France’s Parliament Approves Key Article in Marriage Equality Bill

The French National Assembly has overwhelmingly approved the first and most important article in a bill that would bring marriage equality and allow gay people to adopt children in France. The article approved today centers on marriage.

According to the BBC, "Deputies voted 249-97 in favour of Article One of the draft law, which redefines marriage as being a contract between two people rather than necessarily between a man and a woman."

President Francois Hollande's bill has now overcome it's biggest hurdle and is predicted to pass. The Parliamentary debates, which began several days ago, will continue through next week before a final vote scheduled for February 12.


  1. shanestud says

    French news agencies report same sex marriage may become law just in time for Valentines Day….how romantic….how very French

    France’s Lady Liberty must be smiling today in New York’s upper bay

  2. George F says

    YAY for France!
    I hope the UK …Uruguay and Colombia join the list of countries with marriage equality in the upcoming months as well.

  3. GB says

    2/2 “Liberal” France. Thousands protest “Opponents to government plans to legalize same-sex marriage, adoption and medically-assisted procreation for same-sex couples, shout slogans during a demonstration, in Marseille, southern France. MSNBC

  4. shanestud says

    NOM’s Brian Brown flew over to Paris and sent back breathless video reports of the “hundreds of thousands” of French demonstrating in Paris against same-sex marriage. He was giddy with excitement. Brian and Maggie are most likely not uncorking bottles of French champagne with this news. A 249-97 vote is overwhelming and shows that their legislators are not intimidated by orchestrated religious demonstrations. There is a real separation between Church and State in France!

  5. Michael says

    FYI, France’s whole parliament has not yet voted to legalize gay marriage, just the National Assembly. The Senate has yet to vote on the bill.

  6. candide001 says

    Gay blogs thrive on raising unreal expectations. It needs to stop.

    This won’t be a done deal until April or May at the earliest. The Assembly’s final vote is on Feb 12. Then it has to go to the Senate and if the Senate wants to change anything it has to go back to the Assembly, and so forth.

    Meanwhile the Vatican and the right wing know that France and the UK are the most influential countries in the region, so they’re going to spare no expense stirring up as much loud public resistance as possible. They’re going to try to exploit every ounce of homophobia that still exists in these country. It’s going to be ugly.

  7. simon says

    Politics is ugly. Socialist prime minister said all this is “deja vu” when they tried to legalize civil union. He never said it is easy. But they have been in power before and are experienced politicians. No one can say they are just some pushovers. The reality is the noisy opposition simply doesn’t have the votes. What can the Catholic Church do? Start another revolution?

  8. Keith says

    Since the Socialists and allies have majorities in both houses the passage of the Bill as proposed is very likely unless there are major defections by the left which is almost impossible. Most of the right never bothered to turn up.

    In the UK it looks likely to pass the commons easily but who knows about the house of Lords. We will see.

  9. DB says

    Hallelujah! Hopefully France, Britain, New Zealand, and Uruguay will all legalize marriage this year. France will be the largest country with full equality if it legalizes marriage (South Africa is currently the largest).