LAPD Ex-Cop Christopher Dorner Targets Lesbian Officers in Manifesto; Praises Ellen DeGeneres, Mailed Box to Anderson Cooper,

Ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, wanted for the murder of three people in L.A., left a lengthy rage-filled manifesto that has been posted online several places. You can read it HERE.

CBS News:Dorner

of police officers in California are searching for Christopher Dorner,
33, who allegedly murdered a young basketball coach and her fiancé over
the weekend, then opened fire on police officers, killing one early

"Unfortunately, this is a necessary evil that I do not
enjoy but must partake and complete for substantial change to occur
within the LAPD and reclaim my name," reads Dorner's statement.

Dorner was reportedly fired from the LAPD in 2008 for making false statements.

Among those targeted by Dorner were lesbian police officers. He writes:

Those lesbian officers in supervising positions who go to work, day in day out, with the sole intent of attempting to prove your misandrist authority (not feminism) to degrade male officers. You are a high value target.

TMZ reports that Dorner also left messages for several celebrities, including Ellen DeGeneres. The message to Ellen read:

Ellen Degeneres, continue your excellent contribution to entertaining America and bringing the human factor to entertainment. You changed the perception of your gay community and how we as Americans view the LGBT community. I congratulate you on your success and opening my eyes as a young adult, and my generation to the fact that you are know different from us other than who you choose to love. Oh, and you Prop 8 supporters, why the f*ck do you care who your neighbor marries. Hypocritical pieces of sh*t.

Dorner's message for Cardinal Mahoney:

Cardinal Mahoney, you are in essence a predator yourself as you enabled your subordinates to molest multiple children in the church over many decades. May you die a long and slow painful death.

And the Westboro Baptist Church:

Westboro Baptist Church, may you all burn slowly in a fire, not from smoke inhalation, but from the flames and only the flames.

Read all his messages to celebrities here.

Finally, Anderson Cooper tweeted this evening that he had received a parcel from Dorner:

"Learned today suspect Christopher Dorner sent me a parcel at CNN. Inside was a note, DVD, and a coin shot thru with bullet holes."