CNN Planning Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin Show?

Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin filmed a pilot yesterday at CNN, Deadline reports:

Griffin_cooperDetails about the hourlong project are sketchy, but I’ve learned that it had a lot of humor in it and filmed in front of a live audience — which I hear included new CNN topper Jeff Zucker. While it is unclear whether the project is definitely for CNN, Zucker has been looking to shake things up at the ratings-challenged cable news network by adding more mainstream entertainment fare. The annual New Year’s Eve pairing of Cooper and Griffin draws solid ratings and generates a lot of headlines with racy moments like Griffin getting up close and personal with Cooper’s private parts this year.

The pilot was reportedly shot at NYC's Time Warner Center.


  1. John Haracopos says

    I don’t understand this pairing of Anderson Cooper & Kathy Griffin, It’s not like they were good together on New Year’s Eve. I find Miss Griffin to be mean-spirited and quite unfunny! It just baffles me that Mr. Cooper would cheapen himself with this association.

  2. Michael says

    @Phoenix: Yes, I remember that. The only person worth watching on CNN is Soledad O’Brien because she has balls and doesn’t take crap from the “christian” wingnuts.

    @John: I think Kathy Griffin is a foul-mouth idiot, not at all funny. Anderson can’t be taken as a serious journalist anymore.

  3. excy says

    I understand that Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin are friends….but that does not necessarily mean this project will be successful. The results could be cringeworthy.
    Kathy Griffin’s attempts at going down on New Year’s Eve were frankly embarrasing. Lowest common denominator stuff, hardly mainstream entertainment.

  4. Caliban says

    I kind of liked their New Years shows together but I don’t know about a regular daytime show. For one thing the NY shows were done when Anderson Cooper was still in his “glass closet” and that added a little bit of tension to the whole thing, whether Kathy Griffin was going to say something that effectively outed him.

  5. Bollux says

    One of the best comeback lines ever was uttered on their trainwreck NYE show a couple of years back. Some drunk heckler is giving Kathy crap and she yells at top of her lungs, “Screw you, I’m working. I don’t come to *your* job and knock the dicks out of *your* mouth?” I’d watch these two fart in public anyday.

  6. Cd in DC says

    i think they should both go to the Today show in lieu of Matt and baby mama Natalie so Andy can look butch and Kathy can act all earnest and yearning like Ann Curry.

  7. disgusted american says

    well…..Im not one to really watch tv on New Years – but IF I do – I tune into Kathy and Anderson – they at least make it fun/unscripted…..

  8. Sam says

    I’d much rather see Anderson take over for Trebek at Jeopardy and Kathy keep her show on Bravo.

  9. says

    Now you’re talking. Kathy alone often gets to be ten tokes over the sleaze line, and Anderson alone is bland-generic-boring. Together they’re Potty Mouth and Miss Thing Go to Town.

  10. Billy says

    I think what people might have forgotten about Kathy is that she is actually INCREDIBLY intelligent. Randomly she was looking at properties in Miami (I think?) on her D-list show, and the landlord said the house used to be owned by Reagan, and Kathy launched into a vicious anti-Reagan tirade that was incredibly eloquent and really came from her heart. I think Kathy COULD make the Joy Behar-like transition to being a decent talk show host discussing real issues. It’s just whether or not she chooses to.

  11. Randy says

    Phoenix Justice is right. I miss the CNN from the early 90s. For that matter, I also miss Headline News. Remember that? HLN is so bad it’s not even a joke anymore.

    Griffin and Cooper at (at best) something for once a year. They’ve both had their 15 minutes, as far as I can tell.

  12. mike128 says

    This is the guy who wouldn’t come out because he wanted to be “taken seriously as a journalist”?

    That said, I LOVE Kathy – I think she should get a show, any show…. okay maybe not a news show… but she’s entertaining and on it.

  13. johnny says

    Have always been a huge fan of Kathy’s, but lately… I dunno.

    It seems like there’s this desperate gleam in her eye and she’s just trying WAY too hard and going for the lowest, sleaziest and cheapest of laughs. She is extremely smart, so it’s kind of sad to see her turning ever-so-slowly into a dirty parody of Joan Rivers.

    Kathy, please raise the bar.

  14. says

    Well, isn’t this interesting. I guess since Time Warner dumped Anderson and his syndicated show on the NBC owned-and-operated stations that he had to go down this path. Meanwhile, I cannot be bothered with these 2 anymore because it is just cheap laughs now. I want something that is actually thought-provoking like the View used to be.

  15. kim says

    Kathy Griffin ? Loud, obnoxious, rude and cruel ? The polar opposite of Anderson Cooper. Don’t do it.

  16. Daniel Appleton (@WillyAdama) says

    This unfunny ” comedienne ” should be painted purple & dropped into N. Korea, Pakistan, or some of the Al Qaeda strongholds in Iraq. See if she can hold her obnoxious tongue then.