LAPD Ex-Cop Christopher Dorner Targets Lesbian Officers in Manifesto; Praises Ellen DeGeneres, Mailed Box to Anderson Cooper,

Ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, wanted for the murder of three people in L.A., left a lengthy rage-filled manifesto that has been posted online several places. You can read it HERE.

CBS News:Dorner

of police officers in California are searching for Christopher Dorner,
33, who allegedly murdered a young basketball coach and her fiancé over
the weekend, then opened fire on police officers, killing one early

"Unfortunately, this is a necessary evil that I do not
enjoy but must partake and complete for substantial change to occur
within the LAPD and reclaim my name," reads Dorner's statement.

Dorner was reportedly fired from the LAPD in 2008 for making false statements.

Among those targeted by Dorner were lesbian police officers. He writes:

Those lesbian officers in supervising positions who go to work, day in day out, with the sole intent of attempting to prove your misandrist authority (not feminism) to degrade male officers. You are a high value target.

TMZ reports that Dorner also left messages for several celebrities, including Ellen DeGeneres. The message to Ellen read:

Ellen Degeneres, continue your excellent contribution to entertaining America and bringing the human factor to entertainment. You changed the perception of your gay community and how we as Americans view the LGBT community. I congratulate you on your success and opening my eyes as a young adult, and my generation to the fact that you are know different from us other than who you choose to love. Oh, and you Prop 8 supporters, why the f*ck do you care who your neighbor marries. Hypocritical pieces of sh*t.

Dorner's message for Cardinal Mahoney:

Cardinal Mahoney, you are in essence a predator yourself as you enabled your subordinates to molest multiple children in the church over many decades. May you die a long and slow painful death.

And the Westboro Baptist Church:

Westboro Baptist Church, may you all burn slowly in a fire, not from smoke inhalation, but from the flames and only the flames.

Read all his messages to celebrities here.

Finally, Anderson Cooper tweeted this evening that he had received a parcel from Dorner:

"Learned today suspect Christopher Dorner sent me a parcel at CNN. Inside was a note, DVD, and a coin shot thru with bullet holes."


  1. Gigi says

    So this nutjob liked Ellen and the work that she is doing to show the world that gays are cool and hated a cardinal, the WBC. I’m down with that. But what’s with the hate for his allegedly lesbian supervisors and ANDERSON COOPER? Oh, right. He was a nutjob.

  2. Jersey says

    All these violent people and the teen and middle-aged porn star suicides, I’m seeing a huge need for an increase in mental health care in our nation. I wish it would get allocated and prioritized. I’m tired of seeing these things.

  3. Mikey says

    That’s what you took from this, Jason? Three people are dead, and your addition to the conversation is, “Well, guy has a point.”

    You’re disgusting.

  4. MaddM@ says

    ugh his poor family… he’s obviously such a mess right now, sounds like your typical manic episode w psychotic features or maybe just frank psychosis, only for him it’s national news.

    This happens all to often but it doesn’t make the national news all the time, I think we’d be overwhelmed. Chronic mental illness is intertwined in a lot of crime, homelessness, and lost productivity but there are people still that think mental illness isn’t a real thing….

  5. Frank says

    Hmm. Okay so what I am hearing is that a man with many seemingly legitimate claims against the LAPD reached the end of his rope and snapped. Am I missing something? Why are people more focused and upset about 3 dead, and not seeming to care about the countless offenses (known and unknown) happening by the police department every day? And just because he had a prob with 1 Lesbian supervisor doesn’t mean he has a prob with all lesbians, obviously. I am not at all condoning his behavior, but it seems he was one the good guys and we lost him along the way. That is sad. Unless I am missing something – in which case I am open to hearing it, but keep the negative comments to yourselves. I am not here to increase hate, just to understand all this.

  6. Frank says

    And although it was a major mistake to stereotype, I have in fact witnessed first hand what Jaosn is speaking about.

  7. BETTY says

    “Why are people more focused and upset about 3 dead and not seeming to care about the countless offenses (known and unknown) happening by the police department every day?”

    Maybe, just maybe it’s because he is still on the loose and a threat to society! Who knows what he will do next? Plus, given the fact he’s sending letters and messages to people, that kind of makes it the focus right now.

  8. LiamB says

    And yet, Frank, my experience has been the opposite. I have met very few anti-male lesbians. Maybe you are seeing what you want to see.

  9. Frank says

    Although that is true (“he is still on the loose…”) so are all of the officers he has spoken about. He is wrong to hurt anyone, but why is he any more of a criminal than anyone else he has mentioned? We do not know the whole story. I am inclined to pray for him, and hope his recent actions will not deter people with power to dig deeper and hold EVERYONE accountable.

  10. Frank says

    No, Liamb, I am seeing the truth. I have many lovely lesbian friends. I have also met a small few who are exactly what Jason said they were. And I do not encourage stereotyping, so my comment should not have sparked offense. There are many types of people, including different types of lesbians in the world.

  11. Francis says

    OK, so Christopher Dorner was a fairly pro-gay straight man. He’s also a murderer and on the loose and terrorizing Southern California and now it looks like he could be headed to Arizona. Not quite the best of supporters. Hopefully this animal is caught before he kills anyone else.

  12. Frank says

    Is there a reason why we each can’t share our views without attacking the other? Not to preach, but it seems very counterproductive. Especially coming from what I assume to be a group of gay men who I am sure have dealt with enough criticism from society already. Chill out.

  13. cdusekies says

    If anything the women cray cray is talking about were probably going out of their way to try to fit in a male dominated profession. What’s sad is the anti-lesbian comments on this page because lesbians help and care for gay men more than you know….all one has to do is go to your local HIV clinic to see lesbians involved in our community in a positive way without any regard to gender.

  14. luminum says

    Exactly, Frank. Why not feel free to take a break from all the criticism we face as gay men from society by heaping our own criticisms onto lesbians?

    I doubt you meant to, but your first comment did nothing but support what Jason was saying, despite your claim against stereotyping. Jason’s comment was that lesbians are misandrists and gay men are their targets. Your response was, it’s wrong to stereotype, but yes, Jason’s comment is true.

    If what you meant to say was that you have met some lesbians who are misandrists, that is completely different than saying you have experienced Jason’s statement that lesbians (read: most/all lesbians) are “known to be” misandrists.

    That’s why your comments sparked offense. My advice would be to take more time to write what you mean.

  15. ratbastard says

    I actually agree with a lot of what he wrote. I’d say the man is in a manic state and behaving psychotic. He probably has a serious mental illness like bipolar, and/or he’s effed up on drugs/meds. I also get the impression he may actually be gay or bi himself, perhaps just not fabulously out and ‘proud’ like TR’s resident brat troll from Toronto.

    Condolences to the family and friends of those he murdered and injured. Find him fast, dead or alive, before he hurts or murders anyone else.

  16. Markt says

    If you read his manifesto you’ll understand why he snapped. The lesbian angle is just a tiny side point, so stop acting like it even matters. What he’s saying is that the LAPD needs oversight and checks and balances really badly – not to mention racial sensitivity training. Sounds like no one who cares is anywhere near in charge.

  17. Polyboy says

    Oh Ratbastard, soon there will be a cop watch on you. You’re just a wee bit obsessed with Kiwi.

  18. Tom221 says

    This poor soul needed help a long, long time ago. Read about the number of towns he lived in growing up as a kid.

    He had so much justifiable anger over so many years that it turned to rage, and then hate, and then murder.

    My heart goes out to the victims families.
    He’s not a hero, but a very ill deluded man.

    If we are to believe his “manifesto” he was not a bully. And while I don’t believe all of it, there has got to be some truth in his accounts.
    Where did it all go wrong?
    Well, black gay men have little support. Doesn’t excuse ANYTHING he’s done.

    We have to change this.

  19. Lee says

    You people are as crazy as this monster. His “claims” we’re investigated and dismissed as false, he was fired after a year long review, and had his civil case heard not only by a trial court but a state appeals court and he lost. Hes nothing more than murdering trash nothing more nothing less.

  20. jason says

    I’m not saying that every lesbian is a misandrist but I AM saying that the cultural imperative compels lesbians to misandry.

    The other thing that irritates me about the daughters of Bilitis is their fakeness. Lots of them submit to men for the purpose of having a child.

  21. oliver says

    with any luck this guy will take his own life today. end of story. save us all a bunch of hassle and a bunch of money.

  22. Mike B. says

    He makes some good points, but his behavior suggests he had a stressful period that snapped his mind (not all of his reasoning, just maybe his balance) like a rubber band pulled too far. It’s sad all around.

  23. ripper says

    LMAO! The two people on Towleroad who agree with this psychopath are Jason and Ratbastard, our resident psychopaths.

    How not shocking.

  24. Markt says

    @Lee – His claims would be dismissed – that’s part of his complaint. I guess you’ve never heard about the blue wall of silence. Having defended policeman in NYC I can tell you that, while some of them are very brave and doing a thankless and dangerous job, an immense amount of injustice is casually perpetrated by the same department. Police Departments are insulated, the complaint systems are very weak, obtaining the necessary information is usually impossible, etc., etc. Trust me many innocent people are in jail and even dead. You never, ever, want to get caught up in that system – ever.

  25. Jeremy says

    Fock, good riddance.

    And to reiterate what “Jersey” said at the begging of this thread…
    Nevermind. What he/she said was perfect.

  26. Jeremy says

    Fock, good riddance.

    And to reiterate what “Jersey” said at the begging of this thread…
    Nevermind. What he/she said was perfect.

  27. firsttimewriter says

    Everyone should read his manifesto before commenting. Although I obviously don’t think he is right for killing innocents, he is not a maniac. He is highly intelligent and articulate…just a lost soul who lost everything in his life thanks to the injustices of the corrupt LAPD. I hope they catch him soon, but not the LAPD…they will kill him right away

  28. firsttimewriter says

    Everyone should read his manifesto before commenting. Although I obviously don’t think he is right for killing innocents, he is not a maniac. He is highly intelligent and articulate…just a lost soul who lost everything in his life thanks to the injustices of the corrupt LAPD. I hope they catch him soon, but not the LAPD…they will kill him right away

  29. reality says

    WTF? Are you people even paying attention? He’s already murdered 3 people – who CARES how he feels about the LGBT community and Ellen? He’s a murderer on the loose and that’s the point you’re missing.

  30. Zeta says

    Read his manifesto/suicide note. It’s an excellent read. For those naive persons who think that he could have played by the book and lived, he has evidence that a female co-worker attempted to access his credit union information. He had the proof, and presented it, asking for help, asking for security. The LAPD shrugged off his concerns. Christopher Dorner played by the rules, kept a paper trail, went up the chain of command to try to address his concerns. Instead of assisting this veteran, they branded him as someone who wasn’t a team player, and finally fired him. He reached the end of his line. That man was all alone. As for the lesbian, a woman who kicks a homeless disabled man doesn’t deserve any support. A woman who then files a retaliatory negative report against the subordinate who reported her actions most definitely does not deserve any support.

  31. Zeta says

    Name, Chris Dorner is a black man. Exactly who is he oppressing? A woman is not a saint just because she was born with a vagina. If a woman is acting on sexist impulses, then she’s a sexist.

  32. Susan says

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