1. Alex Parrish says

    That Tim Cook is gay was widely circulated when he was appointed. I never met the man so I’m pretty sure I didn’t imagine it. I think any possible impact on the brand is an excuse which is not worthy of Apple. THe brand is known for it’s risk-taking and innovation. Such reticence signals a shift in culture that is not good news for Apple fans.

  2. ratbastard says

    I can’t imagine why anyone gay or not would ‘connect’ or ‘relate’ to guys like Cook. These CEOs and other high powered individuals in business, politics, etc., wouldn’t the vast majority of people the time of day. They live in another world, another dimension. And my own personal opinion is most also display clear personality disorder and/or serious mental health characteristics, i.e. sociopathy, psychopathy, etc. I think most people simply don’t want to contemplate the fact many of our ‘leaders’ in politics, business and elsewhere are psychopaths.

  3. Francis says

    Tim Cook is out akin to how Anderson Cooper was out. He’s out, but he doesn’t talk about it. He doesn’t talk about himself, period, much the way Steve Jobs didn’t. But yes, he is gay and not in the closet.

    It would be awesome if he came out. It would be huge for the community. There are a lot of us who hold CEO positions or high-ranking executive positions at many of the biggest companies in the world but very few have come out. It would be a great way to send the message one can be gay and powerful if some of them would. The corporate world is just now starting to become more pro-gay so hopefully things continue to progress.

  4. shawnthesheep says

    I too remember reading all over the web that Cook was “openly gay” when it was announced he would replace Steve Jobs. There’s a difference between being closeted and not talking about your personal life.

  5. shawnthesheep says


    That is a rather bold assertion. While I admit that many of the CEOs and political leaders are extreme overachievers, I think you’re way off when you say that many of our leaders are “psychopaths.” Certainly there are some that would qualify, but the majority I have met strike me as normal people. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t relate to being an overachiever. I think there’s much more to life than achieving a certain amount of wealth or a certain title. Bit O’ve had occasion to spend time with CEOs and senators and congressmen, not just in public, but with their friends and family. And the majority of them are incredibly driven, very intense and pretty damn normal.

  6. Rick says

    “But yes, he is gay and not in the closet.”

    And you know this how? Because of what you read on a gay gossip site (Gawker), which quoted anonymous sources as saying he is?


    “There are a lot of us who hold CEO positions or high-ranking executive positions at many of the biggest companies in the world but very few have come out.”

    There are? Again, what proof do you have of this? I have been in the corporate world for 20+ years and of the hundreds of men I have had dealings with, I have encountered almost none in senior management positions who were over the age of 35 and not married (to a woman)…..almost always with kids.

    “Would a similar interview with the heads of Google or Amazon mention their lives at home with their wives and children?”

    Executives are rarely asked by interviewers in the business press explicitly about their private/family lives and when mention of them is made, it is usually at the initiative of the individual being interviewed. It is just not relevant, typically, to the topic at hand.


    I will say this, though. If Cook really is gay and feels the need to stay in the closet even in hyper-liberal Silicon Valley even when he is THE boss of the most prominent company in the Valley, then it should be an indication to those of you outside the busineess world of just how homophobic the corporate world remains, which those of us who have lived in it know from often hard experience.

  7. UFFDA says

    Well hell, yes I would love it to be known through remarks of his own, that he is gay. But it really is irrelevant and RICK is mostly right. It’s just that, as in government, it’s good that people know some true to life big shots are gay. Prominent men get far more interesting when they’re gay although it must be said, that for a lot of straight people they get rather more disappointing, less so when they have a partner and kids. Still, the more they look like most everybody else the more acceptable (encouraging) they become and we still need that.

  8. says

    Apple will make the Mac Pro in the United States. It will say “Designed in Cupertino, assembled in the U.S.A.” Not the iMac or any other device because all of those devices depend on the skills that left this country long ago. The Mac Pro doesn’t rely on a millimeter thin display of unbreakable/unscratchable glass. It is the primo of desktop computers.

    A lot of people don’t realize that Apple contracted with Samsung to build and assemble its devices. Samsung, as a rip off artist, had direct access to how Apple products were designed and made. They copied Apple’s recipe, adding a slight alteration and are attempting to steal the market. But no matter what, they will never match the Apple product because they cannot create their own. They have to steal.

    Microsoft was famous for this – for flooding the marketplace with an inferior OS (Windows based on a DOS they bought for $50,000), adding it to every computer possible (Android/Google), forcing computer sellers to use it resulting in the outright blocking of superior operating systems. Microsoft set us back decades in technology and cheated everyone. When it was finally realized Microsoft was convicted of monopoly, manipulating the market, before the market was open to an OS like OS X (a true object oriented operating system based on Unix – the backbone of the internet).

    Google, with Android, has taken the same path – again flooding the marketplace with a plethora of Android devices using an inferior operating system which will eventually come back to haunt Google as well as Android users. Microsoft’s “Surface” has faltered badly just as Windows 8 has faltered despite the 2 billion Microsoft is pumping into advertising it. People just aren’t buying it. Two years from now we’ll all look back and ask – where’s the Surface? Why aren’t Windows users using Windows 8 (because Microsoft will have to “fix it” with Windows 9 and charge their customer based another $499 and once again, Windows users will be duped and told a replacement is coming, Windows 10).

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