1. BP says

    A reminder to Mr. Campfield:

    you are a redhead, therefore you have THE MARK OF CAIN and should be shunned.

    Yeah, it’s superstitious BS, but he seems to live by such.

  2. ratbastard says

    Look…you really are never going to change attitudes like his in the deep south. The influence of evangelical – pentecostal churches and dogma is just too pernicious. They are obsessed with sin, a vengeful God, and the ‘end times’. They are obsessed with ‘respect’ and are very sensitive to perceived slights or acts of ‘disrespect’. They gravitate towards authority figures and tend to place them on pedestals. And they are obsessed with homosexuality and sexuality in general, along with violence, like extreme corporal punishment, up and including teenagers and young adults. All of this is a lethal combination.

  3. Mary says

    “Have you ever thought about therapy? I hear they are doing some wonderful things with medications these days.”

    This is unnecessary snark. He shouldn’t have responded to anger with this attitude. Conversations just go downhill fast when you do this. But then why should this guy care about civil discussion when he doesn’t even care about the heartache all that tattling will cause gay kids?

  4. Mary says

    Aren’t the names Leslie and Marion also male names that people think are exclusively female names? I went to high school with a boy whose first name was Leslie. I don’t think he had any problem. And Marion was John Wayne’s real first name. In France “Lawrence” is a girl’s name,and in England most “Robin’s” are male.

  5. Sam says

    Having worked for an elected official, I understand the desire to respond with snark, but responsible people in positions of leadership should know better.

    RE: the comment above generalizing about the “deep south”, I would just encourage the person posting the comment to not stereotype all southerners. Yes, there is obviously a conservative bent to the region that doesn’t lend itself to being open-minded, certainly on issues of sexuality, but there are, throughout the region, many fair and open-minded people. And yes, even in the churches which the poster here references. Many churches in the south are very public in their embrace of gay people. Just as gay people shouldn’t be stereotyped, neither should an entire region of the country.

  6. jamal49 says

    Well said, RATBASTARD, but very, very sad when one considers just how true it is what you wrote. Evangelical christianity is a mental and emotional pathology. It is a cancer on the American social and body politic.

  7. Chris says

    Eh, given what was sent, he pretty much responded in kind. He’s appalling, and I’m glad people are working to replace him and defeat this legislation, but this is a non-issue. If anything, he was more polite in his reply than the original message warranted.

  8. Alan says

    Yeah right, Chris. He’s an elected official and should know better than to respond with snark. Just another reason why this man doesn’t belong in office.

  9. Chris says

    Alan, you’re entitled to your opinion, but elected officials are still people. I don’t think they’re required to act like robots. Hell, I love Barney Frank, a man who was more than happy to respond with personality while he held office. I just don’t think every snarky email a Republican sends to a rude person whose views I happen to agree with is deserving of news coverage. It’s certainly low on the list of reasons people should work against him.

  10. says

    really, “Chris”? You thought her letter to Campfield was rude? It reads more to me like an honest and deeply-felt letter of truth.

    He was more polite in his reply than the original message warranted? What type of hatefully ignorant bigots were you raised by that would lead you to that sort of conclusion?

    Jeez, you sound like a complete weakling.

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