Portland, Maine to Open Early for Midnight Gay Marriages on December 29

Portland, Maine is set to allow same-sex couples in the state to marry at the earliest possible moment, opening at midnight on December 29 for three hours, the Press Herald reports:

METhe city announced Thursday that it will open its municipal offices from 12:01 to 3:01 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 29 – the day the state law allowing same-sex marriage takes effect – to issue marriage licenses and perform weddings.

The announcement came a day after Augusta said it would open its offices for the same purpose on that Saturday, during more traditional morning hours.

Portland decided to go a little further and open the minute the law takes effect.

"There was a lot of discussion about logistics, and the feedback from staff and others was that this would work," said city spokeswoman Nicole Clegg.

Maine municipal offices are closed on Saturdays.


  1. Larry says

    I’m getting married at midnight, ding dong the bells are gonna chime, pull out the stopper! Lets have a whopper. Congratulations to all the lucky LGBT people who are finally legally allowed to get married in Maine. It is about time America, all LGBT people need to be legally allowed to get married, it is a human right and no one can stop love, never have never will. Gob bless all LGBT people who are getting married, may you live long and happy lives together.