News: Jovan Belcher, Hoverboard, Frank Bruni, Drones

Model Renato Seabra was found guilty of murdering and mutilating journalist Carlos Castro in January of 2011. He will be sentenced December 21.

HoverboardA detailed review of Mattel’s so-called hoverboard.

The New York TimesFrank Bruni to Bill Clinton: “…DOMA,
which says that the federal government recognizes only marriages of a
man and a woman, is one of the uglier blemishes on your record, an act
of indisputable discrimination that codified unequal treatment of gay
men and lesbians and, in doing so, validated the views of Americans who
see us as lesser people. If our most committed, heartfelt relationships
don’t measure up, then neither do we. If how we love is suspect, then so
is who we are. No two ways to interpret that. No other conclusion to be

Watch Adam Lambert’s performance from the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Florida tossed out Christian Slater’s vote because his signature didn’t match the one they had on file.

Boy Meets World actress Danielle Fishel does Lindsay Lohan doing Elizabeth Taylor.

Tom Daley and his mama hit the town.

The Rabbinical Council of America has come out against “ex-gay” reparative therapy.

Get excited for Jonny Pierce from The Drums’ solo album.

I got a chance to talk with Darren G. Davis about Lost Raven, the graphic novel he wrote about coming to terms with his HIV positive status. I’d love for you to read it.

Belcher_JovanPolice confirm that Kansas City Chiefs’ linebacker Jovan Belcher,
25, fatally shot his girlfriend and then, despite his coach and others’
attempts to calm him down, he shot himself. “[His coach, general
manager and others were] standing outside and appeared to be talking to
him. It appeared they were talking to the suspect,” said police. “The
suspect began to walk in the opposite direction of the coaches and the
officers and that’s when they heard the gunshot. It appears he took his
own life.”

Despite some architectural activists’ efforts, an apartment complex where JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald will be torn down. “We’re not just losing a piece of fundamental history to Dallas related to the assassination, we’re also losing a piece of fundamental architecture to this area,” said the building’s owner.

US drones keep crashing at civilian airports overseas. “A review of thousands of pages of unclassified Air Force investigation reports, obtained by The Washington Post under public-records requests, shows that drones flying from civilian airports have been plagued by setbacks. Among the problems repeatedly cited are pilot error, mechanical failure, software bugs in the ‘brains’ of the aircraft and poor coordination with civilian air-traffic controllers.”

Salvation-army-kettle-bellThe Salvation Army continues to deny it endorses hateful anti-gay politics and rhetoric, despite evidence that says otherwise.

Hillary Clinton compares her ever-changing hairstyles to the “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.”

Sally Field spoke with Oprah about raising a gay son, our very own Sam Greisman.

Edie Windsor, 83, says she just wants to be alive when DOMA’s overturned.


  1. Icebloo says

    The article attacking Bill Clinton doesn’t make any sense. It accuses him or not speaking out for gay marriage but then it mentions when he did speak out for gay marriage just a few months ago during the election.

    I’m guessing the write just hates the Clintons and was using anything he could to attack them.

    Bill Clinton DOES need to apologize for DOMA but the other information in that article are ridiculous.

    By the way, Hillary apologized for DOMA many years ago.

  2. Inor says

    “[A]n apartment complex where JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald will be torn down,” Where he what? Hid out? Lived? Met with his co-consiprators? Was arrested?

  3. Jonathan says

    The RCA disendorsement of reparative therapy in general and JONAH specifically is very important. This is the largest and most influential Orthodox Jewish organization in the North America. This is an organization that unequivocally categorizes homosexual conduct as a sin. To say that there is not a scientific method to “cure” homosexuality is a major step toward closer to an acceptance of the reality of homosexual orientation.

  4. Ken says

    What does Belcher’s suicide have to do with a gay blog? I don’t see why it, along with so many things I can read elsewhere, find their way here. I come here to read news of gay interest.

  5. scotsyank says

    Sam does have good genes, and his Mom is awesome. But his writing needs to improve. Using proper punctuation and complete sentences would be a start.

  6. khan says

    personally, i am grateful to bill clinton. when he signed doma into law (which would have become law without his autograph) and then orchestrated a “humanitarian” (sound familiar?) war on yugoslavia, i realized once and for all, then and there, that the dems did not represent the best interests of the people of the world, or me. thnx bill, and FU

  7. Javier says

    What a buzz kill! Are you serious about $130 hover board that does not hover… Why? I’m sorry but it seems to me to be an expensive piece of plastic. I’ll make you a hover board that does not hover for $65. You want stickers on it too? No worries I’ve got you covered! Are you kidding me? This has got to be the stupidest gift of 2012!

  8. ratbastard says

    Was Renato Seabra high on some sh*t when he murdered and castrated his ‘BF’? He seems very calm and collected almost arrogant in court proceedings. Good riddance to the dude,a pretty white guy like him is going to be real popular among the brothers in prison.


    Belcher’s suicide is a sad tale. Sad for everyone involved.

  9. ratbastard says

    Dallas must be hard up if that apartment complex was seriously considered for preservation. Aside from a presidential assassin living there for 6 months 50 years ago it has no redeeming feature other than the fact it once provided a roof over some folk’s head.

  10. says

    Inor and Scotsyank, I agree with you guys. I love this blog, but it has lately fallen behind on spell-checking and proper grammar; verbs are oftentimes missing entirely.

    Andy, Andrew, Sam, please spend more time on spell-checking, or these news blurbs get harder and harder to read, fluidly. Especially for us folks who didn’t learn English as our first language, and tend to see comprehension errors as our own problem, initially… until we realize that the news editors were just being hasty or lazy.

    Thanks, guys!

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