Dutch Lesbian Couple Hides As Foster Son’s Turkish Parents Demand Return

TCustody2There may be an international incident brewing in The Hague, Netherlands, where a lesbian couple raising a Turkish foster son have gone into hiding to avoid returning the son to the biological parents from whose care he was ordered removed (pictured).

According to NPR, the 9 year-old boy, Yunus, was a baby living in The Netherlands with his Turkey-born parents when child services removed him from their care. Two other children were also meant to be removed but the parents took them back to Turkey before child services could intervene.

Now, as Turkish politicians rally against the concept of same-sex parents raising Muslim children, Yunus' parents are calling for his return, a call that comes just as Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan prepares for an official trip to The Netherlands.

While hardliners back home want Erdogan to fight for Yunus' return, his government doesn't really want to get involved, particularly because Yunus' placement with the couple was an official child service's decision. From NPR:

Lodewijk Asscher, the Dutch vice prime minister, told reporters Friday that the issue is an internal Dutch matter and that political interference from Turkey is "inappropriate."

Child social services in The Hague said there was no specific threat against Yunus or his foster parents, but he has been kept home from school as a precaution since the interview aired.

The Hague Youth Services Agency has decided it is better for Yunus and his foster parents "to stay at another address for a time, partly in connection with the visit of the prime minister next week," spokeswoman Tanja van Dijk said in a telephone interview with national broadcaster NOS. "For safety, and also because of the quiet that both Yunus and his foster parents of course now need."

Asscher also praised the lesbian couple for raising a child that was "in danger" in his biological parents' care. "People who are willing to take care of somebody else's child deserve our admiration," he said.


  1. Pyre says

    As Richard Dawkins says, there is no such thing as Muslim children, or Christian children, or Jewish children, etc. There are only the children of Muslim, or Christian, or Jewish parents. For even a nine year old to have a personal and conscientious religious identity is a bit of a stretch.

  2. Ryan says

    while I’m not exactly a huge fan of religous indoctrination of kids, I’m not a huge fan of child stealing, either… and oftens states can be too quick to remove kids from parents, and too late to send them back, doubly so with minorities. I’d have to know more about the details… but the kid should almost certainly be returned… this almost smacks of elian gonzales, but even worse, since it’s two parents trying to get their kid back.

    my grandmother was dirt poor when my mother was young, having had seven kids and a lousy husband (Irish Catholic, what can ya say?). a “friend” offered to help by taking that youngest for a few months after said husband left and my grandmother had no child support and her only job was as a bus driver. that “friend” tried to steal my aunt and it took years and years to get her daughter back, greatly adding to the family trauma.

    my aunt didn’t even know she had a different family until… by extreme happenstance… she went to the same catholic elementary school as my mother… which is one of the reasons she finally was returned, in the end.

  3. Grover Underwood says

    so the child was removed from the parents under Dutch law and then the parents fled Holland to prevent their other two children from being removed from them under Dutch law

    sounds like the parents need to be locked up under Dutch law

  4. David Hearne says

    If these Euro countries weren’t allowing the Muslims to Green March them, this would not be an issue. Give the kid back to his parents and deport the lot of them.

  5. bambinoitalianoba says

    Towleroad has nothing to do with trolls of the internet. It’s the downside of democracy and technology advancement. Anyone with a brain fart is allow to purge the gas out of his/her head.

  6. Steve P says

    Hmmm… The actual NPR article says that part of the reason the baby was originally taken was because the mother “accidentally dropped the child from a poorly fastened carrying bag once.” Those were the bio-mother’s words. I can see that as a viable explanation, but I can also see it as a cover for beating a crying baby.

    Bottom line, not enough information to make a determination either way.

  7. Steve P says

    I just asked a friend of mine about this who is originality from Holland, and she pointed something out no one has yet. The child was taken away, as a baby, EIGHT YEARS AGO. Why are the birth parents choosing now to fight for their child? Something smells fishy.

  8. andy says

    And still useful idiot gay people will defend Muslims who want them dead. When will the uber liberal gays realize that the enemy of your enemy isn’t always your friend.

  9. Jens says

    My opinion: The mother of Yunus wants him back and does everything to reach this goal. This includes the playing of the religious card. It seems that all her other measures were futile.

    Erdogan on the other hand uses the case to impress his voters and conservative Turkish expats by personating the highest-ranking advocate of Turkish traditions and culture.

    My conclusion: Little Yunus seems to be a victim of both his biological mother and Turkish domestic policy.

    BTW: In my experience, neither the Netherlands nor any other western state I know of separate children from their parents easily. The reason: Such a process is is very expensive! For example, the biological parents have to be counseled (this is required by law). Sometimes a lawsuit has to be fought against them. The adoptive parents have to be reviewed, selected and later controlled. In the meantime, the child is blocking an expensive place in a children’s home.

  10. says

    Here is the most informed article on this:
    “At issue is that the AKP regime feels sacred values[Islam, Turkishness] that uphold Turkish identity are being violated. One of the few Turkish colonists in Europe who actually fostered children, Nejla Buran, sums up the concern: “I think [children] are way happier if they are placed in Turkish families, who speak their language, cook meals like their mother does.”[6] This whole fiasco is because in the bigoted Turkish mind, the issue is not over who is a better parent than the abusive Turkish families, but who is a more Turkish parent. According to a poll by the Reputation Institute, Turks have the biggest gap between their self reported, self-image and their global score(what other parties think of their nation).[7] Within their own sociology Turks associate Turkishness with goodness. A famous slogan of their eternal, fascist leader, Ataturk, that is oft repeated goes: “A Turk is equal to all the world.””[8]

    Basically none of the unprofessional Turkish media or their AKP bigot politicians seem to care much about the treatment of the actual child, Yunus. It is just pure bigotry from their side. The reporting is narrowly focused on the alleged crime of raising him without Turks or Islam, by a Haraam lesbian couple!

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