Santorum: Gay Marriage is No Less Unnatural Just Because Rob Portman Changed His Mind – VIDEO


Failed presidential candidate Rick Santorum was asked his opinion of Senator Rob Portman's (R-OH) decision to support marriage equality.

Said Santorum (my transcript):

"Well I'm not changing my opinion on that issue. The bottom line is that marriage is a foundational institutution of our society and one that we need to encourage for the benefit of our children and for the future of our society. Marriage is a thing of nature. Men and women come together and form the bond by which to raise the next generation. No other relationship - you can call it marriage - but no other relationship accomplishes what real marriage accomplishes. IF you want to change what marriage is. If marriage is just two people loving each other, or three or four people loving each other you can call anything marriage. But that's not what marriage is. Marriage is something of nature. It's something that every civilization in the history of man has recognized as a very valuable bedrock of society. Just because people change their mind doesn't make anything less so."

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Santorum also spoke with CNN: