Lech Walesa Won’t Face Hate Crime Charge for Anti-Gay Remarks

Former Polish President Lech Walesa won't be charged with a hate crime for saying gay lawmakers have no right to sit on the front benches in Parliament, calling them a minority who should be "behind a wall."

WalesaThe AP reports:

[Walesa's remarks] prompted Ryszard Nowak, director of the National Committee for the Defense Against Sects and Violence, to file a complaint with prosecutors in Gdansk, Walesa’s hometown. He said Walesa was promoting the hatred of a sexual minority.

But Renata Klonowska, head of the regional prosecutor’s office in Gdansk, said Wednesday that investigators found Walesa did not commit a crime under Polish law.

Walesa may, however, lose the street named for him in San Francisco.


  1. Paul R says

    I hate what he said, but come on. He saved Poland and ostensibly was a massive contributor to the fall of the Berlin Wall and end of the Cold War. (No, not the lead, but a contributor.) He’s massively popular there for that reason. No way was he going to be taken down publicly. I wish he were out of the public eye, but Poland can do what it likes.

    Imposing pressure from the US or other foreign countries on countries with their own long histories rarely works. It usually backfires.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    @Well, I never really felt bad when my grandfather would tell all those off color Polish jokes.

    Oh, yeah. Well, what was your old grand pappy’s name? Archie Bunker? You certainly take after him.

    A week ago, Ms Beef and Fur (more like Furry Beef) said that Kiwi and I have “ruined” this blog. I see how she intends to improve it. By making it over in her own image…one with the intelligence and wit of a thirteen year old.

    And now for the Ms Geritol 1999:

    You asked, “How many Polacks does it take to piss off the gay community?”

    Don’t know. But let me ask you this: how many home health aides does it take to change your sh.tty Depends diapers, ol’ gal?

    I admire the Gays of Polish descent who visit this blog for not responding to you two b.tches. They won’t sink to your level. I will.

  3. thepolarbeast says

    Like most of us, Walesa is a product of his upbringing and culture. And while I admire what he did back in the 70s in the Solidarity movement, I find him to be a stereotypical senior citizen with this latest comment.

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