Anti-Gay Maryland Lawmaker: Gay Marriage Vote Made Me Drink

6a00d8341c730253ef017c317b7eec970b-800wiDon Dwyer, the anti-gay GOP Maryland lawmaker who drunkenly crashed his boat and injured four children last August, claims that his separation from his wife and the fact that some of his Republican colleagues voted for marriage equality led him to drink.

From the Capital Gazette:

Pressures at home were met with challenges in the State House.

Dwyer says he felt sold out when Dels. Tiffany Alston, Wade Kach and Bob Costa voted for same-sex marriage, an issue he spent years crusading against. Dwyer told reporters one day before the vote that he had enough support to block the bill.

Kach, a Republican from Baltimore County, and Alston, a former Democrat from Prince George’s County, voted against the bill in committee. But Kach changed his vote after hearing testimony from gay couples. Alston shifted her vote after her amendment was adopted.

Kach and Costa, of Deale, were the only two House Republicans to vote for the bill. It passed the House by two votes in February.

“I had no time to do anything,” Dwyer said. “Had I known earlier, I could have taken some action.”

It was petitioned to the November ballot and passed by 52 percent of voters state wide. Voters in Dwyer’s district, however, rejected it.

“That betrayal really affected me,” he said. “I was physically ill. You pour your heart into an issue like that and it’s devastating.”

Forgive me if I show no sympathy.


  1. nick says

    Donnie-how un-Rethuglican of you- not taking responsibility for your own actions…..
    placing the blame on others is so unlike your party…..
    Have another drink Don and watch some straight porn.

  2. Caliban says

    What? Someone from the Party Of Personal Responsibility™ blaming someone else for their own bad actions? Well you could knock me over with a feather! [/sarcasm]

  3. mmike1969 says

    Sounds like this pathetic excuse for a human was just too weak minded to handle the will of the people.

    Resign your position and go home to bed. Let some mature adults handle real issues.

  4. Craig says

    I’m so terribly sorry that the civil rights of so many people caused you such devastating pain. Not being in a position to screw innocent people like that must have sent shockwaves through your delicate constitution! I feel you pain! Of course I forgive you for endangering the lives of everyone you met that night on the road. If you don’t care about my civil rights, how could you possibly care about those innocent people either? Right? Because when it comes to your god given right to hurt people, that cancels out anything else. Of course it does. You poor thing! I agree that someone who believes that being gay is something chosen, but getting plastered drunk and driving is just something imposed upon you. You had no choice whatsoever. Who wouldn’t have violated everyone else’s rights like that? You were in pain! That’s all that matters.

  5. joel says

    Reprehensible! Why doesn’t the loathsome worm grow a pair and accept that he has a problem that caused HIM not any other person or group to injure those children.

  6. Bob says

    Is this a-hole serious!? What a d-bag nozzle loser, sour grapes bigot alky. Trying to pass off his alcoholism on the voting behavior of colleagues! What does he mean “he could do something about it”? Does that mean enlist some of his RepubliThug(tm) friends to intimidate and threaten his colleagues?
    I have less than no sympathy for this pitiful excuse for a representative of the people.

  7. says

    It’s the drunk Grinch. Bottoms up, loser!

    Those anti-gay heterosexuals seem to have a dreadful time staying married and sober. Maybe if they focussed on their own happiness instead of on preventing the happiness of others, things would work out better for them.

  8. Sean says

    A. He was driving a boat.
    B. He was not alone, drinking all day on the boat with friends and family.
    C. He nearly killed a child and hurt many others when he crashed his boat into another boat.
    D. He is blaming his actions that day on the passage of gay marriage

    Talk about lame excuses. I cannot wait until he is removed from office.

  9. bkmn says

    Maybe just maybe if he had spent some time working on his own marriage and drinking problem instead of working to prevent LGBT people from having equality his life might have turned out much better.

  10. woodroad34d says

    Oh, I just love the comments! I couldn’t say anything better. Except the GOP is immolating on itself, what with the more moderate, yet current, GOP Senator Gingrey statement standing up to defend Aiken’s statement about how a woman’s immune system can at some point cut off a rapist’s impregnation. These people…these people! Saturday cartoons aren’t as funny as “these people”. Honestly! I’m just at a loss.

  11. Bill says

    @Lonny: he wasn’t blaming gays for his “condition”. Rather, he was blaming fellow Republicans for seeing the proverbial handwriting on the wall and abandoning the proverbial ship before it sinks.

    He felt rejected when a few of his follow Republicans voted for same-sex marriage. If he can’t handle a few politicians looking after numero uno by abandoning an increasingly unpopular position (opposition to same-sex marriage), he is obviously too naive to be in a legislature.

  12. Bob says

    I should a looked him up before I made my other comment.
    I see he is a Presbyterian and he had a blood alcohol level of .2 driving the boat this definitely means that he is a closet case
    Presbyterians normally do not hate

  13. Rick says

    If this rocket scientist had enjoyed too much merlot at my gay wedding, I would have understood his excuse. Too bad four children had to be hurt as a result of his alcohol abuse.

  14. says

    Oh for f*cks sake. First we’re responsible for the high divorce rate. Then Hurricane Sandy was our fault, as well as the massacre in Newtown. Now apparently, gays are the cause of drunk driving.

    Next week: The CDC reports that homosexuals are the leading cause of cancer and heart disease.

  15. Kim says

    Alcoholics ALWAYS blame something else for their drinking. He is not different. You also know when he is getting serious with his recovery, because at that time, he will stop blaming pothers for his drinking and accept responsibility. Until then, he is a dry drunk who might not drink, but still acts like a drunk.

  16. EdA says

    Gee, that’s funny. Lots of same-sex couples in Maryland poured their hearts into the issue, year after year, and I don’t know how many of them turned into alcoholics, even after Del. Sam Arora, who had been a good Democrat until something happened to him, campaigned on the issue of supporting marriage equality and then, for reasons that are STILL not clear, voted AGAINST it last year when it really counted. (That was one vote that Del. Dwyer got that he had no reason to expect.)

    Dwyer is yet another Republican who believes in personal responsibility — for OTHER PEOPLE, as long as they too are not Republican politicians. And from the article, his home life was running into problems anyhow.

  17. vwdavy says

    alcoholics-we’ll blame everything and everybody for our own problems. until we’re ready to take responsibility for our own actions, we’re useless to everyone, everywhere.

    this dood needs our pity, and encouragement to change.

  18. Jay Arr says

    Let’s take a moment to remember when the Catholic church forbid Christians marrying Jews, Blacks marrying Whites, Protestants marrying Catholics, divorced women marrying men, on and on. It’s only a matter of time when the OLD men of the church die and a new generation of enlightenment will prevail. Die quickly, please.

    Marriage is a secular legal document. Those who want that document blessed can go to church. Those who don’t need a blessing, have a magistrate or a judge perform a ceremony. We don’t need priests with 8th Century minds in a 21st Century world.

  19. Jim Brown says

    This one takes the cake. We’ve seen these lunatics blame “the gays” for everything from earthquakes, hurricanes, to even 9/11… but this one is the most pathetic. How many people have killed themselves because bigoted lawmakers like this loser made their lives miserable. Boo-hoo for you… NOT!

  20. Bollux says

    “…the fact that some of his Republican colleagues voted for marriage equality led him to drink.”

    This is the awesomest excuse for everything ever.

  21. says

    Grant you ,it’s a lame excuse! If I drank every time Republicans did or did not vote on social issues I would be constantly drunk too!
    Thinking back to the civil rights era… once in a while a few of them seen the light and voted with their conscience and not their constituents. There were many Republics(and a few Democrats)drunks in congress over time and I have to admit this is the first time that I heard it was gay marriage’s fault! We gays must be doing something right!

  22. Geoff says

    Hurricanes, tornadoes. tsunamis, disease, smoking, drinking, dandruff, hangnails, excess gas, that “not so fresh” feeling. Pick a thing. Gay folks, again. Dayum. We have a lot of incredible power!

  23. Rob Zeleniak says

    All the more reason to “pour your heart” into something positive, Mr. Dwyer. Actively working to limit the personal freedoms of others is never a worthwhile endeavor.

  24. jomicur says

    Wow! Not only do we have to power to cause earthquakes and hurricanes, we also have the ability to make erstwhile teetotalers get criminally drunk. Damn, we’re good!

  25. ThomT says

    Seriously? Losing the gay marriage vote because he “didn’t have time to take action” caused him to drink? How freakin’ stupid is this fool? And exactly what action would he have taken had he known in advance he was going to lose the vote? Seems that those changing their votes didn’t tell him on purpose because he’s probably a bully who would have threatened them to vote his way and they didn’t want to be bothered. So, now that he has lost his voice on the issue he’s turning to the bottle? Maybe it’s time for the fool to give up his seat, get some help for his drinking problem and move into the 21st century with the rest of us – a century where marriage equality is going to become the norm and not something that some sleazy backroom politician strong arms others to vote against.

  26. Chutney says

    For years, the christians have been screaming “the Devil made me do it”. Now, they’re crying that the gays made them do it. They always need to have someone to blame for their misdeeds. they can never take responsibility for the things they do that are so very wrong. Personally, I think that the main reason the christians hate us is that we own our faults. We don’t seek to blame who we are and what we do on anyone else.

    Honey, nobody put that glass in your hand and forced you to drink. You did that all by yourself.

  27. Craig says

    He is a real hypocrite. His father is a known Homosexual and his Uncle died fron AIDS…No wonder he is homophobic…Or is he..He may be in the closet and cannot deal with it..

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