1. johnny says

    …and they don’t want to look like idiots on the wrong side of history once we get a Federal law passed.

    There’s a huge brain drain in Indiana, despite having very good universities. Why? Because this state is extremely backward in many social and cultural aspects. People get their education here and then leave for more progressive, more open-minded places.

  2. Jonathan says

    I read the headline as “until after SCOUTS ruling” and couldn’t figure out how the Boy Scouts come down on homosexuals in their ranks could possibly affect Indiana’s marriage laws.

  3. Bill says

    @Jonny: they don’t care if they look like idiots as they are elected officials. Seriously, though, the ones who wanted a delay claimed that, if an new Supreme Court would make all or part of their amendment unconstitutional, they wouldn’t be able to correct that unless they waited. They want to be on the wrong side of history – they simply don’t want to have to try again, when it would be even harder due to changing public attitudes.

  4. Ken says

    Hopefully we will get a Supreme Court ruling that makes this whole thing moot. But even if we don’t, some of the early polls indicate we may have a shot at defeating it on election day.

  5. Goodcarver says

    @JOHNNY…you are right. I got the hell out of Indiana after I got my BA. I’m back, but I’ve retired and want to be near family now that I’ve earned my pension, etc. Interestingly, I believe I read an earlier article that 13 same sex couples were wed in Bloomington recently (one of the more progressive of our cities)and home of one of the fine universities you spoke of in your post.

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