1. DannyEastVillage says

    good Bobby. you keep that up. only thing is you’re mighty damn young to be a dinosaur.

  2. Rob says

    After reading our side’s briefs for prop 8 and Doma. In my opinion the Supreme Court will be force feeding marriage equality down this guys throat.

  3. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Bobby, baby, Bobby, bubbi, you won’t *win the debate* if you dodge a question with an answer to something that wasn’t asked.

  4. jjose712 says

    If the polls keep showing increase support to marriage equality, he will change his opinion by the time he will try to run for president, that’s for sure

  5. woodroad34d says

    After seeing his response to Obama speech to the Joint Congress, he is an incredibly stupid person…akin to George Bush. There seems to be a direct correlation to the placement on the conservative scale and actual rationality….lizard brains indeed.

  6. MikeH says

    Seriously though, I don’t know who is worst; these GOP clowns or the MSM that continues to just regurgitate talking points and not challenge people using facts. That doesn’t appear to be changing soon… look what happened to Soledad O’Brien at CNN… she was the best thing they had going… Bobby for President? Seriously…??? Someone who blocks FREE ACA funds for his state, cuts funds for education and signed a law that allows teaching of “intelligent design”? Yeah, I’m not surprised he also opposes marriage equality. He is just a tool…

  7. says

    Only 38% of Louisianians approve of his actions as Governor. He spends more time out of state running for office than in state. He is a bundle of ambition. He legally changed his name from Piyush to Bobby, converted from Hindu to Catholic, was a Biology major at Brown and a Rhodes Scholar but forced “Intelligent Design” into La.’s classroom curriculum, is a policy wonk on health care but dismantled La.’s state-owned hospital system, is an intellectual who has decimated La.’s education system from K through LSU, you get the picture.

    On marriage, he and his compliant Indian-American wife (who never appears in public) have a Covenant Marriage, an Old Testament version passed into law in 1997 with his enthusiastic support. From
    “Slightly more than 1 percent of the almost 391,000 couples married in Louisiana between 1997 and 2007 chose covenant marriages that require premarital counseling and make divorces harder to obtain, according to state data.
    “The Department of Health and Hospitals, the state agency that keeps track of marriage licenses, said that in the 11-year period 390,893 marriage licenses were issued but only 4,112 — 1.05 percent — were for covenant marriages.”

    On anything religious, Bobby Jindal makes Justice Scalia look like a moderate. He is the most extreme type of Roman Catholic. Hope that this anchor baby never gets to run for President or Vice-President.

    Oh, and the mediocre state senator who wrote the Covenant Marriage Act? That would be Tony Perkins, now head of Family Research Council.

  8. Steve says

    Jindal is a creationist and theocrat. It’s absurd that some paint has some kind of moderate who can turn the Repubs around.

  9. Joe says

    Catholic converts like Bobby J are always extremist in their views, and entrenched & doctrinaire in their social viewpoints. They make bad leadership decisions and can’t be depended on to properly represent a large, heterogeneous, complex society. He’s not only a card-carrying member of the “stupid” party, he defies his relatively young age (41) and is backward-thinking, and will prove to be quite a drain on republican-party resources.

  10. walter says

    he didn’t convert because he wanted to he converted because the bigots in his party would never vote for a hindu. it was a conversion of opportunity

  11. RONTEX says

    Agree Walter, and like MOST republicans, he wears his religion as an invisibility cloak to blend in.

  12. bobbyjoe says

    Bobby Jindal has about as much chance of being President of the US as Ellen Degeneres has of being the next pope.

  13. Michael says

    I am a little rusty on the biblical definition of slavery… Would his dark skin mean he should be a slave?

  14. jjose712 says

    walter: And the bigots in his party will never vote for a converted hindu either.

    This is not like being afroamerican or latino who are minorities with big numbers. Maybe in the democrat party being of hindu origin wouldn’t be a problem, but in the republican party running for president being hindu is pure utopia.
    I’m not even sure Marco Rubio will go too long if he runs for being the republican candidate

  15. Reality says

    Majority of the GOP continues to drag their knuckles … they should be embarrassed of themselves.

  16. bambinoitaliano says

    If a minority marches with the KKK does it make him White? The hypocrisy never ends with this party does it?

  17. andrew says

    Thank the gods that he is not taking his own advice that the Republican Party should stop being stupid. For a couple of weeks I feared that the Republican Party might actually have an enlightened leader at the top of their ranks. I should have known better.

  18. Rexford says

    If that’t their best and brightest, just put Hillary’s name on the ballot, and she won’t even have to campaign.

  19. LCR Jay says

    I don’t know about his being a GOP presidential nominee, but I wouldn’t mind Jeb Bush choosing his as his vice presidential running mate.

    I can definitely see Bush/Jindal on the ’16 ticket. Sorry Hillary.

  20. Parted Down the Middle says

    If it talks like a dumb backwoods hick, and walks like a dumb backwoods hick, it may be a dumb backwoods hick. But if its birth name is Piyush, and it looks like Bobby Jindal, then it won’t never be no Republican nominee for President. Word! And that haircut!

  21. Scott F says

    Listen boo, (you will know what I mean)Daddy Warbucks is Franklinton.He is fat and rich. He left you to carry on the legacy of stupidity and hate that has gone on far too long in Louisiana.
    As someone who is actually from Louisiana, I can tell you, you are nothing special. Those ‘good ole boys’ will play you like a fiddle.
    Hell, they have you believing you are one of them.

  22. Scott F says

    Listen boo, (you will know what I mean)Daddy Warbucks is Franklinton.He is fat and rich. He left you to carry on the legacy of stupidity and hate that has gone on far too long in Louisiana.
    As someone who is actually from Louisiana, I can tell you, you are nothing special. Those ‘good ole boys’ will play you like a fiddle.
    Hell, they have you believing you are one of them.

  23. Craig says

    People like him have a choice. Bow to common acceptance, and admit defeat, or stand against the arc of history which bows toward justice, and be remembered with another Southern governor, whose words are immortal: “Segregation now! Segregation tomorrow! segregation forever!”

    How widely those words were embraced in Wallace’s 1963 inauguration speech then, how universally reviled they are today.

    Your choice, Gov. Jindal. History is your judge.

  24. Bill says

    @Michael: skin color was not an important factor 2000 years ago. For example. Roman slaves included Europeans, Greeks, and Egyptians, among others. The Greek and Egyptian slaves were generally better educated than the ones the Romans captured while conquering neighboring areas, so the European ones tended to do the manual labor. There were lots of captives after Caesar conquered Gaul.

  25. DC Arnold says

    This Cretin is part of the Louisiana corrupt machine, do you really expect him to rock any boat?

  26. Diogenes Arktos says

    If the Republican Religious Right base managed to support a Mormon, which they do consider a non-Christian cult, they should be able to handle a RC Hindu convert. (Even though many consider the RCC to be non-Christian, too, but not a cult.)

    His skin color *is* relevant to some of the Religious Right. Slavery was justified by Ham (=dark), the son of Noah who saw his father’s “nakedness”. There is evidence that this pseudo-genealogy is presently taught with de facto state approval in Texas.

    Jindal also has to explain that he has conducted an exorcism.

  27. KevInPDX says

    Jiminy Cricket is deluded if he thinks he will get anywhere w/the same BS the GOP used and lost with in the last 2 Presidential elections.

  28. znsd says

    And what I mean by that is he can’t ever run for President. EVER. It’s NOT HAPPENING. Read the constitution. It’s DONE.

  29. michael malley says