Oregon Activists Launch Drive to Put Marriage Equality on the Ballot in 2014

Looks like marriage equality bill be on the ballot in Oregon in 2014, the Oregonian reports:

OregonThe state’s major gay-rights group, Basic Rights Oregon, made the decision over the weekend to launch a petition drive on Monday to put a measure on the ballot that would allow legal recognition of same-sex marriages. Given the group’s resources and the issue’s high visibility, there is little doubt the group can qualify the measure for the November general election.

 “I think people are really coming to understand that marriage is unique and special and you don’t want to deny that to anybody else,” said Jeana Frazzini, executive director of Basic Rights Oregon, after the group’s leaders and advisers met Sunday to finalize their decision to proceed…

…Basic Rights Oregon has been laying the groundwork for a statewide vote on the issue since 2009. In 2011, however, the group decided not to go to the ballot in 2012, with Frazzini saying at the time that there wasn’t enough consensus on the issue to have a “reasonable expectation of success.”

Anti-gay activists say they have been "preparing for months" to oppose just such an initiative.


  1. K in VA says

    Oregon was among the several states that put marriage amendments on the ballot in 2004. Constitutional discrimination passed easily, though by the smallest margin of any of the ballot measures that year.

    I’ve long thought Oregon would be the first state to undo one of these amendments. That said, though, the effort will need good staff, lots of volunteers, and plenty of funds. Do what you can to help, y’all!

  2. Charlie says

    It was great we had so many victories last November. However, I would worry that putting things on the ballot in non-presidential election years will backfire. Our greatest supporters are young people, and they aren’t as likely to vote in off-year elections.

  3. SoSeriouslyY says

    I would love to see Oregon join Washington State as another Marriage Equality state. But even though folks say they support M.E. 55 to 40 percent (according to the most recent polling), I too wonder about the intelligence of trying to pass this in a non-Presidential election year.

    Polling numbers are often much lower in off cycle years. Unfortunately bigots seem to turn out in larger number in those years.

  4. melvin says

    Living in Washington, it is truly bizarre to see us ahead, just this once, of the folks on the other side of the Columbia.

  5. Stefan says

    Because Oregon has a mail voting system, it’s much easier for our side to get a higher voter turnout on an off year.

  6. says

    oregon voters mail in their votes..so it CAN happen. But we really need to have virtually all LGBT in Oregon doing their part and contributing.