Bret Easton Ellis Says He Was Banned from Attending GLAAD Awards


The GLAAD Media Awards were held in Los Angeles on Saturday night and author Bret Easton Ellis, whose rancid past tweets that Matt Bomer is too gay to play a heterosexual and that Chris Colfer and Glee give him fright of catching HIV have landed him in hot water, claims he was banned from the GLAAD awards.

Be_ellisWrote Ellis in a series of tweets:

"As a gay man in a domestic partnership who plans to get married I'm sad to hear I've been banned by GLAAD from attending tomorrow's event… GLAAD is supposedly "furious" about my tweets. And I'm guessing not the ones concerning my boyfriend or how sexy I think Adam Driver is… It's GLAAD's party and they can invite whoever they want, but as the guest of someone invited who was told today she can't bring me, well… After GLAAD banned me they told the friend who was bringing me to the event to WARN "Bret not to go public or TWEET about this decision…" Bill Clinton signed DOMA and Don't Ask Don't Tell and cheated on Hillary. I dissed Glee and Matt Bomer as Christian Grey. GLAAD: RIGHT ON!"

GLAAD vp of communications Rich Ferraro told the Hollywood Reporter:

"GLAAD spoke with the guest who was planning to bring Bret about some of Bret's recent remarks, which the gay community responded negatively to. We also asked for a time to sit down with Bret. They decided to replace Bret with a different guest and there has been no response to the offer of a meeting. We hope his tweets don't overshadow the high-profile allies and everyday LGBT people who will be onstage tonight advocating for equality in the Boy Scouts, marriage and across the country."

A full list of GLAAD Award winners can be found here.

President Bill Clinton's speech accepting his GLAAD award can be found here.


  1. Taylor says

    Why would anyone care about Bret Easton Ellis or his tweets? This guy is a legend in his own mind…nothing more.

  2. Kev says

    I don’t think someone like Bret Easton Ellis — who, if you don’t know, writes stories about sociopaths hurting other people in extreme ways — would be any sort of asset to GLAAD or GLAAD events. I would definitely keep my distance from this guy, whether as an organization or a person.

  3. Kev says

    + One of GLAAD’s interests is in reducing violence (against LGBT people specifically). Not a good fit.

  4. jersey says

    Eh, they deserve each other. I don’t know what the problem is, two has been navel gazers serving no useful function in society. Next year they can forgive him his homophobic tweets and give him an Advicate for Change award.

  5. Fenrox says

    Both are right, Glaad can’t risk him being sensational and derailing press, Brett is a jerk, but shouldn’t be banned, just never invited.

    After re-reading his offensive tweets I am taking him off the watch shelf in my mind. The guy made catty comments, no surprise really and no reason to not like him, just don’t become his friend. He’s no Jeremy Irons.

  6. Francis #1 says

    Oh well. Say what you want about GLAAD, but B.E.E. is not a good representation of the community.

  7. Gigi says

    GLAAD is full of sh!t most of the time but even they wouldn’t GLAAD invite dog excrement scrapped from the bottom of one’s show their awards ceremony.

  8. will says

    I like Bret. Is GLAAD such a sacred cow now that we can’t parody or criticize them? F ’em if they can’t take a joke.

  9. DavidP says

    So a jerk who insults people publicly isn’t invited to a party which probably will have said people attending and we should feel bad for him? No thanks.

  10. ratbastard says

    What exactly does he do for a living? What’s his income source? Don’t tell me he makes 4 writing. What’s his hustle[s]?

  11. Zeta says

    So GLAAD awards are NAACP Image awards for white people?

    (They should have let Bret come; that was down low and cowardly to disinvite him through his female friend. What were they afraid he was going to do?)

    Who else is blacklisted (pink-listed? fairy-dust listed?) from GLAAD? Bad precedent, to do it in such an underhanded manner.

  12. jjose712 says

    And why someone whose tweets are bordering homophobic most of the time (i don’t care if he is bisexual) want to go to that awards.

    Well maybe for the same reason he write those types of tweets or the reason he defended 50 shades of grey and wanting to write the screenplay.

    He is irrelevant right now (he never was respected as writer but at least he used to be very popular and his novels sold a lot), and instead of writing a good novel, he prefers easy ways to stay in the limelight

  13. Paul R says

    It sounds like GLAAD never invited him, but that he was going with another guest. I’m sure they had to submit guests, and that’s when GLAAD said no. So they didn’t backpedal.

  14. MaryM says

    GLAAD has declared itself an utterly worthless organisation by honoring Bill Clinton – the man who used our oppression under DOMA as a campaigning tool.

    GLAAD are utterly irrelevant and useless and are simply selling the communities they pretend to represent down the river.

    Easton Ellis may be an idiot, but he has not caused the same massive damage to our community as Clinton caused.

    Yet Clinton gets HONORED!

  15. princely54 says

    IF GLAAD did tell his friend that Ellis had better not tweet or go public about the incident, that’s abominable. Although, Ellis isn’t exactly an honest broker and is a less than reliable witness here…

    It does, however, make me a little queasy that I also find Adam Driver amazingly handsome.

  16. ratbastard says

    Yes, Adam Driver is a hottie. He’s got that perfect off-center, kinda weird looking face.

  17. thepolarbeast says

    Don’t expect to be invited to parties if you cannot keep a civil tongue in your head.

  18. bobbyjoe says

    Apparently American literature and popular culture has also banned Bret Easton Ellis as it hasn’t given a sh*t about him since 1991.

  19. J.M. says

    Too bad, so sad. Thanks for reminding me how vile those tweets about Chris Colfer, who was 20 at the time and showed more courage than people three times his age, were.

  20. MichaelJ says

    I’ve never had much use for either GLAAD or Ellis. But I think GLAAD has every right to determine who they want at their event.

    Moreover, given all the not merely critical but hateful things Ellis has written about other gay people over the years, I don’t blame them for not wanting him at their event.

    Ellis has every right to say what he wants to say, and to continue saying it. And people have every right to respond the way they want to respond, in including being very critical.

  21. bret easton ell-was says

    Complaints from a guy who was known primarily for two books – one where the tortured bisexual character dies of a drug overdose and the other featured a killer who used an electric nail gun to crucify his rape victims. Maybe Ellis als can try using the ‘I’m gay & wanna get married card’ as a right to be invited to Chris Colfer’s next party. STFU already.

  22. Skeptical Cicada says

    Why does anyone report on this homophobic loser? He just craves attention. Stop feeding the troll.

  23. Mastik8 says

    We’ve gone and upset Ms. Ellis again. The real issue is why anyone still covers what she says and provides her with free publicity.

  24. DiMi says

    Okay, I know this won’t be popular, and I am just a straight gal who strongly supports gay rights so it doesn’t matter, but isn’t this going too far? (I always get connected to this site through DListed because Michael K is PURE GENIUS!)

    I am black, and I used to work on a black awards show. Famous and semi-famous black people sometimes say INSANE – I mean certifiable – things about other black people, but we never banned anybody from the show. Even the crazy people were invited, and everybody just chilled out for the night and had a good time. I think that was the right decision. That’s just my opinion as a member of a marginalized community in which somee community members say psycho stuff all of the time.

    I agree that if the GLAAD awards can forgive frigging Bill Clinton for the frankly unforgivable DOMA, then why can’t they just let Brett Easton Ellis write crazy things and still come to the ceremony? (I mean the black awards show NEVER, EVER invited Strom Thurmond or gave him an award. I’m just saying.)

    Also, I have to say that back in the 80s, Less than Zero was one of the earliest pop culture representations of bisexuality, which was kind of a big deal so let’s not forget that. Ellis was ahead of the rest of mainstream culture in terms of challenging heteronormativity, and I think that means something so I have a soft spot for him.

  25. Satyr Troll says

    high-profile allies

    *everyday* LGBT people

    so making more of a fuss about the people that attend the special olympics rather than participate it in?

  26. Plum says

    GLAAD sure loves licking the ass of het allies. same reason i’m done with the it get better campaign. let them all boil in their own hot dog juice.