François Hollande Takes Heat for Inadequate Push for Full Equality for Gays in France

François Hollande is at the center of a storm in France and his lackluster support for the equality he once promised gay people means he has groups from both sides protesting his position in the streets. Gay rights groups are planning a new protest this weekend:

HollandeHollande's law is not just about gay marriage but also adoption for gay couples, which is still illegal in France and remains controversial. The proposed law would only allow gay couples the right to adopt if they were married, not in a civil partnership – a distinction that has rung alarm bells among equality groups.

The law would not give automatic joint parenting rights to gay couples who had a child together, nor would it allow medically assisted procreation or IVF. This would give French gay people far fewer rights than those in the UK, and leave a stark inequality between gay and straight couples which has infuriated many on the left.

Socialists and gay campaigners will take to the streets on Sunday for a demonstration which they hope will counter the outpouring of opposition to gay marriage and adoption from the right and certain key figures in the Roman Catholic church.


  1. Javier says

    Hollande is no Zapatero. His lack of leadership and fervency on this issue has only emboldened the opposition. The opposition has been relentless,large, organized,vocal, and controlled media coverage. It seems like they have a huge street protest every week. It is no just Holland’s fault that marriage equality is in jeopardy. The gay community has been very passive and lazy, sitting around while marriage equality has been attacked. They shou.d have taken to the streets and media en masse months ago. Better late than never….

  2. Rick says

    Funny how the French like to imagine themselves to be the most tolerant and enlightened people on the planet, when, in reality, they often lag behind the rest of Europe when it comes to social progress…..this is one example; another is the recent decision to prevent vegetarian meals from being offered in schools–that’s right, not to prevent them from being the only option, but to prevent them from being an option at all.

  3. simon says

    Intolerance exists in many countries. It certainly existed in France. We all know there were many people arrested and died at the guillotine during the revolution.

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