Police Put Kibosh On Gay Activists’ Vatican Protest


The Associated Press reports that Vatican police today "seized" placards by pro-equality activists who showed up at St. Peter's Square to protest the traditionally anti-gay message tucked within Pope Benedict's recent Christmas speech. Same-sex nuptials are an "offense against the truth of the human person, with serious harm to justice and peace," he said during his remarks on peace.

From the AP:

The protesters carried signs in several languages, including ones saying: "Marriage for All" and "Homophobia (equals) death."

In his annual peace message released by the Vatican on Friday, the pontiff called gay marriage, and abortion, threats to peace.

The organizers of the protest issued a statement saying: "Gay unions don't harm peace. Weapons do."

Other reports put the total number of protesters at about 15 and notes that other signs read "Love Has No Barriers," "Talk About Love" and "Marry Peace".

The protesters never made it within St. Peter's parameters – that's how fast police acted to put an end to this action. If only the Vatican were as fast when it came to keeping up with social and cultural change.



  1. Ninong says

    It’s too soon for the Church to accept the truth about gay people. Give them another 360 years. That’s how long it took them to accept the fact that they were wrong about Galileo. Galileo was right. The Earth really does move. And, believe it or not, it moves around the sun! Mon Dieu!

  2. chasmader says

    The Roman Church has lost it’s moral authority.

    Until they come to terms w/ their pedophilia no sane person will take seriously any pronouncements, especially from their Nazi Pope.

  3. miKem says

    The catholic church has seriously lost it way. It is a danger to humanity and human dignity. I hope there is a judgement day so this man must answer for his words and deeds.

    “What you do to the least of mine, you do to me” – Jesus

  4. Caliban says

    To paraphrase Betty Bowers….

    Why is the Pope sometimes called “His Holiness” but at other times “The Vicar Of Christ” or “Primate of Italy”?

    Because “Haughty Miss Thing In That Fabulous Flowing Red Dress Living In That Extravagant Vatican When Christ Told You To Live Simply And Use Your Money To Help The Poor” wouldn’t fit on a place setting, dear.

  5. Phil says

    “Everyone knows that your marriages are a threat to peace, because for centuries we’ve taught everyone to bash you. You force us to bash you (along with other minorities and dissenters) and so you’re responsible for the breach of the peace. In nomine Domini, Amen.”

  6. simon says

    Not that the Bible is against gay marriage since these kinds of concepts didn’t exist in those times. The Roman Catholic Church is a medieval institution which is essentially against social changes, be it abortion, scientific thinkings , gay marriage etc.

  7. POTUS 2016 says

    The Vatican is a terrorist organization. Elect me President of the United States, and I would obliterate the Vatican. Nothin’ left but a greasy spot where the pedophiles convened.

  8. SayTheTruth says

    I don’t find it surprising the Vatican’s attitudes and ideology, but I would rather push for gay rights in Italy that shines as an anomaly in the industrial European powers.

  9. millerbeach says

    How sad. Perhaps the pedophile priests are responsible for the lack of peace in the Church. Have ya done anything about that yet, Pope? You seem so concerned about justice and peace, well, maybe it should begin at home. Get rid of the pedophile priests, and I might start listening to you. Otherwise, you are just another dinosaur living on some other planet. Clean your own house before criticizing others.