1. kpo5 says

    Even Santorum’s language is tamer, more reserved than it used to be. And only Scalia has the gall to use a slippery slope argument in a formal legal opinion, so I’m liking our odds here.

  2. bambinoitalianoba says

    I dont get this guy? What is his credential? His level of fame is lower than Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan. Even one of the Jersey Shore people are more well known.

  3. says

    Obviously, this tit has no knowledge whatever of other societies or cultures or even religions and their various interpretations of “marriage”.
    He has no knowledge of history…..
    And of course he knows nothing of the history of Mormonism.
    Frothy is truly a “know nothing”.

  4. says

    “I’d rather my kids die than Come Out” – R.S.

    the man is disgusting. and yeah, you know what, likely not 100% straight.

    probably got busted with a teen j/o buddy decades ago and still living it down and making it up to daddy.

    rick santorum lost his son gabriel a few years ago. stillborn, i believe. he would have been the youngest son of…what, eight children? now we know the “youngest son” thing aint always canon, but it’s the deal for a lot of “us”.

    Gabriel got out lucky.

  5. David in Houston says

    “Men and women come together and form the bond by which to raise the next generation.”

    That’s why the last two marriages of Newt Gingrich, and all FOUR marriages of Rush Limbaugh didn’t involve raising the next generation. This dipshit also isn’t even aware that polygamy WAS legal in our country until 1899, and it was commonplace in the Bible. It doesn’t get much more stupid than good ol’ Frothy.

  6. Thomas says

    Marriage is natural? I guess we shouldn’t need to make any laws about it or perform any ceremonies or anything, then. It’ll just up and happen. Because it’s natural. Maybe the rings grow on trees or something.

    Sex is natural. Getting pregnant is natural. Childbirth is natural. You don’t need marriage for any of that, and modern U.S.-style marriage has done little good for children that wouldn’t have happened in its absence.

    Anyone who was following political debates about 20-25 years ago will probably remember how lesbians and gays were regularly derided by conservatives for being promiscuous, not wanting marriage, and being against “conventional family.” It was used as the justification for the AIDS punishment. Funny that now we’re trying to access it, and the resistance is coming from them.

  7. Acronym Jim says

    There you go, Senator Portman. Your former colleague thinks your son is unnatural and will fight tooth and nail to prevent him having a happy marriage with the same rights you and your wife (and he and his wife) enjoy. With this kind of backwards thinking, do you still think leaving marriage equality up to the states and killing ENDA would be a good idea?

  8. Gigi says

    “…or three or four people loving one another…”

    That’s their “argument” now. That gay marriage might open the door to polygamy.
    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Can you smell the defeat?

  9. RandyN says

    Is there possibly a way this guy can be a bigger moron?

    “marriage is a thing of nature” – so that’s why my cats mew when in heat. They are in fact asking for a priest to get them married before copulating…

  10. walter says

    the man talks about sex like someone who was probably abused as an altar boy by a priest somewhere. he would probably rather dead son than a gay one. old frothy and his wife act so pious considering she was living with an abortion doctor old enough to be her father

  11. Cliff says

    Hypothetically – this ‘real’ marriage that the devil speaks of… what if a traditional mand and woman choose not to ‘raise the next generation’? Is their ‘traditional marriage’ a f*cking hoax too? All these stipulations to the definition. Laughable.

  12. johnny says

    Rick, honey….

    Marriage is man-made, not nature-made, silly.

    Man-made things:

    Marriage, marriage licenses, tax laws, wills, churches, religions, cities, buildings, cars, pollution, complex chemicals, plastic, petroleum by-products, clothing, jewelry, bibles, Chicken McNuggets, cigarettes, etc.

    Nature-made things:

    Sex, birth, attraction, pheromones, skin color, hair color, eye color, erections, genitalia, orifices, heterosexuality, homosexuality, asexuality, marijuana, chickens, birds, animals, flowers, trees, the ocean, etc.

    Please refer to this list when you get confused. You’re welcome.

  13. UFFDA says

    OMG, I’m laughing so hard at “you f*ckwad.” You gay guys are subversively funny.

    And Jonny, the two of you, others as well, are all and often a chorus of fall-down, knock-down hammer it funsters. If he wasn’t so delusionally sure that the Big God, the Top One was on his side Santorum would run off the edge of the planet for embarrasement. Huge letters in steel need to be placed in a public venue for him: FOOL.

  14. Just_a_guy says

    Uffda, ok. But I don’t think TRUE Christians today can say with a clear conscience that gay marriage is ungodly in any way.

    I think Rick Santorum’s motivation is really just spelled dirty em oh en ee Y. It’s been his sales pitch his entire career, has been lucrative for him time and time again, and he wonders what else he could pitch if not gay-hating, female-belittling, etc.

  15. mark says

    The societal norm of Amerindians in SW Pennsylvania that occupied the region for thousands of years prior to European incursion and settlement through the 18th and 19th centuries included sanctioned divorce, gender parity, cross-gendered individuals and same-sex relationships, as noted by the earliest explorers west of the Alleghanies/Alleghany mountains. Christian influence in the region covered by Santorum’s 18th Congressional district did not arrive until the middle and late 18th century.

  16. UFFDA says

    Mark, thanks, tht is information of great interest. Can you quote a source or sources please. I’m sure you can. Likewise I just finished reading Men in Eden about Europeans, mountain men and early settlers who were gay in America. The more one knows the higher floats my gay kite.

  17. Bucky says

    Please let us not forget that RS’s wife lived for 10 yrs — in sin — with the old man who delivered her. Yes, his wife whored herself out to the doctor that pulled out of her mama’s womb. And he presumes to lecture us about morality? Sorry, but no.

  18. Bucky says

    Please let us not forget that RS’s wife lived for 10 yrs — in sin — with the old man who delivered her. Yes, his wife whored herself out to the doctor that pulled out of her mama’s womb. And he presumes to lecture us about morality? Sorry, but no.

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