Polish Parliament Rejects Civil Union, Gay Rights Legislation

Poland's parliament on Friday rejected legislation that would have legalized civil unions and given limited rights to gay couples, Reuters reports:

TuskThe lower house of parliament rejected three bills that would have legalized civil unions, including narrowly defeating one proposed by a member of the ruling Civic Platform that would have given limited rights to unmarried partners, including ability to inherit property.

The motion to prevent the Civic Platform bill from going to committees for further work was backed by 228 deputies, with 211 against.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk (pictured) spoke out in favor of the reform, but 46 members of his own party, including Justice Minister Jaroslaw Gowin, sided with the conservative opposition and voted against all three bills on their first reading.

"You can't question the existence of such people (living in homosexual partnerships) and you can't argue against the people who decide to live in such way," Tusk told the parliament before the votes.


  1. Randy says

    Poland has an enormous population under the age of 30, and a strong desire to be taken seriously by western societies. Although they are strongly catholic, even among young people, they also want very much to be a normal modern society, something Poland has never been except between the two great wars(at best). And they certainly do NOT want to be Russia!

    Poland recently had very conservative anti-gay prime ministers, so I was quite surprised to see this vote even come up, let alone get the support of the current prime minister. It was a close vote, which is even more surprising. This is all very good, and going in the right direction.

    I’m sure they will have civil unions within a few years. As the youngsters start taking over, they’ll be less and less concerned with oppressing gays just because John Paul II did.

  2. Keith says

    It took thirty tears for civil partnerships to be approved in Denmark the first Nation to have them. With the same bill failing but being re introduced until the votes were there. Shame it takes so long for reforms to be passed.

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