News: Clowns, Chiefs, Divas, Bucks

1NewsIcon The New York Times announced Brenda Sue Fulton and bride Penelope Gnesin’s West Point chapel wedding.

PopeLion1NewsIcon Pope Benedict met with lions and clowns and acrobats, oh my!

1NewsIcon GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham, ever the voice of optimism, predicts the nation will speed off the dreaded “fiscal cliff”.

1NewsIcon Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner says social security reform will come only after said fiscal cliff has been avoided.

1NewsIcon Hugh Hefner and runaway bride Crystal Harris are actually for real definitely tying the knot.

1NewsIcon Hillary Clinton and Meryl Streep at the Kennedy Center Honors. Yeah, some other really famous, accomplished, admirable people were there, but, again, Hillary Clinton and Meryl Streep.

1NewsIcon Photographer Alexander Kargaltsev focuses on gay Russian men seeking asylum in the United States.

Meester1NewsIcon Leighton Meester, a fashion retrospective.

1NewsIcon German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s avoiding some touchy gay subjects lest she complicate her reelection bid, and it’s upsetting some within her party, the Christian Democratic Union. “The CDU is having to appeal to a broader base, to
adapt to a changed reality in society, new family structures and a
bigger role for women,” said Bonn University political science professor Frank Decker. “A traditional conservative, Christian
party must find answers, it must debate these things. But Merkel is
refusing to allow this debate to happen, and that breeds resentment.”

1NewsIcon Here is a trailer for Buck Wild, MTV’s new Deep South Jersey Shore-esque reality show.

1NewsIcon Shoppers remain unfazed by garment factory fires overseas, like the one in Bangladesh that killed 112 people last week: “Shoppers from Cincinnati to Paris to Singapore all said the same thing: They were aware of the fatal factory fire, but they weren’t thinking about it while browsing stores in the days since. Brand name, fit and — above all — prices were on their minds.”

1NewsIcon More on Timothy Kurek, the straight man who played gay for a year.

1NewsIcon A gay man is suing the Lee County Sheriff’s Office in Florida for “wrongful arrest” after they took him in during one of many calls to his and his ex-boyfriend’s apartment. Among his complaints, the man claims officers taunted him for being gay.

1NewsIcon The Kansas City Chiefs are struggling to pick up the pieces after teammate Jovan Blecher killed his girlfriend and then himself yesterday morning.

Paul-Bunyan-Bemidhi1NewsIcon Now that voters have tossed a constitutional amendment defining marriage as being between one man and one woman, activists in Minnesota are now looking to ways to pass marriage equality there.

1NewsIcon Conservative New York Times columnist Ross Douthat discusses America’s falling birthrates and its alleged relationship to gay marrige acceptance: “..There’s been a broader cultural shift away from a child-centric understanding of romance and marriage. In 1990, 65 percent of Americans told Pew that children were ‘very important’ to a successful marriage; in 2007, just before the current baby bust, only 41 percent agreed. (That trend goes a long way toward explaining why gay marriage, which formally severs wedlock from sex differences and procreation, has gone from a nonstarter to a no-brainer for so many people.)”

1NewsIcon Meanwhile, when it comes to pursuing marriage equality in Indiana, timing matters: “Some
supporters of the ban argue now is the time to push the measure
through. But there are more variables than usual for lawmakers to
consider heading into 2013. They
will have to write their next biennial budget, get acclimated to a new
governor for the first time in eight years and measure the possibility
that the U.S. Supreme Court will take up the issue and make the whole
argument moot.”

1NewsIcon Speaking of time: there’s a lot to learn at the Swiss Watchmaking Institute in Dallas.


  1. A. says

    So glad you posted about “Buckwild” but completely ignored that MTV aired a special about HIV-positive youths last night. How is that not newsworthy?

  2. Icebloo says

    Germany should be kicked out of the EU for denying equal rights to gay people. The EU is SUPPOSED to have a charter of Human Rights which included rights for gay people. Unfortunately Germany pay the most into the EU budget so they are allowed to rule over the rest of the EU and the rules are bent for them.

    They are a disgrace.

  3. Jerry says


    Hilary Clinton attended 8 Kennedy Center Honors ceremonies as First Lady. Meryl Streep was a Kennedy Center Honoree LAST YEAR.

    Big whoop.

  4. TampaZeke says

    Call me nostalgic, but I prefer Christians meeting lions the good old fashioned way; in the Coliseum!

  5. SoLeftImRight says

    Ross Douthat is such a tool. Clearly, it’s the gays that are making people have a less “child-centric” view of marriage. Newsflash: without any input from the gays at all, heteros have made their own decisions — economic, procreative, and otherwise — for some time, thank you very much. “You know honey, I really wanted to have a kid or two, but now that gays can get married, let’s just not.” No one has ever made that statement.

    What a ridiculous notion: because a segment of society would like the benefits conferred on the majority of society through an artificial and state-constructed institution, they are to blame for breeders not breeding. (By the way, the last time I checked, marriage does not require the different-sex married couple to have children, and believe it or not, you can have a child without being married)…I can’t get my head to stop hurting from trying to figure out how conservatives’ brains work.

  6. Caliban says

    Douthat’s column reflects “conservatives” sudden awakening to the fact that, based on the results of the last election, white men are no longer the THE dominant force in American politics and culture they’ve always been. Make no mistake, when he says “We need to be having more babies!” what he’s really talking about are WHITE babies.

    That Duggar family on TV who shoot out babies like a T-shirt cannon at a rock concert are members of the “Quiverful” movement, which sees each child as “an arrow for God.” The idea is through procreation and a strict religious upbringing to produce a large evangelical block of political/religious power.

    We’ll probably be seeing similar messages from the Right, that (white & Christian, though they won’t come right out and say that) women ought to be pumping out more kids. They’ll be covert about it, but I suspect “motherhood” is about to get a big cultural push.

  7. BobN says

    “a child-centric understanding of romance and marriage.”

    It must warm Mrs. Douhat’s heart that he fell for her birthing hips…

  8. says

    I honestly don’t understand why anyone pays attention to Ross Douthat any more. How does a non sequitur constitute an “argument”?

  9. says

    And a follow up — Douthat got royally raked over the coals in the comments after his article — the whole thing is even worse than the quote given here.

  10. DC Arnold says

    An Asshat (Graham) and a Drag Queen (Pope)who says nothing to me about my life, slow news cycle?

  11. Rick says

    Mr. Douhat is unfortunately quite right.

    The principal purpose of marriage was–and still should be–to provide a healthy, stable environment for raising children. NOT as a means of “legitimizing” “romantic love”.

    And unfortunately, the only reason the concept of gay marriage has gained credibility is because of the breakdown of marriage as an institution……and the irresponsibility of heterosexuals who now treat it as some kind of throwaway arrangementm rather than a responsibility to be taken seriously.

    Of course, all of this is due to feminism and to the ongoing emotional dependence of men on women that fosters feminism. Most women now are totally focused on themselves and take no real reponsibility for the raising of children….which, of course, is why the well-being of American children has, in every respect, declined dramatically over the last generation….in terms of educational achievement levels, physical health and fitness, ethical responsibility….you name it.

    Worse still, many of them are not having children at all, which is rapidly turning the United States into a country whose demographic is beginning to resemble the most backwards and destitute nations on earth–Black Africa and the Carribean and Central America……which, of course, is, also a major contributing factor to the precipitous decline in educational levels, which, in turn, is having a disastrous impact on the country’s ability to compete in an increasingly cutthroat globalized world where brainpower will win out.

    A perfect storm that is slowly but surely driving the country into the ground.

    And the predictable comments here so far only underscore that a large proportion of gays are, sadly, in fact, anti-family, probably because so many of you grew up (let’s be honest, here) hating your fathers.

    It would be great if the embrace of gay marriage reflected enlightenment, but instead it just seems to be another symptom of social malaise.