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CPAC Attendees Blast Sen. Portman For Loving His Gay Son: VIDEO


While we're on the subject of CPAC and closed minds, ThinkProgress made the rounds at the conservative con-fab yesterday to gauge attendees' reaction to news that GOP Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio supports marriage equality because he wants his gay son to have the same rights as heterosexual couples.

So, what was the reaction? Not good. One man, a pastor, even said the Senator should "quit being so selfish as to only think about his son." Because, you know, restricting an entire population's rights because of personal religious beliefs is so selfless. And grown men dressed like 18th Century colonists make great moral guides.

Watch the clip AFTER THE JUMP.

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  1. Look, it's great news that Portman finally came would have been better if he had this stance all along, oh I don't know, because he is a person who has the power to restrict an entire population's rights because of personal religious beliefs and doing that was bigoted and hateful?

    He only changed his mind when it became personal for him. Well guess what bud? It's personal for me and many other people. Always has been.

    Posted by: beef and fur | Mar 16, 2013 12:59:20 PM

  2. One jaw-dropping comment after the next. From the minister who doesn't believe in the Golden Rule to the woman who wants everyone back in the closet. But the dark-haired guy at 2:25 wins the Ken Mehlman Award.

    Posted by: gr8guyca | Mar 16, 2013 1:05:32 PM

  3. @Beef and Fur:

    Hope you have never made a mistake in your life that you only realized after it came back to haunt you... Gotta practice what you preach.

    Also, would you rather have Portman's support or delay vindication of your rights? If your "personal" beef is more important to you than your rights, then you don't deserve them. Let us know your name so you can be excluded specifically from any rights the rest of us win back.

    Posted by: Jack | Mar 16, 2013 1:23:27 PM

  4. @Jack Oh, I forgot, this it Towleroad. I have to believe what everybody else thinks. Can't have an individual opinion. STFU Jack and go back in your closet.

    Posted by: beef and fur | Mar 16, 2013 1:43:34 PM

  5. I can't wait until Little Kiwi, Ratbastard, Derek, the Ricks and the other Towleroad Misfits come in here and tell me how to think too. Maybe I'll go make some popcorn.

    But just in case you are wasting your time carefully crafting your reply, let me make MY opinion clear again.

    Portman only took this stance when it became personal and self serving for him. Until then he was more than happy to keep LGBT folks in the back of the bus. I have no intention of kissing his feet for his "brave" change of heart.

    Welcome to the 21st Century, Mr. Portman. Now, what will he do with his epiphany? I'll be over here waiting for real changes other than the atmosphere at the Portman family Thanksgiving dinner.

    Posted by: beef and fur | Mar 16, 2013 2:00:43 PM

  6. These comments made by the people in this video are deplorable and pure hate.

    Posted by: Richard | Mar 16, 2013 2:02:30 PM

  7. This is why homophobia needs to be acknowledged with a national discussion in our country. Watch this video. It is sickening what is displayed here. No other demographic would have their youth exposed to such hate without major media backlash. Yet this form of bigotry towards gays has become so common place that the media doesn't even report it.
    That's the kind of homophobia we deal with in this nation.

    Posted by: Cali Greg | Mar 16, 2013 2:04:26 PM

  8. These monsters are vile. This just makes me more proud to be a member of our community.

    Posted by: 2 Dads | Mar 16, 2013 2:05:05 PM

  9. Beef and fur, YOU are hardly qualified to talk about LGBT issues with your comment history. You hardly care about the gay community with your gross past offensive commentary you clown.You are a shark in a gold fish costume and your agenda is clear on here. We're not dumb, we know the calculating motives of your type.

    Posted by: Gio | Mar 16, 2013 2:07:57 PM

  10. I'm a product of the 1950's also and i remember the that old cow she was fat and ugly in high school too.

    Posted by: daeds | Mar 16, 2013 2:08:31 PM

  11. @ beef and fur
    Interesting how you twisted this story about vile homophobes and attempted to adjust the conversation to blaming an ally of ours. You didn't want to combat the clear expressed homophobia in the video display above (because you have never actually combated homophobia before) but do seem very, very hyped up and angry over a man who has said he is now an ally. Lol could you be more obvious? You're not even a good troll.

    Posted by: Duration & Convexity | Mar 16, 2013 2:10:20 PM

  12. Guys, ignore beef & fur. He always makes comments that either target the gay community or anyone who comes out in favor of us. He's M.O is clear as day, all while he so eagerly pretends to care. People like him like to divide and conquer. They want to question the motives of every LGBT ally as a means to weaken our community. I've dealt with his type. They think they are dry coy. You'll also never see them actually tackle a prominent homophobe. Oh no, they'll let that go ignored in place of belittling comments against the LGBT community or doubting the integrity of an ally.

    Been there, down that, know the motives.

    Posted by: Alex Mendoza | Mar 16, 2013 2:13:58 PM

  13. Blah, blah, blah. Just typical Towleroad bullies no better than the thugs in the video. He's had two years to "evolve". Call me when something significant changes other than the seating arrangements at the Portman family Thanksgiving dinner.

    Posted by: beef and fur | Mar 16, 2013 2:15:51 PM

  14. beef and fur; did you see the hate speech in the video? Yeah, we got your extreme anger on a man who supports his gay son, supports gay people and supports gay marriage. But uhm, where's your response to the lovely folks in this vid?

    Misdirected anger is cute!

    Posted by: Scott J. | Mar 16, 2013 2:16:03 PM

  15. The people in this video are the reason why EVERY LGBT owes it to themselves and all other LGBT to get out there and get involved in our rights and our movement. If we don't these people will keep mandating laws with their votes and ignorance. Change hate, by doing your part and being involved.

    Posted by: Joon | Mar 16, 2013 2:17:41 PM

  16. @Scott J

    The folks in the video are no better than the thugs on Towleroad. Just a different forum.

    Posted by: beef and fur | Mar 16, 2013 2:17:50 PM

  17. beef & fur: STFU. This thread is about people who'd penalize and destroy the lives of their gay child. THAT to me is far worse than a man who previously was flawed on our issues but has enough growth in his heart and mind to publically embrace his gay son. I agree with another commentator, people like you have misdirected anger but you already know that, and deep down inside don't really care about gay rights, your issue with Portman is something else.

    Posted by: Leo | Mar 16, 2013 2:20:13 PM

  18. I guess I should just cut and paste all the comments in the Ari Waldman post that say the same thing, or are all of you busy boys over there attacking them as well?

    People have different opinions. Get over it, get a life and move on.

    Posted by: beef and fur | Mar 16, 2013 2:23:41 PM

  19. Beef & fur, that you compared the hate, prejudice, and discrimination promoted In that video which is in direct correlation with the murders of gay people, suicides of gay youth, to getting your feelings hurt because people responded to your public comments on a public forum is proof positive you are not who you say you are. You are mentally sick, get help.

    Posted by: Micthell | Mar 16, 2013 2:25:04 PM

  20. @ beef and fur, you must be a conservative. The way you turned strangers disagreeing with you on a message board to become the victim of bullying is the exact martyrdom adopted by your anti-gay conservative ilk. You all resent the gay community ever challenging your nonsense and when we do, you go into knee jerk reaction mode of play martyr, victim and equating the gay community to the most hateful bigots around. You are not fooling a single poster above. I'm glad the trolls are being exposed for what they are.

    Posted by: Trees4Darkness | Mar 16, 2013 2:27:50 PM

  21. @Mitchell

    Thank you for worrying about me. My feelings aren't hurt. But it's the same vitriol behind the comments in the video that drives the comments here when someone doesn't agree with the party line.

    Posted by: beef and fur | Mar 16, 2013 2:28:25 PM

  22. @beer and fur

    For someone who likes to present himself as someone who is confident in his opinions you seem to have a major inferiority complex. So what if someone disagrees with you? If you can't take it, don't post.

    As far as Mr. Portman goes, I read that it took him more than 2 years for him to accept his son and change his position. It's not like it was over night and only until if affected him personally. Perhaps if everyone were to come out and more people were confronted with the fact that they too know someone gay, more would be open to changing their position as well.

    Posted by: Gigi | Mar 16, 2013 2:28:51 PM

  23. "Senator Portman may not start screaming into megaphones at Freedom to Marry rallies, but he will balk at the hate his Party leadership has shown and still shows toward gays."

    He will? How do you know this?

    Posted by: Shane | Mar 15, 2013 8:13:55 PM

    Posted by: beef and fur | Mar 16, 2013 2:30:52 PM

  24. And if his son wasn't gay? Would he have just stuck with his support for DOMA until it was politically expedient not to? What about all the other people he represents who are LGBT-identifying folks who also want to have access to marriage equality? Were their lives and struggles not good enough?

    I'm sure more privileged folks are going to balk at us for not being overjoyed about this, but I guess I'm just an ungrateful queer who would rather have no allies at all that an ally whose prone to doing the "right" thing only when it personally affects him or his family. You know, in the way privilege works. Was he really that distanced from the whole backlash against queer folks that he didn't even think about how DOMA really impacted the lives of people way before he knew his son was gay?

    Forgive me if I don't feel obliged to thank Senator Portman for his support of marriage equality, especially since he didn't feel obliged to protect the rights of all Americans, naturalized and non-immigrant or otherwise, when he cosponsored DOMA. And don't tell me I shouldn't expect more from a Senator. There are a ton of other people who would do his job a thousand times better given the chance.

    Posted by: Jesus | Mar 15, 2013 8:39:37 PM

    Posted by: beef and fur | Mar 16, 2013 2:31:11 PM

  25. To Rob Portman and his ilk (other Republican's who have recently come out in support of gay marriage), how many have you hurt over the years with your words and actions? This sudden 'revelation' does not and will not give you a free pass. I truly hope that history has recorded all the hate & bigotry that has emerged from these Republicans so they, and their family/ancestors can someday look back and see the hate they professed, and denounce them and their actions, the same as George Wallace's daughter has.

    Posted by: CB | Mar 15, 2013 8:49:15 PM

    Posted by: beef and fur | Mar 16, 2013 2:31:25 PM

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