1. Jim says

    When I came out in 1977, my parents were having a tough time with it! (so was I !) I called PFLAG and a very nice woman there offered to call my folks and counsel them. She did, and my parents let me know they were contacted by a very kind woman and she calmed them down and gave them hope. As we always say when PFLAG goes by in the Pride Parade “We Love You!”

  2. says

    I cam out in 1986… (goodness, that seems so long ago, I am 44 now, so I guess it was,) I have seen some of my closest friends disowned by family because they were gay so Pride has ALWAYS been very important to me. It NEVER fails to choke me up when PFLAG marches by and the screams from the crowd always gives me goosebumps. Thank you Jeanne for loving your son and loving all of us!!!

  3. says

    PFLAG – putting families back together.

    Thank You, Jeanne Manford.

    This work she started is going to live on, and on, and on. Lives will continue to be saved.

    PFLAG is everyone’s family. Enjoy your rest, Angel.

  4. andrew says

    Heaven is a myth and when you are dead you are not resting, you are dead. That said: Jeanne Manford deserves to be remembered by the living who are interested in Justice for generations to come.

  5. UFFDA says

    WOW Rachael does it again, right there behind Jeanne Manford whom she has so honored for her hugely wonderful and heroic effect. One person making a difference! It continues to happen. Thank you Jeanne, Rachael and President Obama.

    And thank you D Ehrenstein for your personal comment on Morty, I’m sure you’re right and sorry for your loss.

  6. Mikey Dallas says

    My parents dissowned me many years after coming out when they moved to an exclusive retirement community and informed me that thier social advancement would be compromised if their neighbors knew they had a gay son.
    I wrote to dear Abby about it out of grief and the knowledge that my mother read the column every day. Although I recieved a call from Abby along with a hugh packet of letter sent in, (she said it was the largest volumne of mail she had ever recieved, and I treasure them now) I never reconciled with my father prior to his death and my relationship with my mother will never be the same.
    I have fortunaltly done well for myself and upon my death much will go to PFLAG.

  7. alexander says

    Wow something I never knew. I’m so happy to have learned this piece of information. ^_^ RIP Jeane Manford. I am so happy a woman like you existed when we really needed you. ^_^

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