Satan is Behind Gay Marriage, Author Argues: VIDEO


Author Christopher West, who speaks only in mysterious whispers, explains to Christian Broadcasting Network that the reason why same-sex marriage exists is because Satan is trying to use it to destroy hetero lovemaking (men's and women's bodies coming together) and block humanity from Jesus.

"This story is only revealed in the glory and beauty and mystery of the sexual difference. That's where we see the call to holy, life-giving communion. What we're losing, what we're risking, is when we don't live the sexual difference rightly that calls men and women to communion, what is ultimately at stake is we're not going to see the call to holy communion with Christ....Perhaps there is an enemy at work here. Put it this way. If the union of man and woman really is the revelation of Christ's love for the Church, then it would make sense that an enemy would want to attack the union of man and woman precisely to prevent us from entering the union of Christ and the Church."