1. Tim NC says

    “Now the straight girlfriends of the straight women are weighing in on the conversation. And they have a lot to say.”

    What is a straight girlfriend of a straight woman? Is that even possible?

  2. kukima says

    TIM NC By straight girlfriends they just meant friends and not like, girlfriend-girlfriend relationship.

  3. Latino Dude says

    I loved the gay dudes and straight dudes videos more, but this one is cute too. HATED the lesbian one.

  4. Pete N SFO says

    Loved the gay guys.
    Loved the lesbians.
    Kind of mixed about the straight boys.
    On this one, I couldn’t help thinking it was less humor & more resentment. Seems as though there’s a lot of dislike between straight guys & gals; maybe they all need counseling.

    So suepr glad to be gay.

  5. says

    i kinda dug the “less humoured” approach in this one.

    i had the pleasure a few years ago of witnessing a girl dump a guy, in public, over his (apparent) continued use of anti-gay slurs.

    straight guys and girls – with a good solid gay friend, you’re more likely to find your ideal opposite-sex partner. :)

  6. topherhoefer says

    Straight people took a great idea that we came up with and then re-did it? and it wasn’t as good as the first time around?


  7. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    Slyly embedded within the “straight guys” video are some hints of trouble in paradise. Let’s try to deconstruct them.

    A: Girls are crazy.
    B: You were really listening to our girlfriends talk for hours, and you didn’t pick up on that?

    Here, the straight guys are suggesting that the gay guys must be cooking this whole idea up just to speed along marriage equality. They don’t believe that most (or many) gay guys could stand listening to their girlfriends nonstop without going nuts. On the other hand, the straight guys have no problem having an in-depth conversation with gay guys because they are doing exactly that in this video. Hmm. Let’s deconstruct a few more of their thoughts about gay guys marrying their girlfriends.

    A: Just know that it’s probably going to suck ass, and we warned you.
    B: Trust us. This will certainly make you glad you’re a homosexual.

    The implied conclusion that the straight guys in this video are offering is that two men marrying each other is a reasonable proposition, but marrying a woman is madness. Lines have not been this blurred since ancient times, before the Christian takeover of the Roman Empire in the late fourth century. But like it or not, there it is. Personally, I wish the Christianists good riddance.

  8. Rick says

    “Seems as though there’s a lot of dislike between straight guys & gals; maybe they all need counseling.”

    No, this whole society simply needs to recognize that men and women are fundamentally different and therefore the whole notion of “romantic love” and finding one’s “soulmate” in a member of the opposite sex is absurd and only leads to frustration. Men should build their emotional and social lives around other men, not around women, and fortunately they seem to be beginning to do that.

    “So suepr glad to be gay.”

    Yeah, because such a high percentage of “gay” men have such healthy and happy relationships with other men, right? LOL.

    You see, “gay” men are just as emotionally and socially attached to women as straight men are–it just takes a different form because of their sexual orientation–and tend to be just as distant emotionally towards other men as straight men are.

    So the solution for “gay” men (at least those who actually identify with maleness) is the same as it is for straight men….focus your social and emotional life on men rather than women…..and stop allowing yourselves to be the pets and playthings of straight women, who will never, ever respect you as men or see you as true social equals.

    Nothing good ever comes out of an emotional attachment to women, not for any man. It can only lead to dependence, frustration, and unhappiness……because it is an artificial cultural construct that contravenes all the laws of nature.

  9. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    To whom it may concern,

    I’ve never felt any animosity toward Jews, or for that matter, any other ethnic or racial group. However, since I’m writing on this particular board, it just struck me that I should add to the last sentence from my comment above:

    “Personally, I wish the Christianists good riddance… and no, I’m not Jewish.” LMFAO.

  10. Natamaxxx says

    So am I the only one who thinks one of those ladies looks likes the love child of JeanneTriplplehorn and Michael Jackson?

    Nevertheless, this one made me laugh a bit. The straight guy one was just awful!

  11. Rick says

    “kinda dug the “less humoured” approach in this one.”

    “That was bitchy… and a deserved response to the straight guy vid. They were sexist assholes.”

    “Nevertheless, this one made me laugh a bit. The straight guy one was just awful!”

    These three comments, from three different individuals, serve to demonstrate the social and emotional alienation from other men that I referred to in my first comment and that is so characteristic of “gay” men–especially the effeminate ones–who invariably side with women in any conflict with men, either at the group or individual level……and it is, of course, that very social and emotional alienation from other men that causes most “gay” men to be incapable of loving another man or even having real friendships with other men…….

    Again “gay” men and straight men have dysfunctional relationships for the same reason–they are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole by attaching themselves emotionally to women rather than to other men, with predictable consequences.

  12. Tom in long beach says

    All humor and sarcasm aside we are having a cultural conversation going on here. Which is a good thing!

  13. Edward Hicks says

    I thought the image for this post was a photo of Michael Jackson with a wig on his head.

  14. Fix It Again Tony says

    @ByTheBay – I agree. Michael didn’t die, he just went through “the change of life.”

  15. Fix It Again Tony says

    @ByTheBay – I agree. Michael didn’t die, he just went through “the change of life.”

  16. Fix It Again Tony says

    @ByTheBay – I agree. Michael didn’t die, he just went through “the change of life.”

  17. Michael says

    While this video needed to be severe since the str8 guys were jerks, as usual, the gay guys video was by far the best…

  18. andrew says

    This video had a nastier or meaner tone than the others. I was put off at the very beginning when the straight men were referred to as homophobes. I give this one a thumbs down.

  19. SayTheTruth says

    Awesome video.Furthermore today I learned that Michael Jackson didn’t die, just made a gender transition.

  20. Gabe R L says

    This video was funny if bitchy, but it needed to be bitchy given the sexism of the straight men. I found the gay video funny if a little silly, and the straight male video funny if sexist. You take the good with the bad.
    But as I’ve said before, the lesbian video was an utter fail. It just seemed disgusting and mean-spirited.