Uruguay To Begin Debating Marriage Equality Law

Uruguay_2After two delays earlier this year, it appears Uruguay’s Congress is ready to finally vote on marriage equality there.

[The law] was drafted by gay rights activists in the so-called “Black Sheep
Collective” and now has the support of lawmakers in the ruling Broad
Front coalition, which decided Wednesday to debate the measure next week
in the House of Deputies’ constitutional commission.

society is much broader than the heterosexual, and the civil code should
reflect this: a marriage institution that applies equally to all,”
Federico Grana, a member of the collective, told The Associated Press on
Wednesday. “This goes well beyond homosexuality — it’s a law that gives
all the same rights and responsibilities.”

The Catholic Church in Uruguay is, not surprisingly, opposed to the potential law, insisting that the civil unions already in place are good enough for same-sex couples. Extending marriage to them, says Bishop Joseph Fuentes, “discriminates” against heterosexuals.

“Giving this kind of union the same obligations and rights as marriage
would represent serious discrimination against a married man and woman,” he said.


  1. simon says

    “Giving this kind of union the same obligations and rights as marriage would represent serious discrimination against a married man and woman,”
    What is he talking about? He must be mentally challenged.

  2. George F says

    I can’t believe we have such progressive discussion about same-sex marriage in so many countries of Latin America… Great news!

  3. Xavi says

    This wonderful news from Montevideo and is the latest in a series of progressive civil policies discussed in the legislature:

    – legalization of personal marihuana use
    – legalization of abortion, in 1 trimester

    The abortion law was ratified and the marihuana law in currently under review

    Marriage equality has been debated for several years, the military has allowed openly LGBT personnel since 2006, I believe.

    Great news, all around

  4. jamal49 says

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  5. Mousemess says

    Married straights are in the majority in most any country of the world including in Uruguay and no-one is keeping straights from marrying in 2012 or in the future. It’s gays who have been discriminatorily prevented from marrying for a very long time. Bishop Fuentes is of course talking trash and nonsense about the large straight majority in his country who are in the position of priviledge compared to gay Uruguayan citizenry who get civil unions at the most right now. Many of the straights in Uruguay likely might be supporting marriage equality for their gay friends, neighbors, co-workers and relatives and will be happy for the gays in their lives if those gay people they know can finally marry their loved ones same as they who are straight could marry and still can.