Cher Signs Logo Development Deal, Working On 1960s Period Drama

Cher60sHere's a perfect fit if there ever was one: Cher, an empress in the pantheon of gay icons, has signed a development deal with Logo, the Viacom-owned, LGBT-minded cable channel.

The precise terms of the deal are being held under lock and key at the moment, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, Logo bought a pilot script conceived by the singer and Ron Zimmerman, a former lover who has written episodes for the TV shows 'Til Death, My Wife and Kids and 7th Heaven.

This Logo show, yet to be titled, takes place in 1960s Hollywood, a backdrop with which Cher of course has plenty of experience.

Logo's Senior VP of original programming, Brent Zacky, told THR after the project was announced at the Television Critics Association press tour that the network had looked at some of of Cher and Zimmerman's other ideas, but that this show seemed more viable. 

"We read some of the stuff that Cher and Ron had written and it was really terrific," he said. "We came up with an idea set in Hollywood in the early '60s and we're very excited to see how we get through the process. The deal is brand-new and we're just getting started on the project."

Zacky couldn't say yet whether Cher will appear on screen, but did say the project is just one of many original programs its considering for the months ahead.

"We're very carefully and hopefully diligently taking a few shots in this arena and we'll see how it pans out," Zacky said. "We're certainly excited to be in business with an icon like Cher and Ron, who is a terrific writer."


  1. Wilberforce says

    With all respect to the Diva, 1960s Hollywood? Really?
    Sounds shallow and uninteresting, like the rest of Logo’s trash.
    My friends and I can’t watch the station. It makes the entire community look like idiots.

  2. will says

    LOGO needs some help, though. Maybe Cher can give it. Right now they’re playing 2 hours of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” followed by 4 hours of “Absolutely Fabulous” episodes. Such a typical LOGO day. If I see “Adam & Steve” listed one more time… They need help.

  3. Gary says

    Slightly off topic but still about Cher – I’d like to know if it’s really true that she made some nasty comments about Sharon Tate after her 1969 murder !?!

  4. Icebloo says

    Why do gays worship Cher ? What has she ever actually done for us ? She’s happy to take our cash but she hasn’t really done a thing for us EVER.

    Even when her daughter came out to her Cher stopped speaking to her for a month. When her daughter came out as transexual Cher didn’t speak to her for a whole YEAR.

    Cher is a fake. She is not our friend. We need to stop making her richer. Cher is all about Cher and Cher’s bank account.

  5. BETTY says

    Give it a rest ICEBLOO. You sound like a broken record. It’s obvious you hate everyone. I don’t think anyone could live up to your standard. Seriously, what the hell is your standard for icons?

    Btw, how do you know all the intimate details of her relationship with her family?

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