Freddie Mercury And Princess Diana Allegedly Partied At Gay Club

And Diana was apparently decked out in drag.

British comedy actress Cleo Rocos describes in her new book how she and Freddie Mercury dressed Princess Diana up as a man one night and brought her, undetected, to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, a well-known gay bar in London. She apparently had a blast.

The AFP reports:

600full-princess-dianaComedian Cleo Rocos describes in her book "The Power of Positive Drinking" how she, Mercury and fellow comedian Kenny Everett dressed Diana in an army jacket, cap and sunglasses for a night out at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, south London, in the late 1980s.

"When we walked in… we felt she was obviously Princess Diana and would be discovered at any minute. But people just seemed to blank her. She sort of disappeared. But she loved it," said Rocos, who co-starred in Everett's television show.

She said she did not know whether Diana was propositioned in the bar in her guise as a male model, but added: "She did look like a beautiful young man." The presence of Mercury, Everett and Rocos diverted revellers' attention and Diana was able to order drinks undetected, Rocos recalled.

Parts of Rocos' book are being printed in The Sunday Times. Read the full entry about Diana's night out here.


  1. Tone says

    It’s easy to write a tell all book when the celebrities you are tattling on are deceased.

    I’m sure if this is true that the Princess Diana had a wonderful time and everyone around her did too. Still it seems rather louche to be disclosing such information.

    Even more than a decade after her untimely death the Queen of People’s Hearts still cannot escape tabloid gossip.

  2. Graphicjack says

    Oh chill out, people… It’s a fun story of everyone going to gay bar… It’s hardly a scandalous story. It’s not like they said, Diana picked up a lipstick lesbian in her man drag and ate her out on the dance floor. This is not going to tarnish the reputation of your precious Queen of Hearts… It only shows that she had a sense of humour and adventure, and she probably enjoyed being anonymous for once. I’ve never really cared much for her… I always thought she was a pretty airhead who married well, and who admittedly did some good things with her life afterwards, but this makes me think she might actually have been someone fun… At least a bit.

  3. peterparker says

    I don’t believe for an instant that Diana would have been *able* to slip away from her security detail for a night on the town with a few celebs. Not believable at all.

  4. Paul R says

    What’s so hard to believe? Famous people do go outside. I’m sure that if the story is true, security was right behind her. She liked gays. This doesn’t seem extraordinary to me, just fun.

    Famous people sometimes like to get away from being famous. It’s not that hard to do.

  5. Duration & Convexity says

    I’m probably the most invested and unwavering Princess Diana fan you’ll ever meet and I not only fully believe this story, but having read more books on Princess Dai than most people have read of any subject in their life, I can confirm she did indeed visit gay clubs and was indeed friends with Mercury. Princess Diana on more than a few occasions has said how fond she was of not only socializing with gay men but socializing in gay settings with gay men. She was not as reserved as people think her public persona was. She was light hearted, fun loving and enjoyed a good time with friends in private.

  6. Lee says

    Huh? why is this not believable. It’s known Princess Diana went to gay bars with friends. She did so without it even being hidden on some occasions. Are we so accustomed to GOP and conservatives around us that we don’t realize there were very unapologetic gay friendly public figures in society not long ago?

  7. Jordan says

    I believe it. Her and Freddie adored each other, and if ANYONE knew anything about Freddie’s personality they’d know this is EXACTLY something he’d do.

  8. Rio says

    Some posters on here are always so bitter and cynical. Evrything. You post an Anderson Cooper story about a cute segment about pets on his show and they go into tirades against Anderson, the gay community, life, the world. Everything is questioned with negativity.

  9. GB says

    I partied with Freddie Mercury in Boston. We were all sitting around and I hardly recognized him, but found him cute, but quiet. I was too taken with newscaster Pat Mitchell. It was the time when Elaine Noble became the first lesbian State Representative. I also got to meet Lily Tomlin at the time, and attend a party with a shirtless Rita Mae Brown.. I was about 20. Elaine’s victory was historic, but could only have occurred in Massachusetts. My ahead of his time friend Joseph worked on her campaign. The entire decade was pretty electric for me.

  10. Jake says

    I’ve heard this before. I think Cleo said it during one of the many reality TV shows she’s done in Britain. It doesn’t surprise me. Diana was friends with the most famous gay men of her day. I didn’t know it was The RVT though.

  11. says

    It has been a royal “thing” for ages, for centuries in fact, to go out in public incognito. There was nothing wrong with it. Diana was young, she enjoyed having fun and I’m sure she had more fun when she wasn’t recognized by lots of people. It gave her a little privacy she would not otherwise have had.

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