1. bambinoitaliano says

    It’s like saying I’m for women’s right to vote. Or African American should allow to be President of USA. By 2016, that’s old news. If you have to be constantly playing catch up, might as well throw in the white towel now.

  2. Michael White says

    If rove tells a candicate to say it – he (I can not image teabagistan accepting a woman) will say it. The “candidate” is nothing but a puppet for the like of rove and his buddies

  3. Liam says

    After two reasonable words, though, Rove goes back into nutcase mode. I can’t conceive of it being 7-2 or 8-1 against. Justice Ginsberg’s prior statements do make me just a little bit queasy, though.

  4. Mercedes says

    I think more Republicans are willing to make these statements because by 2016 this will hopefully be a non-issue. They are seeing the inevitable come to happen as as much as it pains them they are finally swallowing their vitriol against it.

  5. Zach says

    The end of that clip reminded me of something. Until 10 months Obama opposed gay marriage, today he can’t imagine a circumstance in which a gay marriage ban could be constitutional.

  6. Zach says

    The end of that clip reminded me of something. Until 10 months Obama opposed gay marriage, today he can’t imagine a circumstance in which a gay marriage ban could be constitutional.

  7. says

    Saying you’re for gay marriage and acting in a way that supports gay marriage are not the same, the GOP candidates will say whatever they have to in order to be considered candidates but doing something other than talking about it is farther off than 2016, they’ll be using the words they’ve always called i us in private.

  8. jamal49 says

    Gee, Karl. Nice of you to “imagine” such a thing. How about this: I imagine you and that other Republican reprobate Ken Mehlmann will waltz down the aisle together once marriage equality is the law of the land. You’ll make a very nice couple.

  9. says

    What, like Portman who supports gay marriage, but only passively in a way that means he takes no real actual leadership on the issue?


    well, let’s see what happens in three years. given the CPAC presence and the outpouring of “well, if I had a gay kid i still wouldnt’ support gay marriage” comments from prominent republicans this seems hiiiiighly unlikely

  10. walter says

    this is one more nailin rove’s coffin the right already distrusts him so the more statements like this the less effective he becomes

  11. jamal49 says

    @Little Kiwi: you nailed it. I’ve had many heated discussions as to why I was and am less than enthusiastic about Bob Portman’s tepid endorsement of marriage equality. I still maintain that if his son had not been gay, Portman would be out there, trolling for evangelical votes, making scurrilous comments, as he has done in the past, against gay people in order to make political points with his Ohio Republican, evangelical “base”–those who elected him to the Senate because he was willing to skewer LGBT people over the coals. I can do without Bob Portman’s suddenly becoming an “ally”. With friends like Portman, who needs enemies?

  12. Pete N SFO says

    ABC’s This Week was totally lame… but for that one moment when Rove was forced to say, “I could (imagine a candidate supporting gay marriage).”

    Why Stephanopolis can’t manage to say, MARRIAGE EQUALITY is beyond me. Nice that they gave George Will a wkend off, but then Rove instead. And Peggy Noonan who keeps harping on letting it be a process through the states (think Prop 8) with no push-back from the moderator. “How long should people wait? Is it right to deny equal benefits to children spouses today? What right are you willing to have voted on in a ballot box?”

    It’s so easy, and yet they never ask. Could someone in TV production, please explain what I’m missing?

  13. Caliban says

    Yeah, well I can and have imagined Karl Rove perishing in a grease fire but I’m not holding my breath for that to happen either.

  14. says

    Eventually I think that this will be a non-issue, as people have stated. It seems like a rift between fiscal conservatives and moral conservatives is starting to form…

  15. Paul R says

    They all read the polls, and they’re not all nuts. Just jerks.

    They do whatever is expedient, like all politicians. Cheney actually took a stand in the early 90s, but only because Mary is his favorite kid.

  16. andrew says

    Rove is a totally amoral opportunists who will do and say anything to get the people he and his rich supporters want to see in office.

  17. Belar says

    I can imagine a Republican candidate supporting marriage equality in 2016 too, just not the Republican *nominee*. Fred Karger already supported marriage equality in 2012, but he was blacklisted by pretty much everyone in the Republican party, and ignored by the media as well, even though he apparently had enough polling support to where he should have been looked at as a legitimate candidate. I still would have supported Obama over him, but it still wasn’t right that he was ignored. It’s pretty amazing that morons like Michelle Bachman and Rick Santorum were viewed as being more “legitimate”.