1. Thomas says

    I guarantee there will be at least a few people who watch this and nod their heads thinking it’s serious, saying “that’s right! that’s right!”

  2. Geo says

    What the hell is going on ??? Divorce ? WTF?
    Straight marriages aren’t going to change in any way…all we’re asking for is equality, the freedom to marry someone we love and get the same benefits as straights.
    The reactions are priceless to a non-threatening issue. The asshats that made this are worring about losing money through some non-gay program or just plain bigotry.

  3. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Thrutch: Did they see the sponsoring org at the end?

    @Uffda: I don’t remember which columnist it was a fair time ago who responded to a woman’s fears about the neighborhood going to hell because a gay male couple moved in and asked what she could do to make the neighborhood better – “move”.

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