GOP Might Fire Illinois Chair For Support of Marriage Equality

Just last month, Illinois Republican Chairman Pat Brady started calling on lawmakers to support marriage equality. At the time, Brady said: "Giving gay and lesbian couples the freedom to get married honors the best conservative principles. It strengthens families and reinforces a key Republican value – that the law should treat all citizens equally."

6a00d8341c730253ef017ee6e86ff2970d-800wiThis led many Republicans calling for his resignation. Even NOM demanded Brady step down from his post.

Yesterday, Brady received a phone call in which he was told GOP leaders plan to meet next month to discuss his possible removal. All this because of his vocal support for marriage equality.

WBEZ reports:

Brady’s ouster would require the weighted vote of three-fifths of the state central committee. The votes are weighted differently based on turnout in the March primary. Committeeman Jim Oberweis, a state senator, said there are enough votes to fire Brady.

“We’d have exactly the same reaction if suddenly Pat decided to talk about the merits of Obamacare,” Oberweis told WBEZ Friday. Brady has said his position on gay marriage is personal, and that he wasn’t speaking on behalf of the party when he made his original statement. He’s since refused to step down.

Brady also spoke to Crain's Chicago Busine about the news:

"Absolutely not," Mr. Brady replied when I asked if he's willing to change his mind. "The more and more I talk to people, the more I'm convinced. (Allowing same-sex marriage) is the right thing to do."

The GOP meeting is scheduled to take place March 9.


  1. Bollux says

    Nothing like demanding complete conformity in your political party members. That turned out so well for the original Fascists.

  2. Temple Temp says

    Gay republicans/conservatives…suck on that! (when you’re not busy sucking on your Daddy’s….)

  3. T.J says

    Christian right are absolutely no different than the taliban. Threatening, controlling lives, and damaging livelihood.

  4. DaLurker says

    Did you REALLY expect more from the cryptic religious right? They think their Bible is fact and we all should too. They are a delusional bunch who should be challenged and corrected at every chance.

  5. Scott Johansen says

    All the more reason our LGBT and allies in Illinois need to work even harder to press this issue and see it passes. WORK HARD Illinois LGBT! Now is your time. The community is behind you and supporting you.

  6. Aiden Raccoon says

    I thought this issue wasn’t THAT important to Republicans. What happened to Republicans saying that they just wanted to focus on fiscal responsibility. Has Pat Brady done a bad job on those issues? This is just more proof that they don’t care about anyone other than themselves and they will cut off their own nose to spite their face.

  7. EdA says

    I think that LCR and GOProud should take due credit for having been able to convince one — count them, one — senior state level Republican to believe in “with liberty and justice for all.”

  8. TheGay says

    He’s pretty much guaranteeing his political future, and the people who vote for his ouster, are basically admitting that they don’t expect to have one.

    I know A LOT of Republicans that support SSM.

  9. TruthSeeker says

    Here is Oberweis’ track record in Illinois from the Ilinois Review (3/10/2008):

    The dairy magnate’s gaffe-filled campaigns have demonstrated one thing clearly: Oberweis has exponentially more personal wealth than good sense.

    He burst onto the scene in 2002 running for the U.S. Senate by comparing pro-lifers to the Taliban. Oberweis was endorsed by then House Speaker Dennis Hastert in that campaign, as he was in the congressional race just concluded. He lost the primary.

    In 2004, he ran for U.S. Senate again and egregiously overplayed the anti-illegal immigration sentiment, even among GOP primary voters, with a now infamous ad that would have made 18th century Know Nothings blush. He was also fined by the FEC coming out of that cycle for a thinly veiled attempt to run television ads paid for by his dairy to benefit his campaign. He lost the primary.

    In 2006, he ran for Governor and was in the ethical soup once again for using fake newspaper headlines attributed to real newspapers in his television ads. He also got whacked during that cycle for allegedly and hypocritically hiring illegal aliens to clean some of his dairy stores, a charge that re-appeared in the election concluded on Saturday. He lost the primary.

    Subsequently, he ran ill-fated, intraparty campaigns for both state party chairman and county chairman in his home county. He withdrew from both contests when it was clear he could not win.

    In the 2008 race to succeed Hastert, Oberweis ran a bitter primary against 14-year incumbent State Senator Chris Lauzen. He won the primary but engendered lingering vitriol from Lauzen and his supporters. Lauzen refused to endorse Oberweis—admittedly this reflects poorly on Lauzen as well. As such, some conservatives inclined to be less than enthusiastic about Oberweis to begin with became outright hostile. This translated, at least in part, to the underwhelming GOP turnout on Saturday.

    Additionally, Oberweis mucked it up again in the waning days of this latest campaign by taking a quote from Foster grossly out of context in a television ad he ran. Oberweis was properly excoriated by the Chicago Tribune among others who have seen his act before.

  10. LCR Jay says

    If he’s going to support gay marriage, then he may as well be a Democrat. Frankly, you can’t be a conservative or a Republican and endorse same sex marriage. The premise of two people of the same gender marrying is a direct contradiction of traditional, conservative values.

    If you believe that two men…two women…a coffee table and a coatrack…etc., etc. are ripe for marriage, then please go be a liberal Democrat and leave the Republican party alone.

  11. FFS says

    There’s no mention of whether or not he could hear their white bed sheets and hoods rustling on the other end of the line when he got that call?

    Shoddy journalism. *tsk*tsk*

  12. Kevin Foster says

    The harder they deny reality, the harder it will eventually smack them in the face. The universe is unfolding exactly as it should.

  13. Mike B. says

    Good, maybe right-thinking folks will form a new party and let the wingnuts drown in their own vitriol.

  14. Lymis says

    “Frankly, you can’t be a conservative or a Republican and endorse same sex marriage. The premise of two people of the same gender marrying is a direct contradiction of traditional, conservative values.”

    Yes, because love, commitment, and forming and maintaining stable families, especially stable families with children is a direct contradiction of traditional conservative values.

    Gay people exist. We fall in love. The actual conservative response to that (rather than the bigoted one) is to expect people to settle down, marry, and have a family. Which is what you people are fighting.

    And straight people are listening – the more you say that a significant part of the population is supposed to live our lives without religion, without marriage, without family, and without being a recognized part of the community, the more straight people scratch their heads and say “Well, then, why should I?”

    Conservatives love to blame liberals and progressives for the breakdown of traditional values – but they never pay attention to the incredible damage their own policies do to those things. Whether that’s a good thing or not is up for debate, but stop throwing stones in your glass houses.

    YOU go marry a coatrack, and I have some suggestions for where you can put it. I want legal recognition for my marriage, and the financial protection for our family that my tax dollars give me just as much right to as any straight couple has.

  15. Gregor says

    It is good to see a Republican on the RIGHT side of history. Too bad so many don’t wake up and join the 21st century.

  16. Reality says

    Wow. This is your republican party, Log Cabins and GOProuds out there. This is not fare, I’m glad he is standing by his principles for what is the right thing to do.

  17. jamal49 says

    Well, now that’s a novel way for the GOP to make itself more relevant in the 21st century. Fire somebody who disagrees with their fascist, extremist, bigoted agenda. It’s positively brilliant!

  18. TheGay says

    LCR JAY : Keep talking, and you’ll find your party regulated to complete obscurity and totally ineffectual.

    But this isn’t going to happen. The Republican Party WILL evolve; it HAS to. Rational people who have some real life experience know plenty of gay people, and are not just sympathetic, but supportive of their most basic right to the pursuit of happiness.

    What you represent in a decidedly un-American ideal. If you hate what America is about so much, get the f*ck OUT, and move to Iran.

  19. Andy says

    Republicans are oppressive idiots. Is anyone surprised that they would remove a person who speaks his mind?

  20. Nathan Babcock says

    I just want to say I am a Gay, and I vote Republican, and yes you can be a Conservative and Support Marriage Equality. I support a strong National Defense, I support Low Taxess, Less Regulation and cut as much red tape as possible, and I believe we have a spending problem that needs to be fixed, I do not support taxing anyone. I think we need to pass a Fair Tax, legalize Marriage Equality and preserve our National Defense

  21. Nathan Babcock says

    and for the record there is Civil Marriage and Religous Marriage so when we are attempting to legalize Marriage Equality they are talking about Civil Marriage Certificate, and if the law is passed it will include religous language that will allow any religous organization or Pastor from having soleminize a Marriage between 2 men if it is against his conscience

  22. mike/ says

    Oberweis is this creepy person who keeps trying to buy elections with his millions made from forcing babies to drink his milk. He has this smile when he talks that projects ” I am lying about everythig i’m saying!” He’s in cahoots with the reactionary churches & the R.C. he panders to a small vocal minority who runs the repugs. He is a complete ass.

  23. Lori says

    Keep it up GOP…how mature, you don’t like what Quinn is doing so you want to fire him?? I’m not American but I will never bote Republican because it’s always YOUR WAY OR THE HIGHWAY!!!!!


  24. Lori says

    The GOP Republicans keep digging a hole deeper & deeper…before you know it, the majority of the States will be BLUE….I guess the Republicans still haven’t learned their lesson yet, there is no denying that Marriage Equality is here and DOMA is going to get the boot!!!! And by not conforming to these current issues, you will never win the Presidency again!!!