1. Mike in the tundra says

    Perhaps Debbie should have had Eddie neutered before letting him out of the house.

  2. Jeff M. says

    haha… that’s awesome. I do I.T. for the LA Phil, and the Hollywood Bowl is our summer venue. I’ll have to send a link of this video to our archivist. :)

  3. gr8guyca says

    @ Matt26: I don’t think Hollywood was ever magical. Except that it made lots of money disappear.

  4. Dr.Theopolis says

    so incredibly sexist – not to mention self evident. “This is a girl.” “Be sure there’s something to step out on” (in reference to disembarking the copter).

  5. Frank says

    The past always appears so idyllic. Today, when viewed in the future, might not be so fortunate. It will be viewed as a time of unjust violence. We’re blind to it now.

  6. rodger says

    The narrator is Bob Crane in his radio days, before he did the 60s TV show Hogan’s Heroes. If you’ve seen the movie Autofocus, you’ll know he was fairly kinky.