1. Matt26 says

    Finnish are lovely people. Perhaps nuts, but lovely. Approx 120,000 Finnish swim in an icy cold water. Older people do it more than younger. It is healthy and good for circulation. First to sauna (naked as we go here), then to the water, and back to sauna. (By the way, in Finland there are over 3 million saunas, and it isn’t a sexual place, but a family place, the heat is about 80’C or 176’F. So don’t be disappointed if you travel here, thinking there are millions of saunas to have fun. Sorry, no.)

  2. Luke says

    @matt26, you are right :) I am Finnish. I was born here in America but my family is from there. Growing up we took sauna every night with the entire family, and when we would get too hot we would go jump in the pool, even in middle of the winter. Or, if there was snow, we would roll in the snow, then run back into the sauna. It makes you feel ALIVE!

  3. Mike in the Tundra says

    My late husband was Finnish. His parents farm was in Northern Minnesota, and they had a beautiful sauna. They routinely went out of the sauna and jumped into the snow. It took him several years to persuade his Latino husband to try it.