‘Guardian’ Poll Shows Majority Of Brits Support Marriage Equality


England’s new year will bring plenty more debate about marriage equality, and Prime Minister David Cameron can rest easy knowing he has a majority of the country behind him.

According to a poll conducted for The Guardian, 62% of Britain’s voting public endorses the conservative PM’s controversial plan for marriage equality:

The ICM poll conducted just before Christmas found 62% of voters now support the proposals, with half this number – 31% – opposed. Most previous polls have found opinion leaning the same way, although the two-to-one margin revealed on Wednesday is particularly emphatic. An ICM online survey for the Sunday Telegraph in March asked the identical question – which expressly reminds people that the option of civil partnerships already exists for gay couples – and established a 45%-36% lead for the reformers.

Meanwhile, over at The Independent, a ComRes poll shows that the same percentage, 62, believes that the Church of England should be allowed to perform same-sex marriages. Cameron’s plan would forbid them from doing so.


  1. Diogenes Arktos says

    That’s an incredible increase – 17 points in 9 months! The marriage equality forces in the UK must be doing something right. I’m glad to read the support for the CofE to allow marriage equality. Now, if we can just get Uganda (and others) to wake up to the 21st century.

  2. Isaak says

    There’s not really a big push for it (the way it is in the US), to be honest. It’s so matter of factual that it just seems like a non issue in general. It should be passed, it needs to be passed and will likely be done because it’s simply the right thing to do. The only ones voicing opposition are tired old MPs that are out of touch with their constituents anyway.

  3. Garth says

    But here in America 60,000+ have signed a petition to have Piers Morgan deported for his anti-gun comments.

  4. Icebloo says

    Most people in the UK are VERY anti religion so all they have to do is show the public that the only people who are stopping people getting married are religions. Brits can see religions for the corrupt money-making machines they really are.

    Unfortunately here in the US we still have morons who like religions to control our lives even though they don’t pay a dime in taxes ! Until Americans grow up and face up to the fact religions are just a money-making scheme for the right wingers then nothing will change here. We have to educate ourselves but we still have gays voting Republican and going to church so we have a LONG way to go.

    WAKE UP !