1. mike/ says

    they all seem to be having demons coming out of their a**holes the last couple of days!

    oh, wait! that’s where they are saying it comes from. i guess it’s true…

  2. says

    Now this guy needs to get a pair of handcuffs and take some of that there “pleasure” he’s talking about.

    @MIKE :
    Agreed , there seems to be a lot of them Spirits coming out of real a$$holes lately.

  3. Tom in long beach says

    No, Newt just is not as flat earh as the padre. Of coarse this is the same conservative Newt that asked one of his past wives if they could have an open relationship.

  4. Tom in long beach says

    No, Newt just is not as flat earh as the padre. Of coarse this is the same conservative Newt that asked one of his past wives if they could have an open relationship.

  5. Onnyjay says

    Demons, demons everywhere, we’re doomed I tell you doomed! The sow is mine! Where does the military dig up these nutbags?? The Xian Right can’t run them up fast enough, it seems, there’s an infinite demand for wild-eyed weirdos with a medieval agenda. We need to go back and try that Enlightenment thing again. A pox on all of them.

  6. hugo says

    Dude looks like Rush Limbaugh Jr.

    When he talks about ‘demonic voice’, he’s not referring to Callista, is he? That would be very bitchy for a good Christian preacher!

  7. not too bright, is he? says

    Wow! Newt called him PERSONALLY! He must be really important. He just figured out that politicians want to WIN elections not lose them. Next he’s going to figure out that Newt was using him!

  8. Diogenes Arktos says

    Too bad he’s just an ex-Navy chaplain. He should really be an ex-chaplain period. I tried googling him but the only real information was on LinkedIn. He’s now got a PhD from a Religious Right institution. I doubt he’s married. Surprise, surprise.

  9. UFFDA says

    Why post stuff from every nutcase in America? I don’t need to hear ’em. No one does. On the other hand, one look and I don’t read them…still, it would be nice to not even see them.

  10. Rob says

    Anybody catch that “worthy of death” bit? That so puts the lie to all that poor beleagured Christian apologist stuff that goes something like, “Oh, you shouldn’t judge us by a few extremists, we hate the sin but love the sinner.” Right. Speaking of demons – that is some hate-filled garbage.

  11. bendskier says

    It does beg the question though:

    Our tax dollars paid this man to promote his religion within our military ranks?

    I’m sure they would freak out if we had a Muslim equivalent… promoting it openly in the military with tax dollars! I can hear the hyperventilating now.

  12. Bernie says

    and now even snooty newty is under the influence of a demonic voice….what has this world come to?????…and I thought only gays were under the influence of demons……learn something new every day

  13. Mary says

    Newt Gingrich is so sleazy that being possessed by a demonic voice might actually IMPROVE his morals. Hard to see how they could get any worse.

    Something about this ex-navy chaplain screams “gay” to me, but then being a straight woman my “gaydar” isn’t worth very much.

  14. Don says

    The only people who are possessed by Satan are the anti-gay Christians who want to kill and destroy LGBT people any way they can. Hate was born in hell and these anti-gay Christians have so much hate it can only be that Satan has possessed them.

  15. Michaelandfred says

    I’d just laugh if it wasn’t so amazing that this level of idiocy is allowed to run rampant in our military. For decades we were considered a security risk and yet there are men running around performing exorcisms and talking about demonic possession IN our armed forces in 2013……

    (Not that I don’t wonder at night in the dark if it’s possible that Chenney is a demon, or maybe an alien, or Freddy….. )

  16. Bill says

    @Rob: the phrase was “Who knowing the judgment of God, that they who commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.” That phrase was preceded by a long list of transgressions, including murder. Many were punishable by death at the time but would not be today, murder being perhaps the most notable exception. Homosexuality was not in the list, at least not in the part shown.

    To see it clearly, freeze the video at 1:17 into it. I’d say the “chaplain” was taking this passage out of context, to say the least, and they kept the text visible for a short enough time that people wouldn’t be able to read it carefully.

  17. Diogenes Arktos says

    Klingenschmitt was subject to a court marshall in 2006 for wearing his uniform at a political rally, contrary to orders. He was honorably discharged in 2007. Although it’s true, it’s about time to stop referring to him as an ex-Navy chaplain.

  18. andrew says

    The Bible is the enemy of human freedom. Those who continue to hang on to the warm and fuzzy parts are enablers who allow the haters to use this primitive collection of books to destroy people. Much as it destroyed all the innocent people in Noahs Flood, and the innocent children in Sodom or the 70,000 people yahweh slaughtered because David’s census angered him or all the people, including children, he told the Israelites to KILL in the conquest of their cities, or the man he had his people stone to death for gathering wood on the Sabbath and on & on & on. The primitive tribal god of the Ancient Israelites is one of the most barbarous inventions of the primitive mind.

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