1. woodroad34 says

    Miz Shirley–damning with inarticulate faint praise doesn’t win you any more adherents. The Rainbow house across the street from the Pharisee House will come across a little more fun and enlightened than the dark, sour and misinterpretive cult house of the demented.

  2. Gus says

    Must not have found any deed restrictions or city codes violated…otherwise they would have used their favorite tactic.

    Sue for $$$$ so they can support themselves.

  3. Earnest says

    Can someone confirm or dispell that Shirley Phelps Roper conceived a child out of wedlock like Maggie Gallagher? I read this in a comment the other day, and I’d never heard it before. It seems consistent with her character as a reactionary zealot, but I would hate to repeat that information if it weren’t completely true.

  4. Shirl says

    Earnest: You might be thinking of the time that Shirley Phelps-Roper lost a toe in a lawnmowing accident. Fred picked it up and suckled it until nightfall and then put it next to his dentures. When he awoke, miracle of miracles, a baby demon was born!

  5. Lymis says

    They are vile and disgusting human beings, and they get far too much media attention as it is. The world would be a far better place if a meteor took them all out.

    That said, this is a pretty brilliant response on their part. It’s always impossible to tell when they are serious and when they are faking it, but this is internally consistent, and,if it doesn’t do anything to make them look good, it certainly doesn’t make them look worse than usual.

  6. Firestorm says

    I recently read “Banished” by Lauren Drain. She was the daughter of Steve Drain, one of Phelps’ right hand men, and was kicked out by the WBC a few years ago.

    According to Lauren, Shirley had a child out of wedlock decades ago, but the church forgave her – the fact that she was Fred’s daughter was the only reason she got away with it, because anyone with “Phelps” in their last name could get away with stuff that other WBC members would get chastised for.

    Also, Lauren’s frequent interactions with Shirley makes it pretty clear that it’s next to impossible to troll the Phelps clan. They take any opportunity to grab attention, and negative publicity is better than no publicity. Shirley is media savvy enough to know that acting overjoyed about this instead of getting butthurt really pisses everyone off and gets her more attention.

  7. disgusted american says

    it sure wold be NICE IF these Rightwing Loons/and GOP (like there’s a difference) actually KNEW what SODOMY WAS..!!!!!!

    Sexual intercourse involving anal or oral copulation

    …so I guess NONE of the PHELPS or Rightwing Loons EVER had sodomy???

  8. Ryan says

    this is why news parody is so hard… “sodomy rainbow house” sounds straight out of the Onion.

    as much as I appreciate people wanting to “fight back” at the phelps, these people are the ultimate trolls. this kind of stuff is just food to them. they’re best ignored.

  9. EchtKultig says

    Of course she loves it. It gives her more media exposure. That’s why these good-intentioned people just shouldn’t have bothered. The magical fairy rainbow isn’t going somehow make Fred stop hating gays and come out of the closet. Or make the others realize they’ve been brainwashed by being in an abusive cult.

  10. Earnest says

    I have also read that she refuses to disclose the identity of the father, despite suspicions among the congregation that her father, Fred Phelps, had raped and impregnated her. Can anyone confirm or deny this? She herself has never denied it on record.

  11. Rees Cramer says

    The light is shining on your bigotry and hatred. Your so called church will be more and more less welcome in our society. You are not christens, the Christ I have read of in your bible would shun you and walk away. He nor his father would ever partake in the zealotry and pandering for which you are so famous. Be gone wicked voices, you are no longer welcome in this world.

  12. Lars says

    While well intentioned, this guy misses the point. WBC thrives on media attention. It is their sustenance, their life-source. That is why the best tactic with these people is not to challenge or provoke them (they are impenetrable to reason, after all) but to simply IGNORE them.

    The media blackout of WBC needs to start NOW. No more stories about their latest publicity stunts. No more indignation. If they protest at a funeral then fine, show up to counter protest and drown them out — for the sake of the grieving family. But aside from that, we need to all pretend like they don’t exist. One can only hope that if they are starved of their life-source, they will eventually die out.

  13. ChristopherM says

    I disagree, Lars. Every time they go on television ranting like lunatics, it makes people question their own anti-gay sentiment. Shirley & Co. are the greatest gay rights activists we could ask for.

  14. SFshawn says

    This is great.
    It’s only a matter of time now before these Westboro fanatics,the KKKatholic Church,the Boy Scum of America and all the other organizations whom the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS are subsidizing get called out as the COVERTLY POLITICAL ORGANIZATIONS they really are. Better yet if organizations like the Boy Scum of America continue being haters they will go the way of the KKK.

  15. SFshawn says

    This is great.
    It’s only a matter of time now before these Westboro fanatics,the KKKatholic Church,the Boy Scum of America and all the other organizations whom the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS are subsidizing get called out as the COVERTLY POLITICAL ORGANIZATIONS they really are. Better yet if organizations like the Boy Scum of America continue being haters they will go the way of the KKK.

  16. Bill says

    @ChristopherM @Lars: one way to handle it would have been for the news to have covered the house, and to have completely ignored the Phelps klan.

    The house is probably a good idea – if any kid is living on the Phelps compound and turns out to be gay, he won’t have far to go to get help.

  17. Lars says

    @ChristopherM it would be nice if that were true. But I am afraid the opposite might be the case. WBC are a convenient foil for the likes of Fox News (look at the entertaining clips on YouTube), because they make more ‘mainstream’ homophobes look rational and reasonable by comparison.

  18. millerbeach says

    How sad they are so far removed from the teachings of Jesus. So very far from being a Christian. So full of hate, they will never know Christ. How very sad.

  19. andrew says

    Did the “holy” man Jesus ever distance himself from the vile, contradictory, nateful and mythological B.S. found on what Christians call the O.T? NOT ONCE!

  20. Frank says

    Unfortunately, the more attention you pay to crazy people, the more validity you lend them.

    It’s all quite ironic to me, as the BS rainbow flag replaced the much more poignant and significant symbol, the pink triangle.

    But who cares about history, right ? I mean, so few gay men, especially the young uns, are even vaguely aware of our history…

  21. Danny says

    Frank, the reason the pink triangle was dropped, most people claim, is because it was a depressing symbol of past persecution, and organizers wanted a more modern and forward-looking symbol.

    Personally, I couldn’t help notice at the time that a lot of Jews were really annoyed that somebody had the nerve to point out that the Holocaust wasn’t ALL about JUST Jews being persecuted and murdered, and the very real and ugly hypocrisy within the Jewish communities in keeping quite about the Adventists, the Gypsies, and the gays…

  22. thom says

    ..Ol’Shirl is really not happy. She is just spouting her usual insanity. Gee, an organization who actually takes interest in HIV/Aids- striken parts of the world, works with charities of all sort..imagine such people dare have a facility near their “bunker” !…..btw- it is true that Scary-face Shirley did indeed have a child out of wedlock some years ago. She claims Jesus has forgiven her(convenient X-tian behavior) and all is well now….except ol’ Man Phelps is responsible for beating his family members, including his wife Margie Phelps.He is certainly capable of doing something like raping his own daughter..but since their “cult” is in-bred and dying a slow membership death, they will likely be yesterday’s news not too far off. The real evil one is this Drain creep, married to one of the Phelp’s coven. He is really scary and looks and sounds as if he would literally murder you if he thought he could get by with it. He is a dangerous, twisted human being (i.e. Human trash)..His own daughter got the hell out of his filthy clutches and from the Stepford Mom. He draws a salary from the “church” for designing and making the signage they use in their protests.Great career, ass*ole!…Very upright and “manly” thing to do. Who knows what goes on in those houses in the compound, but it ain’t pretty, that’s for sure.

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