The President-Elect Romney Transition Site That Never Will Be


Mitt Romney and his transition team obviously had to erect a website celebrating the failed GOP presidential candidate's potential win.

They did not actually have to push it live, though, which they did before promptly taking it down.

Political Wire got some screencaps of the site that will never be before it was  replaced by dashed dreams and a man who walks alone.


  1. Paul R says

    The font size of the main quotation isn’t consistent. The wording is inconsistent with the use of hyphens in president elect. It’s an unflattering photo. What a crappy job.

  2. says


    Don’t give up on the pleasure of schadenfreude just yet……..we still must rejoice in all that Koch Brothers’ money pouring down the drain.

    Ah, the Angry Old White Men; the gift that keeps on giving.

  3. Icebloo says

    In just a few short weeks Martian Mitt will be just another name in history and we will no longer have to see his smug face everywhere. REJOICE AMERICA ! You stood up to the evil and banished it !

  4. Caliban says

    More schadenfreude? Oh no, I couldn’t possibly. I’m stuffed! Well, maybe just a small piece….

    If schadenfreude has any calories my @$$ is gonna be HUGE!

  5. Icebloo says

    Maybe we can build him a new “Transition website” ?

    We could call the new one “Transition from corrupt, billionaire, tax-dodging attention-seeking liar to who can remember the name of that martian Mormon who once ran for President ?”

  6. Gary says

    How long are you vindictive queens going to play this Romney hate game? Nothing has changed. The world is still the same mess, with the same talking head in charge. Maybe a few bashes will give you the real picture — I certainly don’t advocate that, but they are inevitable. Not everyone loves you either.

  7. says

    That tumblr site….my lord, so much butthurt. Even when Shrub stole the election in 2000 and shamelessly milked 9/11 to get elected in 2004, I didn’t cry, much less shed a tear.

    Yet R. Money and Ayn Rand’s little b*itch boy loses to “the scary, uppity negro” and all these WASPS are crying like someone told them that the last $15,000 Louis Vuitton handbag was sold out.

  8. Icebloo says

    @Gary I cannot get enough of this election coverage. I cannot get enough of the Martin Mitt bashing and the demise of the evil Republican empire. This has been an INCREDIBLE week. The relief most of the country is feeling now we have defeated the evilness is wonderful !

    GIVE ME MORE ELECTION COVERAGE PLEASE ! We have earned this joy !

  9. EchtKultig says

    That’s right, crazy Republican troll Gary. Nothing has changed…the Supreme Court will NOT roll back all gay rights advances of the past 40 years, at it would have under Romney!

    You trolls are so pathetically stupid. You come here with your lies, and you get 5 replies refuting them. You take one step forward, and move 10 steps back. Why bother? Then you fantasize about gay bashing…I guess that’s how the most self-hating closeted psychopaths get hard-ons? Are you at full mast, Gary? What a mega-loser.

  10. says

    Oh Gary,aka Malvolio, will you sit cross-gartered and say that there shall be no more cakes and ale ?

    Rejoice in the words of Rachel Maddow, Roe v Wade will survive; DADT will last; Affordable Health Care will survive, and we won’t have any stupid “Personhood” Amendment to the Constitution, nor a Traditional Marriage Amendment…..and on and on.

    And we won’t have to listen to Opus Dei fascist Paul Ryan sing his favourite song from “The Life of Brian”….
    “Every sperm is sacred !”

  11. Mike says

    How presumptious! Romney was living in the bubble. Anyone who believes their own spin and only wants to hear news that favors their own view is not qualified to be president.

    As far as far as schadenfruede, does anyone remember 2004. What comes around goes around.

  12. Diogenes Arktos says

    @WoodRoad34: I’m not sure which was worse, the website or his refusal to write a concession speech.

    @Gary: you need to allow us some time to exult before we get back to business. come back when you’ve finished sulking.

  13. Bill says

    At one point, a comedian named Pat Paulson ran for president on a TV program, as a spoof of the people actually running. On the first show after the election, he walked out looking completely knackered, and started to read his acceptance speech. Part way through, he stopped, looking rather befuddled, and after taking just a bit too long (for comic effect), he turned the paper he was holding over and read his concession speech.

    Romney’s concession speech reminded me of that sort of gag – he sounded too upbeat, admitting that he lost at the end, but pretty much buried the bad news. It’s like the classic salesman trying to make everything sound positive: “Yes!, we have no bananas.”

  14. says

    I bet Mr. Romney’s webmaster rewrote that quote because he knew it would look bad if the president said he’s put “people back to work on the railroads, in the mines, and in the cotton fields!

  15. Mawm says

    I love how he says there will be a thorough background check on all applicants that includes scrutiny of income even though he didn’t think he had to release his tax returns when the US was considering hiring him.

  16. says

    Rejoice in the words of Rachel Maddow, Roe v Wade will survive; DADT will last; Affordable Health Care will survive, and we won’t have any stupid “Personhood” Amendment to the Constitution, nor a Traditional Marriage Amendment…..and on and on.

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