1. Mike B. says

    It’s important he’s gorgeous. That’s how I know he’s worth listening to.

    And he’s so brave, being shirtless. That really bumped up the rhetorical power. Like, if Bruce Villanch gave that message: gross, right?

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Not only is he beautiful, French is beautful. I had three semesters of it and don’t know a damn thing. Well, maybe I could tell Mr Fedee, “Tu est tres joli” Is that right?

  3. AL says

    As beautiful as this can be to listen to for people who don’t speak French, I must say that as a Frenchman I couldn’t even get to half of the video. This sounds so rehearsed and feels really fake. It looks like a drama club performance by an overzealous actor. The message itself may be valuable, but the whole theatricality of it really bothered me, as least for the part I was able to watch before I got too annoyed to continue.

  4. AL says

    Oh and by the way, fighting prejudice and declaring gay people are just normal people, and still feel the need to be shirtless to say it really isn’t very productive.

  5. AL says

    @Derrick from Philly:
    Tu es très beau. 😉
    (“joli(e)” is for girls and objects… I know, that sounds really misogynistic, but who said the French were perfect?)

  6. candide001 says

    unfortunately, the video, as sweet as it is, does not address the main objections the bigots have to the law. 1) children need a father and mother, otherwise their psychological development will be impaired 2)having 2 same-sex parents will create an inequality among children 3) opening marriage to gays will ultimately lead to surrogacy (which in france is illegal for everyone) 4)replacing “father” and “mother” with “parent 1″ and “parent 2″ in the civil code destroys the principle of sexual complementarity 5)schools will start teaching “gender theory” and so further confuse children about traditional gender roles and 6)opening adoption to gays will make it even harder for hetero couples to adopt (in France there is a shortage of adoptable children)

  7. Seattle Mike says

    How dare he be handsome? Who does he think he is?

    Geez! There are hundreds of ways to reach the moderate middle on this issue. This is one of them. He’s not trying to be all of them.

    I thought it was effective, funny and sweet.

  8. woodroad34d says

    I agree with Seattle Mike. A message has to be presented as attractively as it can. Just look at any commercial on TV or any ad in a newspaper or magazine. And of course it’s rehearsed…does anyone really expect someone to do a video and go “Um”, “er” and ramble on about something? it has to be concise with phrasing meant to sink in. And so what if the guy is shirtless–all you see are his shoulders; he could be a Pilsbury doughboy farther down. This was a wonderful message wonderfully and simply presented

  9. says

    y’all are free to put shirts on and make your own videos.

    so, will you? no? why not?

    @candide – i hear ya there, but as anyone who’s been in these debates for a while will attest, those “Arguments” aren’t actually arguments. they’re excuses. you can shoot them down with factual logic and reason, and they’ll still trumpet them. either by moving the goalposts or putting their fingers in their ears with a LALALALAAAA.

    it’s the same old story. bigot says “i’m against gay marriage because _________!”, you prove, with specifics, how ___________ doesn’t hold up as a valid argument.
    they still use it.

    i mean, we still get complete idiots saying “god didn’t make adam & steve!” as if that’s a debate-ender, or something.

  10. candide001 says

    @little kiwi unfortunately for 6 months the french media has been giving the right-wing catholic harpy frigide barjot a limitless platform for spreading those lies. the socialist party and the gay community have been unsuccessful at countering them in the public mind. support for ssm has fallen from 63% to 53% and for adoption from 48% to 41%. in the US we complain that tony perkins is given a few minutes on tv here and there by the main stream media to spread his lies. in france barjot has been making the talk show and issues program circuit where she gets 30 minutes (or more) a shot.

  11. says

    fair enough, Candide – but the real problem in the USA is not Fischer on the mainstream media, it’s Fischer on Fox. And pretty much any and every right-wing talk radio hack.

    i’m not entirely disagreeing with you, understand. it’s just that it’s an extension of what we saw in the Prop 8 court case – the bigots say ________, ________ is then proven to be a collection of baseless nonsense that holds no weight. and then…..they just keep on saying _________.

    it’s hard to combat “reasons against gay marriage” that are in actuality merely EXCUSES to be against gay marriage. because excuses are, at their core, intellectually dishonest.

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    I see y’all have taken the discussion in a more serious direction, but I have to comment on one comment:

    @” This guy looks like a Caucasian version of Tyler Perry. I think it’s the lips.”


    you’re just joking, right? I had to google Mr Fedee, and even though most of the entries are in French–the country of Martinique keeps coming up in his biographical notes. A brief profile of him was also featured on a French website called “Africultures”.

    And AL, thanks for the correction. That’s what happens when you try to learn French by taking a few classes and just listening to Edith Piaf records.

    Yes, I had to research this young man…oooh, lala.

    You all can go back to the serious issues concerning the video now.

  13. Zlick says

    Well, I found it beautiful. Of course, you could read the phone book in French and it would be beautiful. But with a beautiful boy and beautiful message (yes, rehearsed, d’uh – it was practically a poem), it’s sold. Well, to this sucker for a cute, french-speaking, love-advocating guy anyway.

    Isn’t it moot whether he covered every inch of ground, or whether this will combat every homophobe (oh my, but that word sounds better in French!). Isn’t this a done deal in France? I thought there were no more legal hurdles.

  14. candide001 says

    @zlick it’s not over till it’s over. while its passage in parliament is a done deal, the opponents still have two hopes left to block the law. The first is the appeal they will immediately make to the constitutional council to have parts of the law (those dealing with adoption and filiation)declared unconstitutional. The second is the precedent in France of the government withdrawing a bill that has already been passed by the parliament if the street demonstrations are large and loud enough.

  15. Zlick says

    Sorry to learn of the remaining hurdles. Apparently, some members of the lower house came to physical blows over this issue at the session’s end. Wow. Well, best of luck to this cutie pie and all the French people.

  16. Joseph Singer says

    Are people that shallow that all that they can see is that he’s shirtless and that he has a pretty face? Never mind that the message is important. So what if it feels “rehearsed” or staged. The message is the important thing. If you cannot see that you really are jaded.

  17. ajax2828 says

    I’m with you, Joseph. I get tired of all the supercilious, jaded criticism in the comments sections of this site. This was meant to be a piece of dramatic performance for the purpose of persuasion and making a powerful, humanist statement. Of course it’s not some spontaneous off-the-cuff blather, but an eloquently scripted piece spoken and performed flawlessly. He’s French — it’s meant to be artistic, and he does a terrific job. I found it wonderfully moving. But I do have to confess, Joseph, that I am shallow enough to find him hot and adorable, and am willing to fly to France to marry him once same-sex marriage is official there.

  18. Dback says

    The last time an announcement of change began with the words “Be not afraid,” things worked out pretty well for the world eventually. May this also be the harbinger of good things.

  19. emjayay says

    Interesting that he is obviously not ethnically French. The North African immigrant population likely to be some of the most homophobic.

    Oh and candide001 – what exactly do you think is the point of repeating every tired arguement about marriage equality, most of which were pretty much laughed out of federal court in California? And on a website I imagine is read mainly by educated gay people? (I imagine the site has researched the actual readership demographics).

  20. steven says

    i vote for not gorgeous.
    and put your shirt on if youre talking to straight people.
    and what is dripping on the wall be hind him?
    and his speech? cheezey. even if it was french cheese.

  21. Max says

    I understand French, and I don’t think the delivery is that over the top. It’s quite a lovely delivery, if you think of it as someone reciting a poem.

  22. Jacques says

    “les casseurs des pédés(?)” Oh là là, t’habites å Paris, pas a Moscow. Rassurez vous, les casseurs des pédés ne sont pas très commun.

  23. says

    @ratbastard: he’s from Martinique, which means French nationality and probably mixed black and white ethnicity. But I agree, he could be north African. I’m myself half senegalese half french and people often think i’m arab (you can judge in the video I linked, I’m the guy with the book and the dancer at the end 😉

  24. Yikes says

    Nice words, but…. why does an attempt to reassure a mainstream and conservative audience that gays are like everyone else (and not all about sex etc) get delivered by a shirtless boy? Bizarre. Ok, you got my attention, but none of the people you are ostensibly trying to reach.

  25. Rich says

    The cadences remind me of “I have a dream…” As a poetry reading, it works very well. If there’s anything to quibble about, it’s the lack of a shirt: telling people “fear not” would go over more smoothly in modest attire.

    As to ethnicity, remember that Martinique is the birthplace of Josephine de Beauharnais Bonaparte. You can hardly get more French than Notre Dame des Victoires.

  26. YsoSerious says

    Love the messages (there was more than one).

    The one I loved the most was that the children of gay-bashers would forgive their bashing parents because they knew the children of gay folks and realized compassion.

    As a child of a gay-basher (who tearfully told me of his queer-rolling) I forgave him as a gay person. Because he really was tormented about it, for DECADES and letting him off the hook after DECADES was a mercy, to him and to me.

    I know there’s a lot of folks out there who want to string up all the homophobes, run them out of town, but if you did that you’d not be following the example of such people as Martin Luther King Jr., or Gandhi, or President Nelson Mandela.

    I’d rather be in the company of (what we humans call) The Saints than to be a person who carries that animosity around forever.

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