Poland’s Gay and Trans Lawmakers Moved to Front Bench in Parliament After Lech Walesa’s Remarks That They Should Sit in Back


Poland's first gay lawmaker Robert Biedron and first transgender lawmaker Anna Grodzka have been moved to Parliament's front bench following a firestorm of outrage over Nobel Prize Winner Lech Walesa's remarks this week that gays have no right to sit there, and should even be kept "behind a wall".

The AP reports:

Janusz Palikot, the leader of progressive party Palikot's Movement, reacted by promoting the party's gay lawmaker, Robert Biedron, and transgender lawmaker, Anna Grodzka, to the front row for a three-day session starting Wednesday. In Poland's Parliament, the front row, which is closest to the Speaker and gets the most TV attention, is generally for party leaders and senior lawmakers. The Cabinet sits in a separate section.

Palikot said he will also seek a resolution asking Walesa to "change his manner of speaking."

Walesa has declined an invitation to meet with Biedron.

Walesa's son said he was shocked by his father's words, which "should not have been said."

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Lech Walesa Wants Gays 'Behind A Wall' [tlrd]


  1. Chris Hoult says

    This really does become difficult, he is unfortunately a man of his times. The Noble prize is not given lightly. This man was brave and life changing for all the Poles (gays included). I really don’t know to what level the deserved critisism should rise. Maybe the vitriol that is inevitable should be directed to the Vatican and its obscene hold over the thinking of its believers. The hipocrits and bigots are slowly getting their just reward.

  2. says

    Lech Walenza made anti-Semetic remarks when he led the movement during the ship yards strike that made him famous. He also made anti-semetic remarks as the leader of the Polish republic. That didn’t stop him from getting a Nobel Prize. So when it comes to hypocrites… it’s not new in Poland. The problem with Poland is it’s too closely connected to the Catholic Church docrine, that made it possible for the Nazis to easily round up and send several million Jews to their death during WWll. It’s also ironic that just after WWll, 70 Jews who surviced the death camps were killed when they went back to claim their property. The only positive news out of this story was seeing Lech’s son say what his father said was wrong for making the statement.

  3. UFFDA says

    So great to see the new Poland standing up against the old, and the Craplik Church.

  4. Kyle says

    Nicely played, Ruch Palikota. Plus, I’m pretty sure Anna Godzka isn’t straight. I’m surprised she’s the only national politician out as trans in the world. I’m also kind of disappointed that trans men haven’t been so successful politically.

  5. Randy says

    Lech, and only Lech, is responsible for his reprehensible beliefs and conduct. Regardless of what else he’s done, he is not worthy of the Nobel Prize. Few people are, but that’s what makes it important (or should).