Azealia Banks Is ‘Really Not As Moved’ By Backlash As You Want Her To Be


Last night, after calling Perez Hilton a "messy faggot," among other things, on Twitter, singer Azealia Banks offered to those offended, minus Hilton, the most "sincere apologies" that can possibly be broadcast through a public social media.

She slept on it, though, and apparently Banks is feeling more cynical about the whole thing, tweeting this morning, "[I'm] Really not as moved by this f word thing as u all want me to be. As a bisexual person I knew what I meant when I used that word." And, one suspects, the kind of reaction it would invite.


  1. calvin says

    That’s the problem with Hollywood’s “bisexuals” first they say something bigoted, then they say: You can criticize me, I’m bisexual! See Evan Rachael Wood.

  2. Wayne says

    She degrades gay men, then degrades women? So she hates gay men and women? Girl is warped. Talk about issues. I guess she’ll be dating Chris Brown next?

  3. graphicjack says

    You’re a bi woman, therefore it’s okay for you to use the f-bomb? So is it okay for me as a gay man to call you personally a sexually-confused, carpet-munching bu!!-d*k@ in a nasty, negative-meaning way? Sorry, but whatever your personal opinions about Paris Hilton, when you user the f-bomb to describe him, you say that to all of us, and you give licence to others to use that word, too. It’s never okay, Azealia. I’m sure as a bi, black woman you’ve had your fair share of discrimination. You should know better. Shame!

  4. says

    Azealia must be smoking the same bad batch of weed that Fantasia’s been hitting. First she denigrates homosexuals, then makes a half-@$$ed apology. Even better, she follows it up with, “Since i’m bisexual (yeah, right), I can say f****t whenever I want!”

  5. aneas taint says

    And she won’t be moved by it until it starts hurting her bottom line. So stop talking about her. Stop writing about her. Stop buying her product, whatever it might be.

  6. stephen lucas says

    Azealia is not genuinely bisexual in my opinion. Like many women in the music industry, she appears to be a fake bisexual who uses the concept of bisexuality to market herself to straight guys. It’a an appeal to titillation which ultimately harms he gay rights cause.

  7. stephen lucas says

    The gay media has a moral obligation to be wary when embracing performers in our name. That’s because there are a lot of female performers out there who will manipulate a situation to their advantage, claiming to be on our side when they really aren’t.

    Included in this manipulation is a false claim to being a bisexual female (it’s actually a marketing strategy) and making bland statements such as “I love the gays”. Be aware – just be aware.

  8. Team Azaelia says

    In one of her released tracks she references Paris is Burning.

    Gaga gets accepted more or less as a gay icon with her bad Madonna references and her really simplistic queer aesthetics in “Born this way.”

    But referencing Paris is Burning is major leagues gay culture. A lot of gay people don’t even know what that documentary is, and it is really a part of our deep history and culture. Judith Butler for heaven’s sake references Paris is Burning. Like it’s beyond being down with RuPaul’s Drag Race. Pull quotes from Pepper Labeija and crew is pretty epic.

    I gotta say, I think Azaelia Banks is pretty down with the gays even if her word choice in a twitter fight was less than perfect.

  9. stephen lucas says

    Azealia Banks claims to be bisexual but I don’t believe her. I believe that her “bisexuality” was invented for the purpose of titillating sleazy straight guys who operate in the music industry.

    As such, I can understand why she might be homophobic. Women who invent their bisexuality for the purpose of titillation are amongst the most homophobic women around.

    Azealia has destroyed her own budding career, basically.

  10. says

    interesting hypothesis, Stephen. It’s neat how what she says is so often said by insecure and resentful gay men, too.

    in both cases it’s a stance borne out of pandering to bigoted heterosexual males.

  11. Billy Crytical says

    Claiming bisexuality or queerness is also a way to ingratiate yourself to the gay community. These supposed bisexual women wouldn’t even consider a legal long-term relationship with a woman. They are geared toward attracting heterosexual males.

    She went after his sexuality quick. That tells me she does have a problem with gay people if that’s the first blow she strikes.

  12. johnosahon says

    Perez is a fool and deserves no defense. He built his career being a bully and said worse to celebrities. He called the f-word in 2011 and also almost called him the N-word too. He has also abused celebrities because of their features referring to women as Men and vice versa.

    And if gays can abuse people using the f-word, why not bisexuals?

  13. Jake says

    So its not okay for a bisexual to use the F word but its okay for an idiot to call everyone he doesn’t like everything offensive, different genders, and act like a pedo? Okay stupid people, you win.

  14. Brett says

    I don’t agree with her use of the F-word, but to be fair, she was not using it to attack Perez as a gay man. She was using it to call him out as a silly, effeminate clown. I agree with that. Gay youth are hurt when gay adults act like fools, degrade themselves publicly, refer to themselves and other men as “she” and girl, and generally act like clowns. Show some self-respect and maybe the next generation of gay kids will get the message that they deserve be treated with respect. Even if you are naturally effeminate, there is a way to conduct yourself so that you don’t come off like a shrieking fool.

  15. Chicklets says

    I dont have a prob with her using the F word–but her explaination of what she thinks F***** means WAS offensive. Then again, her music is pure filth and her 15 min will soon be up. Moving on…

  16. theo says

    “I don’t agree with her use of the F-word, but to be fair, she was not using it to attack Perez as a gay man.”

    Nonsense. Look at the tweets before she said f*ggot:

    “@PerezHilton does your butthole whistle? Like is your butthole so stretched and raggedy the air whistles when you move?”

    Got it? She directly attacked his sexuality, his feminine qualities, etc. So, to those saying “She’s watched Paris is Burning!” What kind of ballroom fan knows that culture and thinks it’s ok to insult and attack feminine men?

    Next excuse?

  17. jamal49 says

    Don’t worry. The talentless little darling shall soon wither away, petal by petal, like the flower for which she is named. How nice of Towleroad to give free publicity to such an untalented piece of cowabunga.

  18. truth is says

    you don’t write a blog about the use of the n word used daily in the music world and on blogs but you offended when they use the f word… azealia made that point and i agree 100 percent

  19. says

    I don’t care if she is bisexual or not. Her language was still offensive. I mean, Perez is nasty but she shouldn’t have attacked his sexuality. There were so many other ways to attack Perez and come out looking good instead she does this.

  20. mister faggot says

    its really wretched to read the hateful words. A lot of you commenters have written about Ms. Banks. Attacking her sexuality, claiming that her bisexuality is faux or deception, is just as hateful as using the word “faggot”. The fact that you can’t even write the word is telling of how much power and energy you give to its hateful definitions. You all need to move on. She has apologized to all offended with the exception of Mr. Hilton, who has time and time again hurled offensive words at others. Move on People, move on.

  21. andrew says

    What can be said about a site “with homosexual tendencies” that freely posts the awful word “faggot” but refrains from posting the awful word ” ni$$er”? I cant even spell it correctly because you are so PC in one case but not in the other.

  22. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    The messy c*nt keeps getting messier and messier. Critique of my comment based on objectionable terminology? Aka, double standards for “civility in public discourse.” Civility in public discourse really is a two-way street and always has been.

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