NOM Marriage Hate Marchers Board Buses, Gather in D.C.: PHOTOS


Via Good as You's Twitter comes this photo of NOM's marriage marchers gathering.

In related news, here's another photo of NOM marriage marchers boarding a bus in Hickory, North Carolina this morning so they could make it up to D.C. to show their hate:

(twitter brenda lenard)


  1. RONTEX says

    I’ve never seen so many “wash and sets” as in that crowd. Hope they remembered to pack the oxygen tanks and defibrillators next to the geritol and hater-ade…

  2. Thomas says

    RONTEX–I thought you wrote “genital” instead of geritol at first (bad eyesight!) and was laughing at the thought of them being so old they’d have to pack genitals separately.

    Thanks for the unintentional laugh 😀

  3. Firestorm says

    Looks like NOM hijacked a Greyhound bus full of retirees thinking they were headed to Vegas to blow their checks on penny slots, then told them that Wayne Newton was going to perform at the capitol.

  4. Grant says

    I think the point of bringing age into the comments was to illustrate not a disdain for older folks but to show how split this subject is between the outdated dying views and the younger more progressive views.

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