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Satan is Behind Gay Marriage, Author Argues: VIDEO


Author Christopher West, who speaks only in mysterious whispers, explains to Christian Broadcasting Network that the reason why same-sex marriage exists is because Satan is trying to use it to destroy hetero lovemaking (men's and women's bodies coming together) and block humanity from Jesus.

"This story is only revealed in the glory and beauty and mystery of the sexual difference. That's where we see the call to holy, life-giving communion. What we're losing, what we're risking, is when we don't live the sexual difference rightly that calls men and women to communion, what is ultimately at stake is we're not going to see the call to holy communion with Christ....Perhaps there is an enemy at work here. Put it this way. If the union of man and woman really is the revelation of Christ's love for the Church, then it would make sense that an enemy would want to attack the union of man and woman precisely to prevent us from entering the union of Christ and the Church."


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  1. My being married isn't preventing straights from getting it on. Stupid bloody argument.


    Posted by: Rich F. | Feb 22, 2013 11:33:02 AM

  2. Sooo...the way to Christ is through heterosex. Has West informed the RCC of this?

    Posted by: AggieCowboy | Feb 22, 2013 11:35:27 AM

  3. "OnKneesForJesus"....Really? A great logo for a religion of pedophile priest!

    Posted by: Get thee behind me Satan | Feb 22, 2013 11:46:36 AM

  4. My mother is rolling over in her grave! Sex was something dirty and nasty and should only be done if the purpose was to make a baby. Anything else was a horrible sin and shameful in the eyes of God.

    You can imagine what she thought of gay people! It brought me a perverse joy when I informed her that her favorite child (me) was one of those wicked gay creatures. Unfortunately, she went to her grave thinking that I was condemed to Everlasting Fire. If there is a God I trust that she has been informed of the error of her ways. Although the older I get the less I believe there is anything other than what we can see and touch, but who knows for sure.

    Posted by: Howard | Feb 22, 2013 11:54:15 AM

  5. Uh-huh. Get behind me, Satan!

    I think we all know what Mr West wants Satan to do once he's there.

    There is no way to be SO obsessed with gays and gay sex without it being really about yourself.

    Well, except for greed. Gays are still a good scare tactic for the Religious Right, those SCARY people out there who you must send them $$$$$ to defeat!

    Posted by: Caliban | Feb 22, 2013 12:01:26 PM

  6. It's fun to make up stuff. It's even more fun to make up stuff that's wrapped into a religious burrito of bizarre nonsense which gets some kind of emotional response.


    Posted by: johnny | Feb 22, 2013 12:03:39 PM

  7. Or perhaps the New Testament was using Heterosexual Marriage as a parable. Just like it used wheat, sheep, goats, pearls, coins, the story of a wayward child, water, and other things that were daily life in the first century. These people fight a modern understanding of sexuality like the Catholic Church fought the notion of a round Earth and, then the notion that the Earth revolves around the sun. It saw these as lies and heresy centuries ago.

    Posted by: Tom in Long Beach | Feb 22, 2013 12:08:30 PM

  8. Now, how exactly does gay marriage effect heterosexual marraige?

    Posted by: db | Feb 22, 2013 12:09:29 PM

  9. Religion is a warm blanket for weak minds.

    Who believes this fairly tale nonsense?

    Posted by: Mike in nyc | Feb 22, 2013 12:09:33 PM

  10. There logo brings a new meaning to: "Let the children cum to me!"

    Posted by: ;-) | Feb 22, 2013 12:20:53 PM

  11. He's just upset because he has gay face.

    Posted by: Andy | Feb 22, 2013 12:21:06 PM

  12. I just find it so funny that when these types of people talk about gay marriage, they just automatically think that once it starts, everyone is gonna go gay and there won't be heterosexual marriage any longer. Is their sexuality that fluid? Because mine isn't.

    Posted by: tc in bk | Feb 22, 2013 12:37:41 PM

  13. Is that a "666" I see scrawled in his forehead crease?

    Posted by: Michael Heynz | Feb 22, 2013 12:39:23 PM

  14. So.......heterosexual sex is what creates the union between Christ and the church? Then wouldn't it make sense to just not have any marriage at all? Everyone knows that once straight people get married they actually have less sex than they possibly could be having. We really should have a church that promotes sex so often that whenever a guy even thinks of jerking off he can instead have ready access to lady parts.

    I guess the most divine thing would be to just have big sex orgies right there in church, all day, every day. Huh, maybe the pagans had it right after all!

    Posted by: Stefan | Feb 22, 2013 12:47:41 PM

  15. Of course he is. Long live gay marriage and Satan.

    Posted by: jleo71 | Feb 22, 2013 12:54:35 PM

  16. So heterosexual people who do not marry the opposite sex but live a single, celibate life of their own free will are not going to be in communion with Christ?

    Posted by: Jack M | Feb 22, 2013 12:57:54 PM

  17. What tortured logic these people develop for no good purpose other than to make themselves feel superior to those they can't understand. Jesus wept.

    Posted by: Jacques | Feb 22, 2013 12:58:08 PM

  18. This psycho is looking for his 15 minutes and some $$$

    Posted by: oliver | Feb 22, 2013 1:09:04 PM

  19. Hmmmm, "On knees for Jesus".

    "Ephesians 5 is followed by Ephesians 6"; There is an inexorable logic to what he says, whatever it actually means.

    As for freedom from the compulsion to indulge,that he talks about, I remember feeling that once, at a midnight meeting of "Leprechauns For Jesus"........
    I was definitely free of the compulsion to indulge for Jesus.
    That was before I met my Cop Boyfriend pictured in today's Kenneth in 212.

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Feb 22, 2013 1:13:41 PM

  20. The theory that guys worried everyone's going to go gay are themselves bi seems to have some evidence backing it up. Why else would they think that?

    Posted by: anon | Feb 22, 2013 1:18:46 PM

  21. Too bad this "Christian" preacher/author/whatever hasn't been given "freedom from the compulsion to indulge" in his obviously unhealthy obsessions with the lives of others. He's almost like the Stasi guy in Das Leben der Anderen who ends up finding that the lives of the "subversives" he is supposed to monitor are so much more interesting than his own.

    Posted by: Bill | Feb 22, 2013 1:22:37 PM

  22. Some say that because the Holy Hocum crowd comment so much on gay sex they must be obsessed with it. Likewise about religion for all of us who keep bothering to comment on the pin heads who preach "the Gospel".

    Yet I have to say "mea culpa" because it is so miserable witnessing people so defile the joy of consciousness.

    Posted by: UFFDA | Feb 22, 2013 1:25:21 PM

  23. Essentially, Christopher West has turned Christianity into a sex cult, where salvation is contingent on either being born heterosexual, or on putting a penis in a vagina.

    This sex as salvation theology is actually what Paul criticizes in Romans 1, and the same thing that various OT passages that rebuke religious prostitution condemn.

    He rejects Christ as the means of salvation, rejects the death and resurrection of Christ, rejects 'justified by grace through faith' -

    simply so he can pretend that he is superior to homosexuals.

    Posted by: We are Here | Feb 22, 2013 1:28:03 PM

  24. shhh. in a whisper. only his jesus and christianity...shhhhh.

    Posted by: JEFF YORK | Feb 22, 2013 1:57:59 PM

  25. So, let me get this str8. Jesus f----s the church?

    Posted by: Bradley | Feb 22, 2013 2:50:49 PM

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