1. jason says

    Why is Andy promoting Rihanna again? She is a known supporter of violently anti-gay singers like Beenie Man. She joined him on stage recently in Jamaica despite him being known for his anti-gay lyrics. Such lyrics reportedly promote the killing of gays and lesbians.

    Andy, I don’t know what’s going on here but you are not helping the gay community by promoting her. You are the first to jump on politicians who express anti-gay views but you don’t seem to show the same amount of enthusiasm towards people like Rihanna who enable homophobes.

    Your crediblity is on the line, Andy.

  2. jason says

    Here’s an address to an article where Rihanna attends a concert by renowned homophobe Beenie Man. Remember, this is the singer who has been accused of inciting his fans to murder gays and lesbians:

    From the article, here’s a quote on Rihanna’s reaction to seeing Beenie Man on stage:

    “Flanked by a team of security officials and pals, she pulled out her digital camera and took pictures of Beenie Man as he performed around 3 a.m.

    She looked genuinely awestruck as the “Doctor” gave a taste of his rhythm, rhyme and sleek waistline.”

  3. 99% says

    The Walmart video explains a lot like; why do most of the boxes I look at look like they’ve been drop kicked? It took me MONTHS to find a two-drawer file cabinet that did not have dented sides or broken doors. I would never buy electronics from them.

  4. Todd says

    Am I the only one who’d shovel a pack of elephant crap outta a cage if Dave Salmoni was doing it right next to me? Something about his ease with nature which makes all the arrogant self important queens of the world just disappear.

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