1. David says

    Learn to actually link to the source. It isn’t via JMG, it’s via the actually twitter page that is being screen capped. Did JMG leave the tweet? No. Use your brain.

  2. Bill says

    I once found the WBC web site useful: there was a performance of The Laramie Project in a nearby town where a transsexual teenager had been murdered, much to everyone’s dismay. The WBC announced that it would picket, which was reported in the local papers. The local gay publications expressed support for the production. But nobody except the WBC would provide some useful information like the time, date, and a location!

    While the Phelps Freaks may have been there the night before, they were not there the evening I saw the play. Maybe they had listened to “talk radio” and heard what people wanted to do to them, but if they did show up, they left town in a hurry. One person in the cast sent Fred Phelps a thank you note – due to the publicity, which they could otherwise not afford, the performances were nearly sold out.

  3. Jeff Kurtti says

    Sorry, David. You are simply wrong. Again, Andrew cites HIS source, not PRIMARY source. He got the story/screencap from Joe My God, he did NOT source either from Twitter. I again used my brain to determine this rather simple chain of events.

  4. billmiller says

    ‘rev’ Phelps is a raging closet case, and not the least bit Christ-like! Neither has to do with the other, but one day, probably on her death bed, she WILL come out!

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