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Gay Marriage Proposal of the Day: Mike and Dave


Dave from Toronto made an amazing video proposal for his boyfriend Mike, which has been appended with Mike's response. What better way to propose to your man than including all your family and friends and dog?

Get out your Kleenex, and congrats guys!


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  1. Love it!

    Posted by: Geoff M | Apr 17, 2013 7:03:04 PM

  2. That was adorable :)

    Posted by: Francis #1 | Apr 17, 2013 7:11:23 PM

  3. Tears of joy for this couple. Best wishes to both, and indeed their united families. xXx

    Posted by: Niebuhr | Apr 17, 2013 7:11:44 PM

  4. I think straight people who are against our right to marry must be jealous at how fabulous our engagements and ceremonies are.

    Posted by: Francis #1 | Apr 17, 2013 7:12:21 PM

  5. The kids are so awesome!!! As are the parents!!!

    Posted by: Jersey | Apr 17, 2013 7:17:49 PM

  6. Just adorable!! parents, grand parent, great friends.. even the DOGS.. soooo great!!!

    Posted by: frank | Apr 17, 2013 7:40:14 PM

  7. velly kewt!

    Posted by: Glenn I | Apr 17, 2013 8:46:47 PM

  8. Wonderful people all around, I loved it.

    Posted by: UFFDA | Apr 17, 2013 9:07:33 PM

  9. Wow, this just made my day. Congratulations to the beautiful and lucky couple. An awesome vid! A brilliant idea! I am envious but I wouldn't change a thing and wish them both the best.

    Posted by: mickyflip | Apr 17, 2013 9:08:21 PM

  10. Love is amazing. All the best to the happy couple.

    Posted by: Jay | Apr 17, 2013 9:19:25 PM

  11. Damn...and I thought asking my man to basically elope with me as we were crossing the Golden Gate Bridge for a weekend get-away was romantic. I'm jealous of talented people! You two are awesome!

    Congrats to you both. Mike, you are one lucky guy to have such a creative, talented and handsome man ask you in such an amazing way to marry him! And by the looks of it, Dave is hella lucky too (while I loved watching the video, it was Mike's response that was making me tear up...he's so cute!)!

    Keep everybody posted with the baby pictures (your nieces and nephews need cousins)...and the pics when you turn into those sexy senior hunks! :-)

    Posted by: Jay | Apr 17, 2013 9:28:40 PM

  12. Beautiful, creative, amusing and touching. I'm a straight woman happily married for 32 years and I wish you all my joy and more.

    Posted by: margueritegautier | Apr 17, 2013 9:47:05 PM

  13. Thank you margueritegautier, you're a kind heart.

    Posted by: Jay | Apr 17, 2013 9:53:05 PM

  14. Congratulations guys! What a wonderful way to propose! Best wishes!

    Posted by: Mike Ryan | Apr 17, 2013 9:58:00 PM


    Posted by: Joseph Singer | Apr 17, 2013 11:05:05 PM

  16. where can I find that Bon Iver mix?!

    Posted by: jon | Apr 17, 2013 11:27:32 PM

  17. Ah, that made me cry. Tears of joy, indeed.

    Posted by: E | Apr 18, 2013 1:17:06 AM

  18. Oh my! I'm gonna cry!

    Posted by: Dean | Apr 18, 2013 5:37:44 AM

  19. So sweet.

    Posted by: Douglas | Apr 18, 2013 7:58:39 AM

  20. I think this is the first marriage proposal to draw tears.

    Posted by: Tom S. | Apr 18, 2013 9:00:50 AM

  21. Many congratulations to the adorable couple and their great families! A lovely story, and may they have a lifetime of happiness.

    Posted by: Jay | Apr 18, 2013 9:02:56 AM

  22. Dammit, Andy, stop making me cry at my desk!

    Posted by: DW | Apr 18, 2013 9:42:20 AM

  23. A Dorable. Cry, cry, cry tears of joy.

    Posted by: mike hipp | Apr 18, 2013 9:48:16 AM

  24. That was truly adorable. And I love that the greater family so obviously gave their blessing in such a creative and endearing way.

    Posted by: Ian | Apr 18, 2013 11:19:05 AM

  25. Holy whoa! A towleroad comment thread without one really negative comment? That's amazing :)

    These guys are completely adorable and you can see how much they love each other. I've always thought that proposals are better with family and friends involved.

    Posted by: Thomas | Apr 18, 2013 12:43:39 PM

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