1. ratbastard says

    Maybe they can next tackle that thorny issue of cannibalism and politically motivated lack of food in North Korea. A man was actually executed recently after he killed his own daughter and cut her up for meat. People are literally starving. But I’m sure this doesn’t include the party elite.

  2. says

    So…. They hate us but love our music? Huh? or Korean citizens have ‘cheerful’ dreams of missiles being fired? or this is some sort of ‘cutting edge’ karaoke vid?

    Based on the stupidity of what I just saw, we have NOTHING to worry about.

  3. AggieCowboy says

    Um…did they get permission to use the song (from its AMERICAN owners) or the AMERICAN movie clip (2012, maybe?)?

    As much as they lie to their own people, I’d be willing to bet they claim the song was written by a N. Korean…and that their own special F/X people produced the movie clip (which is of far higher quality than the rest of the video). Reeks of international copyright violations.

  4. iban4yesu says

    @ gwyneth cornrow,

    “What attack? Your headline is wildly sensationalistic. Even the copy you quote acknowledges that the fire was “started by itself.”

    That’s right, an alternate and complete translation of that caption would be….:

    “Perhaps, it seems that the lair of evil which has devoted itself to the forced oppressions and ]the tyranical invasions and wars, is burning in the fire which has set upon itself.”

  5. Bill says

    They seem to think we’ll blow ourselves up. Maybe they take the NRA seriously as the NRA almost thinks each American is entitled to a 2nd Amendment nuke in case he gets mad at his neighbors.

    The bright side – they are importing Western music, so it is only a matter of time before they become as “degenerate” as we are.

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