushy job in the media so she’s using us to raise her profile.

    WAKE UP GAYS ! She’s using us.

  8. snowisfuns says

    Buddy Sam Armstrong, thanks for concern but I don’t use meds. METHEW Wayne Shepard was a drug junky who mixed Ecstasy with antidepressants. But to repeat, it’s truth that if a boy is repeatedly homosexually raped in youth, then it’s more likely he’ll do homo activities in adulthood-33% of homos report childhood sex abuse. Now yes, there are possibly other causes & it’s possible though unproven that homosexuality’s inborn. But that doesn’t change truth that gay/lesbian sexual behaviors whether by willing adults or forced is comparble to drug junkyism.

    I’ve never heard straight people blame sex abuse for 1 eg. a man being married to woman and having kids with her but have heard some gays and lesbians believe childhood sex abuse is reason they do homo/lesbian behaviors.

    I don’t expect gay/lesbian sexual behaviors to disappear anytime soon but if in future a cure is found for homo/lesbian sexual behaviors then world’s a better place w/o homosexuality. No, not a Christian so can’t be FRC member also differ with FRC on abortion-me pro-choice. But agree with FRC that they must abolish sex change maiming and homo/lesbian sexual behaviors comparable to drugs. Any other thoughts Buddy Sam Armstrong?

  9. andrew says

    Jason you surely know that it is the malevolent Little Kiwi who post most of these vile comments in other people’s names. In my naivete, as a life long liberal, I didn’t know such underhanded meanness existed on the left.

  10. andrew says

    @Snowisb*lls*it: It doesn’t really matter because the springs are coming up out of the floor boards anyway. You are the only one who understands this. A voice crying in the wilderness.

  11. Joe in CT says

    Yawn. We don’t need her endorsement. The GOP built it’s modern reputation as a party for wealthy white men and working class bigots. It’s an odd alignment, but I don’t see them changing anytime soon.

  12. robert says

    I wish she’d just do like Reagan’s son, and just leave the GOP altogether and be a cool sharp-tongued independent. He’s done well in that role, and she’d be great in it too.

  13. snowisfuns says

    Meghan McCain as a citizen has a right to give views. What Meghan McCain gives little if any thought to is that I’ve never heard a straight person blame childhood sex abuse or anything bad for let’s say a man married to a woman and having kids with her but I’ve heard many gays and lesbians blame childhood sex abuse for gayism/lesbianism.

    If a boy is repeatedly homosexually raped in youth, then it’s more likely that he’ll do gay sexual conduct in adulthood and to deny this is dishonest. Though speculation-if a woman takes excess drugs such as aspirins or illegal drugs, then that’s linked to higher risk of baby turning out gay/lesbian. Transexuals are even worse and they should abolish sex change maimings.

    But other things, Meghan McCain thinks little if she does of fact that there are gays and lesbians who’d rather be straight instead of homo because gayism/lesbianism result of something bad such as childhood sex abuse & if it’s proven there’s a genes, then inborn birth defect. It’d be same as why do people get heart attacks. Some because they eat bad and don’t exercise and some because they have bad genes.

    Finally does Meghan McCain give much thought to truth that gay/lesbian groups (most of them) respect Harvey Bernard Milk and if so does she know who Harvey B. Milk was-Harvey B. Milk in 1964 committed homosexual statutory rape on a 16 year old boy who was a drug junky for which he wasn’t prosecuted for and in 1980 that boy who turned out homo committed suicide @ age of 33. Dan (DJ) White who was a Vietnam War Sergeant, SF Police and Fireman who once saved woman and baby from burning building has been hated by gay/lesbian groups since 1978 for killing Harvey B. Milk, but as I see it, DJ White did in 1978 what the California legal system failed to do in 1964.

    If Meghan McCain knows these things about Harvey B. Milk-does she see something wrong wth Harvey B. Milk having sex with a 16 year old boy-homosexual statutory rape? If gay/lesbian groups want to honor Harvey Bernard Milk then it’s their right, but I see somethig wrong with Harvey B. Milk committing homosexual statutory rape.

    Problem with topic with ‘gay bashings’ is that most gay/lesbian groups side with gays no matter what the homo does whether it’s Lawrence Fobes King masturbating in front of other boys in Onxard school in 2008 before 1 kid who had enough of Lawrence King’s harassment shot and killed him in class, homosexul coward Stephen Starr sexually abusing a 19 year old mentally handicapped kid in NC, before that mentally handicapped kid killed him in February 2011 by shooting him and then axing him.

    Homo/lesbian groups predictably sympathized with Stephen Starr and saw nothing wrong with 36 year old Stephen Starr sexually abusing a kid he knew was mentally handicapped. ‘Gay panic’ defense must be decided by juries-that raises crime homo did before man reacted violently, whether it’s justified or excess is jury topic. Harvey B. Milk, 1 of the most famous gay bashing victims like METHEW Wayne Shepard was a bad person. Harvey B. Milk committed homosexual statutory rape & again as I see it, DJ White killing Harvey B. Milk did what the California legal system didn’t do in 1964.

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