1. HadenoughBS says

    I had deep concerns over the Supremes’ questioning during yesterday’s Prop 8 oral arguments. I’m equally concerned about how today’s questioning will proceed during the DOMA oral arguments. Thanks but I don’t need to add to my consternation by watching the NOM loons this morning. I’m sure they made real assholes of themselves.

  2. Jack says

    First of all, where in the hell do they find gays like Doug Mainwaring, who are willing to go in front of a crowd of gay-hating people, admit they’re gay, and then say that they agree with them that same sex marriage is wrong? Is there an anti-gay gay group somewhere out there that NOM has been trolling?

    The other issue I have with this is there whole argument that kids are better off with two parents…I have no doubt in the possibility that a child raised by two parents has more advantages than a child raised by one….but aren’t we fighting to recognize just a different kind of two parent family? This isn’t a pro-gay single adoption rally, assholes.

  3. says

    That guy Dough Mainwaring considers “marriage” an immutable term… that’s why he’s against gay marriage.

    Now how can you discuss anything seriously with that kind of ignorance ?

    And that woman with blond hair and red dress, is she from Central Casting , a token, placed “young ” person to convince us that the young generation supports “traditional marriage”.
    But for the truth look at the crowd arrive, slow walking, bent over, old, tired.
    This clip is just a piece of AgitProp….without substance and with a concocted conviction.

  4. Caliban says

    You know, it’s too bad no one rolled a microwave oven out onto the plaza. With all the pacemakers in the NOM crowd we could have halved the opposition in the time it takes to heat a burrito!

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