1. Don says

    Great message and thanks, Hillary. However…pronouncements like these mean so much more when the people who make them actually have something to lose. Waiting until you’re out of office (or retired from your pro sport, or whatever) diminishes the impact. But again, thanks, Hill.

  2. bkmn says

    Waiting for screaming press releases from Brian Brown, Bryan Fischer, Tony Perkins, et al in 3…2….1….

  3. Jack says

    @Don: A compliment with a “but” attached to it is not a compliment. And she was in office when she said many of these exact same things.

  4. daftpunkydavid says

    not to take anything from your point, don, but she was secretary of state, so i don’t think it applies to her (note: sure, she could have done this while senator or running for president).

  5. Preludes says

    Thank you Don. Exactly what I was going to write.

    I understand the role of Secretary of State precludes getting involved the domestic political debate. But she could of done this in 2004, 2006, 2008, or of course back in the 90s when they signed the defense of marriage act.

    I did not like seeing Barack Obama hold a fundraiser with wealthy gay donors two weeks after he came out in support of gay marriage. I hope Hillary doesn’t do the same thing. And I hope she won’t try and portray herself as some champion of gay rights in speeches (Unless of course she does actually do some championing).

    I hope she runs. I will be voting for her. I’m glad she’s done this. But let’s not give any more credit than she deserves.

  6. Ozu says

    While some will say too little too late, in her defense there’s not much she could do in the past four years. As secretary of state she could not take political positions. It’s different from other cabinet posts in that the secretary is supposed above the political fray. For instance it would have been illegal for her even attend Democratic Convention much less give a speech there.

  7. Rob says

    Also @Don – & unless I missed her decision, she has not ruled out a run for the presidency in 2016, or for any other office for that matter. She does indeed have something to lose.

    I wish we weren’t so snarky with allies. Maybe we could try to accept the expressions of support withut carping about how they are flawed. Everything is flawed and imperfect.

  8. MaryM says

    I really like Hillary Clinton and I fervently hope she does NOT run for Presidency in 2016.

    In a country of 310,000,000 the US does NOT need dynastic political families. The Bushes, Clintons; Kennedys etc need to be consigned to the dustbin of history.

  9. FancyPants says

    Dear god, the speed with which fellow homos are quick to condemn anyone who comes out in support of our equality as too little, too late amazes me. Do you want support or not? Every voice coming out in support is another that drowns out the opposition.

    If you have nothing nice to say, do everyone a favor and shut your mouth. I’d prefer encouraging people who have yet to voice their support to do so rather than make them wonder why they’d bother when those they are trying to help don’t seem very welcoming of the support.

  10. Preludes says

    @ Fancy Pants and Rob. They aren’t our allies if their support is tepid and conditional and done out of necessity.

    The victories for gay marriage have been won in the courts and slowly in public opinion polls due to the work of hard nosed activists and crowds of gay Americans and our supporters….NOT by Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. No one here is being bitchy by receiving this video with skepticism.

  11. rustytrawler says

    This is hardly the first time she’s stood up for gay rights.

    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks to the National Prayer Breakfast yesterday regarding the U.S. obligation to deter genocide and human-rights violations against the LGBT people of Uganda.

    Clinton hails gay rights activists in wary Uganda

    Hillary Clinton’s LGBT rights speech to the UN

  12. says

    This isn’t surprising news, but it’s good news. To keep moving forward we need to keep our eye on the present and the future. She may not be in office at the moment, but her power is not diminished. Her support is valuable to us, and that is what matters.

  13. Patric says

    “Also @Don – & unless I missed her decision, she has not ruled out a run for the presidency in 2016, or for any other office for that matter. She does indeed have something to lose.”

    I don’t know whether she intends to run in 2016 or not but, let’s be serious, if she does she not only has nothing to lose from announcing her support for marriage equality; it is indeed a political necessity. As Govs. Cuomo and O’Malley and Vice President Biden and others recognize, no one will have a shot at the 2016 Dem presidential nomination without supporting marriage equality. Based on what we saw during last year’s presidential election and the trendlines in polling, support for equality is likely to be a plus in the general election as well. So while I agree that we can welcome the Secretary’s support, let’s not pretend that there’s even the slightest possibility that it might come with any political risk to her.

  14. Cburg says

    Hillary has REPEATEDLY been outspoken about her support for gay rights, I mean she even says so in the first 5 seconds so this is hardly news. Typical moaning gays I swear…

    It’s also really inaccurate to tag this video as “MUST-WATCH: Hillary Clinton finally comes out for marriage equality.”

    All that being said, another video of her support for equal rights is nothing to be sniffed at. She is a fantastic human rights advocate and ally.

  15. Jack M says

    The people that like her will always like her, and the ones that hate her will always hate her, so she really has nothing to lose.

  16. Jim says

    There is no reason not to criticize Hillary Clinton. She is late to the game just like her husband. I’m not sure I trust the ….me too….issue here. About a decade ago I saw a TV interview with Hillary and Elizabeth Warren (who new then about EW) regarding the impending changes to the federal bankruptcy laws. Elizabeth Warren desperately tried to inform Mrs. Clinton what changing the bankruptcy laws would do to the ‘little guy'; and how the banks would be the ultimate winners if the laws were changed. Mrs. Clinton agreed that changing the laws would be a negative issue for the general public, etc., etc.. Later she realized her funding from the big banks towards her Senatorial campaign in NY state would be cut off if she voted against the new bankruptcy laws. She threw everyone under the bus and voted for the new laws. Along came 2007 & 2008 and we have seen how the new bankruptcy laws have aided the banks in their foreclosure schemes. Basically Hillary Clinton in a very subtle way handed Elizabeth Warren her political career because of that one vote she made. I realize all politicians manipulate and bargain through out there careers but wonder what the manipulation will be this time.

  17. AJ says

    I really can’t wrap my head around the folks trashing her for this brilliant, articulate message. There is no such thing as too little, too late. Rob Portman comes out for marriage equality because of a personal experience with a member of his family, enraging those in his party. He gets trashed for only supporting equality because it hit too close to home. How many normal, non-political families have had that exact same experience? Hillary just finished traveling the world for four years, witnessing firsthand atrocious human rights violations and not being able to do much about it. I don’t think anybody would be able to witness what she has witnessed and not come out of it with a profound feeling that all humans should be treated equally. That being said, with a majority of Americans supporting marriage equality now, why do you think it impossible that she’s one of the majority and instead she’s just doing it to score political points? Anyone that speaks in support of equality, whether at a dinner table, a school, or in a national platform should be thanked, regardless of why you think they’re supporting it. Anger and criticism should be saved for those that speak against equality.

  18. candideinnc says

    Hilary initiated gay friendly rules for the State Department the moment she became Secretary of State. She has been a vocal advocate for GLBT at the UN. She has made numerous statements over the last ten years in support of gay issues. Some of you haven’t been paying attention

  19. Francis says

    I agree with some here, it would be nice to see someone triumphantly state they are for marriage equality while in office or running for office, and not be pressured into it or do so when they leave. But President Obama has come out for equality and the White House is doing it’s job in seeing to it that DOMA/Prop 8 is repealed. Things are getting better on that front, slowly, but surely. Politicians know that the tide is turning on LGBT rights in general.

    Unfortunately, as we’ve seen in several states this year, supporting marriage equality and actually pushing on gay rights while IN office is a different matter entirely. Being voraciously anti-gay may not be accepted anymore but most legislators aren’t going to fight for us, either. Like Rob Portman, they have a backstory for why they support marriage equality but don’t really care about our community off of that. They’re not allies. An ally takes a stand for our rights and fights with us, and for us. We need more true allies, not apathetic “I don’t care if you’re gay/who marries who/etc.” types. We need more people who care.

    FWIW, Hillary I think fits that category, her 2011 UN speech is not forgotten by me and shouldn’t be by others. She’s our friend. Hopefully she runs in ’16.

  20. FancyPants says

    Tepid, conditional, done out of necessity? Exactly how does that apply to Hillary? There’s absolutely nothing tepid about this (or her support for gay rights as Secretary of States, which by the way encompass far more than marriage equality, particularly in other parts of the world). There’s nothing conditional here. She has nothing to lose by doing this, but she also would have no reason to do it were it not truly how she felt about this issue.

    I’m just sick of the skepticism. And even if the skepticism is warranted, her doing this is far more useful than not. So why complain about it? At least she didn’t say she’d evolved on the issue like every other politician (including her husband) who have taken contrary stands on the issue.

    And I do not think it would be a requirement for the next Democratic presidential candidate to come out in support of marriage equality to win the nomination. Just because 58% of Americans support it does not mean it dictates who they vote for. I think it is inevitable they will since the party has actively embraced the platform for it. But I also think most of them who would run support it and have supported it in the past.

    While I certainly think rights are not something we have to ask for, does it hurt at all to be a little thankful to people for using their influence and their voice to speak out for us? Face it, anyoen who comes out for marriage equality from today forward is always going to be late to the table. But does that mean they should keep quiet?

    Everyone thinks this issue will be resolved soon and quickly in the courts. There is no guarantee, and frankly it is very unlikely, marriage equality will be ruled by the Court to be a fundamental right and therefore something states cannot constitutionally define so as to exclude gay couples. At best, DOMA is overturned and gay couples where married receive federal benefits. That still leave about 40 states where gays cannot. If people think this fight is really over, they have apparently never been to Alabama.

    We need all the support we can get. And we shouldn’t condemn those who from this moment on decide to lend their voices and influence.

  21. Patric says

    “And I do not think it would be a requirement for the next Democratic presidential candidate to come out in support of marriage equality to win the nomination.”

    Good luck managing the campaign of Joe Manchin for the 2016 Dem Presidential nomination. The poll whose numbers you cite places support for marriage equality at 72% among Dems and, if anything, the significant players in the primary process on each side, when it comes to financing a campaign and turning out votes, are people who are more committed on this issue than mainstream voters. It most certainly is a requirement that the next Dem nominee support marriage equality and, whether you recognize that or not, Govs. Cuomo and O’Malley, Vice President Biden and Secretary Clinton all most certainly do.

  22. beef and fur says

    SMH at the comments giving Hillary a big, yawning “meh” and some of them from the same people whose adult diapers became absolutely shredded at the thought of Rob Portman’s “evolution” being less than altruistic.

  23. Michaelandfred says

    So easy to forget in all the back and forth…

    No Democratic candidate would be able to run in 2016 who hasn’t fully supported marriage equality. Seriously, roll that around in your head for a second. Let that sink in. How fast and far we’ve come. Incredible.

    Hillary hit the ground running as soon as she arrived at the State Department and started changing as many things as she had it in her power to change. As Sec. of State she couldn’t have come out in support before Obama did without creating huge problems in foreign policy. She could only go as far as the administration was willing to go.

    I’ll vote for her.

  24. jd says

    A Hillary Clinton presidency would likely be a great thing for LGBT people around the world. She is one of the very, very few Americans who “gets” how things work on the ground globally. Between her and Foster Friess’s recent comments, I’m really beginning to see hope that the west will force the issue of human rights around the world.

    By the way – I understand that Friess is a Republican and harmful on the marriage issue at home, but his comments about the safety of LGBT people abroad really should have seen coverage here. It’s an incredibly important issue and when Rick Santorum’s money man is on our side, we can and should push for action.

  25. scollingsworth says

    I’m glad Hillary came out finally in favor of marriage equality. I remember 13 years ago, writing her a letter when she defended being against marriage equality by saying she believed in a “historic definition” of marriage, asking her which historic definition she’d like to go back to, the one that says she is the property of her husband? Hillary is no longer a Senator. She’s no longer Secretary of State. She only risks anything by doing this if you assume she’s going to run for President. Even then, Obama has shown it’s not that big of a risk. She didn’t LEAD her constituents on this, she followed them. Portman is from a state not nearly as progressive as Hillary. He’s still in office. He has much more to risk and is LEADING his state on this issue. We are chastising him because he has proven what we’ve said all along? That it’s much harder to hate us when you know us personally? That’s one of the main reasons we come out! It took Portman 2 years from the time his son came out to him for him to support marriage equality. Hillary has taken over 20 years… maybe it wouldn’t have taken her quite so long if she had a child who was gay or lesbian. Maybe it’s because I don’t expect much from Republicans and expect more from Progressives, but I say thank you Rob Portman. I also say thank you Hillary Clinton and would like to add, it’s about time,and should you decide to run for President, I will support you and campaign for you.

  26. andrew says

    Thank you Hillary, but I think that you and Biden are too old to run for president in 2016. I have voted for both of you in the past, in either primary or general elections and will vote for either of you should one of you become the Democratic Party nominee. However I think the party should be looking at some of the younger progressive governors to lead the party in 2016.

  27. UFFDA says

    What amazes and surprises me to note of Hilary’s supportive speech is that I myself would not have had the nerve to give it, at least not without the support she had to do so. I don’t naturally want to get into confrontations with Muslims, for instance, Muslim leaders no less – or Christian ones for that matter – and have to defend something they so wholely despise. This means I am both a coward and not a leader on this subject. I just want to slide by, out in my personal life, but not confrontational with anyone.

    So I accept myself in this matter, read all the comments, learn about the issues and as I do I think I find that slowly I am becoming a little more outspoken and revealing of myself where it is not necessarily called for. That’s progress of a kind, but within I so overwhelmingly rejoice over the marriage videos and the positive news and views of gay people that a huge jubilation grows in my heart, and also, right out my mouth. Every day is getting better.

  28. says

    While some will say too little too late, in her defense there’s not much she could do in the past four years. As secretary of state she could not take political positions. It’s different from other cabinet posts in that the secretary is supposed above the political fray. For instance it would have been illegal for her even attend Democratic Convention much less give a speech there.

    Posted by: Ozu | Mar 18, 2013 11:17:27 AM

    Ozu WRONG! Personally I support Hillary. But the LGBTQ Community VILIFIED Pres Obama when he did not endorse it when they wanted him too. I won’t go into the name calling he got from this community via this very blog here amongst others gay blogs.

    While they sat with bated breath waiting on Hillary tp endorse Gay Marriage she was MUM! But in 2010 as Sec of State she still WOULD NOT endorse Gay Marriage. Don’t believe me? Watch this specifically at the 2:46 mark. and hear it for yourself.
    Yeah she said that as Sec of State

    However, Thanks Hillary you do have my support for POTUS in 2016 but its about time! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  29. millerbeach says

    Thank you, Hillary. Thank you very much. It is appreciated, and will be remembered in 2016. Thanks again, Hillary.

  30. Wimp says

    Too late now Hill. Barack was a step ahead of you and came out for marriage equality when he actually had something to lose.

  31. Ha! says

    Such pandering malarkey. Do you actually believe her? All bases must be covered prior to another presidential run. Immigration reform will be the next statement..